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Rimantadine 50 mg. 20 tablets

Product Code: Rimantadine 50 mg. 20 tablets
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Rimantadine 50 mg. 20 tablets

Qualitative and quantitative composition:

Active substance:
2 tablet contains 50 mg rimantadine hydrochloride.
Lactose, potato starch, stearic acid.

Formulation and quantity in one package

Rimantadine is packed 10 tablets in blister in a cardboard box placed 1.2, 3.4 or 5 blisters (10,20, 30,40 or 50 tablets).

pharmacotherapeutic group

Antiviral medicine


Rimantadine is used in adults and school-age children in the early treatment of influenza type A and prophylactic adults in times of epidemics.


In what cases should not take Remantadine®?

Rimantadine should not be used in known hypersensitivity to the active substance from the group of adamantanes or excipients.

In acute liver disease, acute and chronic kidney disease, thyrotoxicosis, pregnancy and lactation.

pharmacological properties

Rimantadine has expressed antiviral activity. It is effective against various influenza virus type A, and also has anti-toxic action in influenza caused by viruses of type B.

Rimantadine is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract quickly reaches higher plasma levels and is rapidly metabolised in the liver. In patients with chronic liver disease it is not necessary to reduce the dosage of the medicinal product. Rimantadine broadcasts the kidney for 72 hours.

Adverse reactions

Rimantadine is generally well tolerated. Very rarely observed weight, vomiting, decreased appetite, dry mouth, abdominal pain, insomnia, dizziness, headache, irritability and fatigue.

Rarely, impaired concentration, drowsiness, nervousness, depression, euphoria, impaired coordination of movements (ataxia), difficulty in breathing, coughing, diarrhea, high blood pressure, palpitations, seizures, changes in smell, rashes, ringing in ears. In some cases there is - tearing and eye pain, frequent urination, chills, constipation, sweating, stomatitis, hypoesthesia (reduced sensitivity).

If taking Rimantadine exhibit adverse reactions and especially those listed in this leaflet, you should consult your doctor.

Special Precautions

Rimantadine should be used with caution in patients with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, abnormal liver tests, severe diseases of the cardiovascular system, heart rhythm disturbances and the elderly. In these cases it is recommended that reduction of the therapeutic dose. In guidelines a history of epilepsy and conducted anticonvulsant therapy when taking Rimantadine increases the risk of epileptic seizures. In these cases, Rimantadine is taken in a dosage of 100 mg per day with concomitant anticonvulsant therapy. Upon the occurrence of seizures intake Rimantadine should be discontinued.

What to keep in mind during pregnancy and lactation?

Taking Rimantadine is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Drug interactions and other forms of interaction

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) and acetyl salicylic acid decreased the effectiveness of Rimantadine. Patients taking Rimantadine should avoid alcohol because of the risk of unexpected reactions of the central nervous system.

Dosage, method and duration of use

Rimantadine is taken with water after meals. Administration should begin at the first symptoms of the disease. The effect of the product is stronger if it is taken within the first 48 hours of illness.

Treatment for influenza: adults on the first day - 100 mg (2 tablets) three times a day, during the second and third day - 100 mg twice daily, in the fourth and fifth day - at 100mg once daily. During the first day of the disease is possible taking 3 tablets twice daily or 6 tablets per dose.

In adults over 64 years recommended daily dose is 100 mg (2 tablets) per day.
In children: aged 7 to 10 years Rimantadine is taken as 50 mg twice daily, 11 to 14 years - 50 mg three times daily. Duration of treatment is five days
In the prevention of influenza: adults 50 mg once daily to 30 days.

Overdose and other errors in use

When suspected overdose, immediately consult a doctor. In cases of poisoning must maintain vital functions and Remantadine can be partially removed by hemodialysis. Cases of poisoning analogue Rimantadine - amantadine with signs of nervousness, hallucinations, arrhythmia. Overdose with symptoms of CNS effectively internal input fiziostigmin (Physostigminum).

Effects on ability to drive and use machines

Caution should be exercised if when taking Rimantadine, there is dizziness, headache or other dysfunctions of the central nervous system.

Special storage conditions

Protect from moisture! Store below + 25 ° C!

Expiry date

Rimantadine should not be used after the expiry date of the expiry date indicated on the packaging!



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