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MARVELON 63 tablets

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Full Composition:
Medicines are:
Ethinylestradiol (0.030 mg) and desogestrtel (0.150 mg)

colloidal silicon dioxide; lactose: carob starch; povidone; stearic acid: [alpha] -tocopherol;
1.1 Type of tablets
Marvelon is a combined oral contraceptive ("combined tablet"). Each tablet contains a small amount of two different female sex hormones. This is desogestrel (a type of progesterone) and ethinyl estradiol (a type of estrogen). Due to the low dose of hormones contained, Marvelon is considered a low-dose oral contraceptive. Since all tablets in the pack contain the same hormones at the same doses, it is a monophasic combined oral contraceptive.

1.2 What is MARVELON used for?
Marvelon is used to prevent pregnancy. Oral contraceptives are a highly effective method of birth control. When taken correctly (without omitting tablets), the likelihood of getting pregnant is very low.

1.3 Packaging and tablets
Marvelon is sold as 1, 3 or 6 blisters of 21 tablets packed in a thick cardboard box. The tablets are round, biconvex, 6 mm in diameter. On one side are coded with TR inscription on top 5, and on the other side - Organon *.

2. When should you not take MARVELON?
You should not use the combination tablets if any of the following conditions are present. If any of these apply to you, tell your doctor before you start taking Marvelon. Your doctor may advise you using another type of tablet or another contraceptive method that is not hormonal.
If you have or have ever had problems with the bloodstream and in particular all conditions associated with thrombosis (blood clotting) in the blood vessels of the legs (deep vein thrombosis), the lungs (pulmonary embolism), the heart (infarction) , or other organs of the body. (See also section "Contraceptive pills and thrombosis" below)
If you have or have had a stroke (caused by a blood clot or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain).
If you have or have had symptoms that may indicate an imminent heart attack (such as angina pectoris or chest pain) or stroke (such as transient cerebral ischaemia or small-term transient stroke).
* If you have had a migraine, with symptoms of visual disturbances, speech disorders, weakness or stiffness in any part of the body.
* If you have diabetes mellitus with blood vessel damage. ' If you have or have had pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas) combined with an increased concentration of lipids in the blood.
* If you have jaundice (yellowing of the skin) or severe liver disease.
* If you have or have had a cancer that may develop further under the action of sex hormones (eg breast cancer or female genital organs).
* If you have or have had a benign or malignant liver tumor.
* If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
* If you are pregnant or think you may "be pregnant.
* If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to ethinylestradiol or desogesrtel or any of the other ingredients of Marvelon.
If any of these conditions appear with you for the first time after you have already started taking the pills, stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor. Meanwhile, use contraception methods that are not hormonal. See also the General Notes section.

