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Free Style Optium 50 test strips

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Test strips to measure blood sugar, technology True Measure
What is my test strips?
Test strips for measuring blood sugar Free Style Optium are designed to be used with glucose monitors FreeStyle Optium, Optium, Optium Xceed and Optium Easy.
Test strips ca designed to quantitatively measure glucose in fresh capillary whole blood taken from: a.) Fingertip, b.) Forearm with.) Arm, or d.) The base of the thumb. Test strips are intended for use outside the body (diagnostic use in vitro) and for self-examination or for use by healthcare professionals. These systems are not designed to be used for the diagnosis of diabetes, and are intended to be used as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of programs to control diabetes.

What my box of test strips?
Test strips in individual foil package;
Instructions for use.
What else do I need, which is not in my box of test strips?
Meter Free Style Optium, Optium, Optium Xceed or Optium Easy;
Control Solutions Medi Sense blood glucose and ketones;
User manual;
Lancing device and disposable needles.
How do I check my meter?
When questioned the results and you want to make sure that your meter and test strips are in good functional condition, perform the test with control solution.
Control results should be within the "Expected Results for Use with Control Solutions" printed on these instructions.

How to take a drop of blood?
Before taking a drop of blood to make sure that the location for sampling is clean, dry and warm. To warm the place of sampling, wash it with warm water, rub the skin vigorously for a few seconds or cover it with a warm towel;
Hold your hand down before Prick your finger or the base of the thumb to facilitate ejection of blood;
To obtain a drop of blood from the arm, use a thick body section away from the bone. Avoid heavily furred areas;
Avoid squeezing the site of sampling;
Apply a drop of blood on the test strip immediately.
How to watch my blood sugar?
1. Remove the test strip packaging. Open the test strip her tear the marked place.
2. Insert the contact strips located at the end of the test strip in the meter test hole. Gently push the test strip back until it stops. The meter turns on automatically.
Note: Users meter Optium, Optium Xceed Optium Easy and need to see that the display of the meter appears LOT 45001.
3. Take a drop of blood. Observe the instructions contained in the package of the lancing device.
4. Apply a drop of blood stained white section at the end of the test strip. Blood soaks into the test strip.

What happens if the countdown begins?
If the countdown does not start, you may not have caused enough blood on the test strip. Apply a second drop of blood on a test strip within 5 seconds after the first instillation. And if this countdown does not start or if it is more than five seconds, discard the test strip, turn off the meter and repeat steps 1 - 4. You can use the opened container to remove and dispose of used test strips for blood sugar. Dispose of it in an appropriate place.

What is the result?
Expected reference values ​​for blood glucose adult who is not diabetic pregnancy is 4.1 - 5.9 mmol / L (74-106 mg / dL). One or two hours after a meal levels should be below 8.9 mmol / L (160 mg / dL), according to the guidelines of the WHO. Contact your doctor to determine the range that is suitable for you.

IMPORTANT - What happens if my result is unusually low or high?
The medical consequences of high or low levels of blood glucose results can be serious. If the result of your blood glucose is over 16.7 mmol / L (300 mg / dL), a 2.8 mmol / L (50 mg / dL) or the result does not coincide with the way you feel, repeat the test with a new test strip. You can also use control solution to check the functional status of your system.

Consult your doctor before making any changes in your program for medicated control diabetes.

IMPORTANT - What care I make for my test strips?
Use test strips immediately after opening.
Your test strips must be kept at a temperature of between 4- 30 ° C storage temperatures outside this range may lead to inaccurate results. Keep away from direct sunlight and heat.
Use each test strip only once and then discard it.
Do not use test strips expired. Check the expiration date printed on the box of test strips on each individual package. If the test strip printed only the year and month, in this case the expiry date is the last day of the month.
Do not use a test strip that is wet, bent, scratched or damaged.
Do not use the test strip if the foil, which is packaged is punctured or torn.
Take precautions when using near children. Small particles can cause suffocation.

