Zymafluor 20 ml

Zymafluor 20 ml
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Zymafluor drops
Four drops Zymafluor drops containing 0.55 mg sodium fluoride, equivalent to 0.25 mg fluor.Pomoshtni agents: benzoic acid, glycerol, sorbitol, purified water. Each vial contains Zymafluor dropwise 20 ml. 1 ml = 18 drops Zymafluor dropwise.

1. What is Zymafluor and what it is used
Zymafluor is used to prevent tooth decay.
Zymafluor delivers fluoride for your child's teeth, making them more resistant to decay.
2. Before you use Zymafluor
Do not give your child Zymafluor if it is allergic to any of the ingredients. Get special attention to Zymafluor!
Zymafluor amount that your child takes depends on the amount of fluoride in drinking water, salt, toothpaste and age.
Your doctor, dentist or pharmacist can help you specify the correct dosage for your child.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding
Zymafluor used for many years in pregnancy in recommended doses without negative consequences. The recommended dose for the mother during this period is 1 mg fluoride daily. As the quantity of fluoride pass into breast milk is negligible, naturally fed infants also need to give 4 drops Zymafluor day.
Taking other medicines
If your child takes medication containing aluminum, calcium or magnesium salts, wait at least 2 hours before giving Zymafluor.
Taking Zymafluor food or drinks
Do not give Zymafluor simultaneously with milk or dairy products.
3. How to take Zymafluor
Once determined, the daily dose Zymafluor usually take one dose. Zymafluor drops may be mixed with liquids (not milk) or more solid food or taken alone.
Zymafluor drops are designed for children who are too small to suck tablets (children between 2 weeks and 2 years). If you prefer, you can continue to use Zymafluor drops after the age of two.
If you forget to take Zymafluor
If you forget to give your child his daily dose Zymafluor should not double the dose the next day.
If you take more Zymafluor than necessary
In case of overdose, immediately inform your doctor or pharmacist!
If your child is receiving too much fluoride
If your child is receiving at least a greater than necessary amount of fluoride over a longer period, for example twice daily dose for many years, the teeth may appear white spots.
If your child swallows a large amount drops
Contact your doctor immediately. If a child weighing 10 kg, consume between 20 and 40 ml (1-2 bottles) Zymafluor drops, make him vomit and give him to drink large amounts of milk. If a child weighing 10 kg, consume more than 40 ml (2 bottles) Zymafluor drops should be immediately removed in bolnitsa.Simptomite of overdose are: increased salivation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
4. Possible side effects
At recommended doses of fluoride does not cause significant side effects. Rare cases of mild skin redness. They quickly disappear when you stop terapiyata.Kazhete your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any other effects not described above, and you think it might be associated with the use of Zymafluor.
5. Storing Zymafluor
Shelf life 60 months.
Zymafluor not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging. If it has expired, throw medicine and hand it to your pharmacist.
Storage Conditions
Be stored below 30 ° C.
Keep out of reach of children!
€ 15.00
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