3. What do you need to know before you start using MARVELON?
3.1 General remarks
This leaflet describes different cases in which you should stop using contraceptive pills or where their reliability may be reduced. In these cases, you should either refrain from sex or take additional measures using a non-hormonal method, e.g. condom or other barrier method. Do not use the rhythm or rectal temperature measurement method. These methods may prove to be unreliable because hormone tablets affect normal changes in the temperature and vaginal mucosa that occur during the normal menstrual cycle.
MARVELON, like other contraceptive pills, does not protect against HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Before you start using Marvelon
If you are using combination pills and have any of the following conditions, you should be constantly monitored. If any of these conditions occur, you should tell your doctor before you start using Marvelon.
* You smoke;
* You have diabetes mellitus;
* You are overweight;
* You have high blood pressure;
* You have a violation of a valve function or a rhythm disorder;
* You suffer from inflammation of the veins (superficial phlebitis);
* You have varicose veins;
* Some of your close relatives have had a thrombosis, he has had a heart attack or stroke;
Contraceptive pills and thrombosis
Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot that can clog a blood vessel. Sometimes thrombosis occurs in the deep veins of the legs (deep vein thrombosis). If the clot separates from the vein where it has formed, it can reach the arteries of the lungs, causing the so-called & quot; pulmonary thromboembolism & quot ;. Deep vein thrombosis is rare. It can occur, whether you are taking contraceptive pills or not. The risk is higher in patients receiving contraceptive pills compared to women who do not take contraceptive pills. The likelihood of thrombosis is greater following the immediate onset of contraceptive pill, right from the start. Thrombosis can also occur when you become pregnant. The risk of deep vein thrombosis in women taking contraceptive tablets containing desogestrel is only slightly higher compared to women taking contraceptive tablets containing levonorgestrel. The absolute number remains extremely small. If 10,000 women use contraceptive tablets containing levonorgestrel for one year, two of them could get thrombosis. If 20,000 women use contraceptive tablets containing desogestrel, approximately 3-4 could get thrombosis. By comparison, if 10,000 women become pregnant, approximately 6 could get thrombosis. These findings are based on several clinical studies. In the other studies, there was no increased risk of thrombosis in tablets containing desogestrel.
Although very rare blood clots can form in the blood vessels of the heart (causing a heart attack) or in the brain (leading to a stroke). The occurrence of clots in the liver, intestine, kidneys or eyes is even more rare. The incidence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) vs. COC deficiency is highest during the first year of COC intake. The risk of VTE in patients taking COC is lower than the risk for VTE among pregnant women, estimated as 60 cases per 100,000 pregnancies. In 1-2% of cases, VTE has a fatal outcome. It has not been established whether Marvelon has a different effect on the risk of VTE. compared to other COCs.
For all COCs containing 30 meg of ethinylestradiol in combination with desogestrel or destodene. the relative risk of VTE versus COC containing less than 50 meg of ethinylestradiol and levonogestrel ranges from 1.5 to 2. The incidence of VTE when COCs containing less than 50 mcg ethinylestradiol and levonogestrel is approximately 20 cases per 100,000 female-years of use. For Marvelon, the incidence of cases is approximately 30-40 cases per 100,000 female-years of use, ie. 20 extra cases per 100,000 woman-years of use. The impact of relative risk on additional cases is highest among women in the first year of COC intake when the risk of all COCs is highest. Very rare are cases where thrombosis can lead to serious and irreversible disorders and even to death. The rate of heart attack or stroke increases with age. It increases even more with smoking. When . take birth control pills, you should stop smoking, especially if you are over 35 years old.
If you get increased blood pressure when taking birth control pills, you may be advised to stop taking them.
The risk of deep vein thrombosis may increase temporarily after surgery or immobilization (eg when your leg or legs are in gypsum or bus after breakage). In women taking contraceptive pills this risk is even higher. For this if you are going to a hospital or surgery, tell your doctor in advance that you are using contraceptive pills. He / she may advise you to stop using the tablets several weeks before surgery or during immobilization. Your doctor will also advise you how much time after restoring your mobility you can start using your birth control pill again. If you notice symptoms that indicate the onset of thrombosis, stop taking tablets immediately and consult your doctor (see also "When you should consult your doctor ").

