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Neprolysin gel 20g.

Product Code: Neprolysin gel 20g.
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Enzymatic proteolytic gel for the treatment of damaged tissue. Assists the body in its efforts to correct skin defects to prevent or reduce their size.

- SUBTILYSIN - a highly purified enzyme produced by Bacillus subtilis and having a proteolytic action in a neutral environment. Contains 250 CTA units of proteolytic activity per 1 g of gel.
- GLYCERIN - has osmotic properties.
- CHLORHEXADINE DIGLUCONATE - an antiseptic with a bactericidal effect.
- AMYLODEXTRIN - excipient.

Action: The enzyme is dissolved in a starch gel of neutral products. The proteolytic enzyme hydrolyzes peptide bonds at 13 different of the total 20 amino acids found in normal tissues, sparing healthy cells due to the fact that the latter are covered mostly with carbohydrates and lipids, but has the ability to slowly penetrate healthy skin. This property is used to remove bruises (hematomas) resulting from a strong impact or mechanical pressure. Under the action of the enzyme, the hematoma is broken down into soluble products that are carried away by body fluids and the bruise disappears about twice as fast. The enzyme used has practically no collagenase action, so the collagen tissue retains its structure and shape, but has a weak keratinase activity and applied to the skin makes it softer, fresher and more hydrated. It is also used for minor skin damage.


Purulent superficial tissues;
Varicose veins;
Diabetic foot;
Fistulized empyema cavities;
Hematomas, as a result of mechanical pressure or strong impact.
Side effects:
So far, no allergic reaction has been observed during the application of the preparation, but if one is detected, its application must be stopped! In skin areas with exposed nerve endings, in some cases, an increase in pain is detected for 30 to 180 minutes after the application of the gel. To avoid this effect, you can use local anesthetic preparations /lidocaine - ointment/ and wait 20 - 30 minutes for the skin defect to be numbed.
In bleeding areas, the proteolytic gel should not be applied because the bleeding will increase.

Method of use:
It is applied in a thin layer. If the skin is contaminated, it should be cleaned (best with saline, sodium bicarbonate solution or Rivanol) before applying the gel.

Storage conditions: To be stored in a refrigerator at a temperature below 17º C.

Packaging: 20 g.

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