What else should I know?
Systems Free Style Optium, Optium, Optium Xceed Optium Easy and may report blood glucose levels between 1.1 and 27.8 mmol / L (20 and 500 mg / dL).
To get the best results, use test strips for blood sugar Free Style Optium at temperatures between 15 ° - 40 ° C (59 ° - 104 ° F) and relative humidity (amount of moisture in the air) 10% and 90%.
Clinical trials showed that altitudes up to 2.195 meters (7.200 feet) above sea level did not affect the results.

IMPORTANT - If you choose to sample the forearm or upper arm or the base of the thumb:
Consult your doctor before using any of these locations to check your blood sugar.
Taking a sample of what any of these alternative could lead to minor injuries and left scars that will disappear soon.
Sometimes results when taking a sample from alternative sites may differ from the results in taking a sample from your fingertips. This occurs when blood glucose levels are changing rapidly (for example after a meal, after taking insulin, or during or after exercise).
Use alternative sites for sampling before or more than two hours after eating, taking insulin or exercise.

Do not use blood samples from alternative sites when:
1. You think your blood sugar is low.
2. Do diagnosis of hypoglycemic shock.
3. The results from alternative sites do not match the way you feel.
4. Within two hours after eating, taking insulin or exercise.

Is there any important messages that need to know?
The following messages can mean that you have received the result of blood sugar, which requires immediate attention or can be a problem with the test strip:
LO indicates that your blood glucose can be below 1.1 mmol / L (20 mg / dL);
HI means that your blood glucose may be above 27.8 mmol / L (500 mg / dL);
Test error 2 (meter Optium) or E-3 (meter Free Style Optium, Optium Xceed and Optium Easy) means that there may be a test error or means that your blood glucose may be too low be recognized by the system;
Test error 4 (meter Optium) or E-4 (meter Free Style Optium, Optium Xceed and Optium Easy) means that your blood glucose may be too high to be read by the system.
If you are experiencing any of these messages, repeat the test with a new test strip. If the same message is repeated, or the result does not match how you feel, contact your doctor immediately. You can also use control solution to check the functional status of your system. Observe your doctor before making any changes to your medication program for controlling diabetes.

IMPORTANT: The relevant units should appear on your meter with each result. See below for the units that are used in your country.
Bulgaria - mmol / L.

Important information for healthcare professionals
Note: Capillary blood can be stored in capillary tubes containing heparin or EDTA and potassium can be used within 30 minutes. Do not use tubes containing fluoride or oxalate.
Limitations of the Procedure
This test strip is not intended for use with arterial, venous, neonatal, serum or plasma samples;
Hematocrit range is 30% - 60%;
High levels of paracetamol to 1.65 mmol / L (25 mg / dL), do not affect the results;
The test results may be erroneously low if the patient is severely dehydrated or severely hypotensive, in shock or in a hyperglycemic-hyperosmolar state (with or without ketosis). Similar observations have been reported in the literature for other systems to monitor blood sugar;
Extremely high levels of these substances in these concentrations do not affect
Principle of test
When the blood sample is applied to the test strip, blood sugar reacts with the chemicals on the test strip, producing a weak electric current. The current is measured and the result is displayed on the meter. Current strength depends on the amount of sugar in the blood sample.
Glucose dehydrogenase (GDH-NAD Pseudomonas sp)> 0.03 U;
NAD + (as sodium salt)> = 1.0 μg;
Phenanthroline quinone> = 0.02 μg;
Reactive ingredients> = 16.3 μg.
job description
The effect of test strips for blood sugar Free Style Optium was evaluated in laboratory and clinical studies.
Scope of the test: 1.1 - 27.8 mol / L (20-500 mg / dL);
Duration of the test - 5 seconds.

calibration reference
Test strips for blood sugar Free Style Optium is calibrated at YSI glucose analyzer (YSI Inc.).
The results for blood glucose by YSI be multiplied by 1.12 to obtain plasma glucose-equivalent values ​​for calibration of test strips for blood sugar Free Style Optium.

Precise testing shows that the results usually does not vary by more than 2.7% to 4.0%.

The results of the testing of blood glucose in capillary blood taken from bedridden patients in 3 clinical sites were compared to those obtained using laboratory instruments YSI analyzer.
These studies show that systems Free Style Optium, Optium, Optium Xceed and Optium Easy comparable to laboratory reference method.

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