3.4 Contraceptive pills and cancer risk
Breast cancer is diagnosed slightly more frequently in women taking contraceptive tablets than women who do not use tablets of the same age group. This difference in the number of cases of diagnosed cancer disappears gradually over the ten years after discontinuation of the tablets. It is not known whether this difference is due to the action of the tablets. Most likely, patients using contraceptive pills are more likely to undergo prophylactic examinations, so the cancer is diagnosed earlier. In rare cases, benign tumors of the liver have been reported in patients
Periodic reviews
When using contraceptive pills, your doctor will advise you to periodically take prophylactic examinations.
Contact your doctor immediately if:
'Make any changes to your health if they include some of the conditions listed in this leaflet (see also the section' When should you not use Marvelon 'and' What you need to know before you start using Marvelon ', do not forget about the conditions you are experiencing to your close relatives;
* Feel a lump in your breast;
You are also planning to use other medicines (see also section "Contraceptive pills and other medicines");
* You are going to be immobilized or surgery (consult your doctor at least four weeks in advance);
■ Start a strong and abundant vaginal bleeding:
* Skip tablets in the first week, and you had sexual intercourse in the seven days before;
* You have severe diarrhea;
* For two consecutive months, you miss the menses or you suspect that you are pregnant (do not start the next pack before you get your doctor's consent).
Immediately stop using the tablets and talk to your doctor if you notice any signs of thrombosis, myocardial infarction or stroke:
'Unusual cough;
* Acute chest pain that may spread to the left hand;
'I suffocated;
* All cases of unusual or prolonged headache or migraine attack;
* Partial or complete loss of vision or double vision;
* Decrease of speech or complete loss of speech;
* Sudden changes in your hearing, smell and taste;
"Vertigo or fainting;
* Weakness or numbness of any part of the body;
* Acute abdominal pain;
* Acute pain or swelling of the feet.
The above mentioned symptoms and conditions are described and explained in more detail in Section 3 of this leaflet.


5.1 When and how to take the tablets?
One pack of Marvelon contains 21 tablets. Each tablet is marked with one of the days of the week during which it is to be taken. Take the tablets at approximately the same time each day, with a little fluid if necessary. After the first tablet, follow the direction of the arrows until you take all 21 tablets. You will not be taking tablets for the next seven days. During this period, you should start menstruation (menstrual bleeding like that). This is usually done 2-3 days after taking the last Marvelon tablet. Start taking the tablets from the next pack on the eighth day even if the menstrual bleeding continues. This means that you will always start the new pack at the same time of the week and that you will have bleeding almost at the same time every month.
5.2 Go to top of the first pack of Marvelon
When no hormonal contraceptive was used during the previous month. Start taking Marvelon on the first day of menstrual bleeding. Take the tablet marked on the corresponding day of the week. For example, if your menses started on Friday, take the tablet marked Friday. Then follow the sequence of days. Marvelon will start acting immediately and there is no need to use an additional contraceptive method.
You may start taking the tablets and 2-5 days after the beginning of the menses, but in that case you should use the additional contraceptive method (barrier method) during the first seven days.
* If another combined hormonal contraceptive (combined oral contraceptive (COC), vaginal ring or transdermal patch) has been previously taken.
You can start taking Marvelon the next day after taking the last tablet of the contraceptive taken so far (meaning there will be no 7-day rest). If your pill is still inactive, you can start taking Marvelon on the day after taking the last active tablet (if you are not sure which one is, ask your doctor or pharmacist). You can start later, but not later than the day following the period when you did not take tablets (or the day you took the last inactive tablet if you had a contraceptive you had received so far). In the case of a prior use of a vaginal ring or a transdermal patch, it is preferable for the patient to start receiving Marvelon the day after it is removed or at the latest when the next application is to be made. If you follow these instructions, you do not need to use an additional contraceptive method.
• If pills containing only progesterone (mini-tablets)
You may stop taking the mini-tablets right away and ask the next day at the same time to start taking Marvelon. Over the next seven days, use an additional contraceptive method (barrier method) on sexual intercourse.
• If an injection has been used so far
After birth
If you have recently given birth, your doctor may advise you to wait for the first normal menstrual bleeding before you start taking Marvelon. Sometimes it may happen soon after birth. Your doctor will advise you. If you are breast-feeding and want to take Marvelon, you should discuss this with your doctor.

• After miscarriage - spontaneous or more desirable Seek advice for your doctor.5.3 If you take more Marvelon tablets (overdose) There is no evidence that taking too many tablets Marvelon can cause serious side effects at the same time. If you take more tablets at the same time, nausea, vomiting or vaginal bleeding may occur. If you find that a child has taken Marvelon, seek advice from your doctor.

5.4 If you want to stop taking Marvelon
You can stop taking Marvelon as soon as you want. If you want to stop the product because you want to become pregnant, it is usually advised to wait for regular menstrual bleeding before trying to get pregnant. This will help you to better estimate when to expect your baby to be born. If you do not want to get pregnant, check with your doctor for another method of protection.

WHAT TO DO If you forget to take a tablet
• If you are late for up to 12 hours taking the last tablet, its contraceptive activity is preserved. As soon as you remember, pick up the missed tablet and then continue taking the next one at the usual time.
* If you are more than 12 hours late for taking the tablet, its contraceptive activity is reduced. The more contraceptive tablets you miss, the more you increase your risk of contracting their contraceptive activity. The risk of getting pregnant is particularly high when you miss tablets from the beginning or the end of the pack. For this you must follow the rules listed below (see diagram below).

If you miss more than one tablet from the pack
Ask your doctor for advice.
If you miss one tablet during the first week
Take the missed tablet as soon as you remember (even if it means taking two tablets at a time) and take the next tablet at the usual time. Over the next seven days, use an additional contraceptive method (barrier method). If you had sexual intercourse during the previous week, you could get pregnant. Consult your doctor immediately. If you miss one tablet during the second week
Take the missed tablet as soon as you remember (even if it means taking two tablets at a time) and take the next tablet at the usual time. The reliability of the tablets is preserved. This does not require additional contraceptive methods. If you miss one tablet during the third week
You can choose one of the following options, and you do not need to use additional contraceptive methods.

Take the missed tablet as soon as you remember (even if it means taking two tablets at once) and take the next tablet at the usual time. Start the next pack as soon as you finish the previous one without making a seven-day rest interval between the packs. It is possible that until the second packet is finished, you will not get a normal bleeding, but instead a slight spotting or so-called bleeding bleeding - bleeding during tablet intake.
2. Stop taking tablets from this pack for seven days (counting and the day you miss the tablet) and then start taking the tablets from the new pack. If you follow this method, you can always start your new pack on the same day of the week as usual.
"If you find that tablets are left in the pack and no normal bleeding has occurred during the first free interval, you are likely to be pregnant • Consult your doctor before starting the next pack.
You suffer from gastrointestinal disturbances (eg vomiting, severe diarrhea)
If you vomit or have severe diarrhea, the medicines of your Marvelon contraceptive are unlikely to be fully absorbed. If you vomit 3-4 hours after taking your tablet, it is like a missed tablet. Follow the instructions for the missed tablet. If you have severe diarrhea, please contact your doctor.
.... You want to postpone your menstruation
You can postpone your menses if you start taking the next Marvelon pack immediately after this is over. You can continue to take tablets from the new pack as long as you want it to finish. When you want your menses to come, simply stop taking the tablets. During tablet intake from the second pack, bleeding or spotting of the underwear may occur. Start the next pack after a seven-day free interview
Rare (occurring in less than 1/1000 patients)
. Lack of contact lenses
. Hypersensitivity reactions
. Reduction of body weight
. Elevation of libido
. Separation of secretion from the chest
. Separation of secretion from the vagina
. Erythema nodosum, erythema multiforme (these are skin changes)
If you notice any side effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Combination contraceptive pills have other positive health effects besides contraception.
. Your menses may become weaker and shorter. As a result, it reduces the risk of anemia. The pain associated with your monthly bleeding may decrease or disappear completely. Additionally, there are indications that some serious health disorders occur less frequently in women using contraceptive pills containing 0.05 mg of ethinyl estradiol (high dose tablets) . These are benign breast diseases, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy with the embryo outside the uterus), endometrial cancer (uterine lining), and ovarian cancer. This is probably also true of low-dosage tablets, but until now it has only been confirmed for endometrial and ovarian cancer.
Do not use the tablets after the expiry date of the pack. Store tablets at 2 ° C to 30 ° C in a dry place protected from light. Do not use the product if you notice, for example, a change in tablet color, crushing or other visible signs of damage. Keep the tablets out of the reach of children!


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