Zymafluor 1mg. 250 tablets

Zymafluor 1mg. 250 tablets
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What is Zymafluor?
Each tablet contains Zymafluor 1/4 mg 0,55 mg Sodium fluoride, equivalent to 0,25 mg fluoride.
Excipients: sorbitol, anhydrous colloidal silica, peppermint oil, magnesium stearat.Vsyaka packaging Zymafluor 1/4 mg containing 400 tablets.
Each tablet contains Zymafluor 1 mg 2,2 mg Sodium fluoride, equivalent to 1 mg of fluorine.
Excipients: sorbitol, anhydrous colloidal silica, iron (III) oxide - yellow, magnesium stearate.
Each package Zymafluor 1 mg contains 250 tablets.
2. How does Zymafluor?
Zymafluor used for prevention of dental caries. Zymafluor delivers fluoride for your child's teeth, making them more resistant to decay. The process begins before the child's teeth are drilled, and should last a lifetime.
3. Before using Zymafluor
When should you not take Zymafluor?
Do not give Zymafluor your child if he is allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in section 1.
What precautions must be observed before using Zymafluor?
Zymafluor amount that your child takes depends on the amount of fluoride in drinking water, salt, tooth paste and the child's age. Your doctor, dentist or pharmacist can help you specify the correct dosage for your child.
Pregnancy and lactation
Zymafluor used for many years in pregnancy in recommended dosage of 1 mg daily without negative consequences. The amount of fluoride pass into breast milk, however, is negligible and breastfed babies should also be given one tablet Zymafluor 1/4 mg or 4 drops Zymafluor drops daily.
Other medical problems
If your child takes medication containing aluminum, calcium or magnesium salts, wait at least 2 hours before giving Zymafluor. What to remember when using Zymafluor? Do not give Zymafluor simultaneously with milk or dairy products.
4. How should I use Zymafluor
Once determined, the daily dose Zymafluor usually takes a priem.Zimafluor tablets can be crushed and mixed with liquid (but not milk) or more solid food or taken separately.
Once your child becomes big enough Zymafluor tablets should not be swallowed, but allowed to dissolve slowly between the cheek and gum, alternating left and right sides.
It is best to give Zymafluor tablets immediately before bedtime after brushing.
What to do if we missed one dose?
If you forget to give your child his daily dose Zymafluor should not double the dose the next day.
What to do if ingested too much Zymafluor?
In case of overdose, immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist!
If your child is receiving too much fluoride:
If your child has received more than the required amount of fluoride for a long time, for example, twice the usual dose for many years, teeth may appear white petna.Ako your child swallows a large number of tablets, tell your doctor.
If a child weighing 10 kg, consume between 100 and 200 tablets Zymafluor 1/4 mg or between 25 and 50 tablets Zymafluor 1 mg, make him vomit and give him to drink large amounts of milk.
If a child weighing 10 kg, consume more than 200 tablets Zymafluor 1/4 mg or 50 tablets Zymafluor 1 mg, must be immediately taken to hospital. If adult swallow more than 400 tablets Zymafluor 1 mg or 100 tablets Zymafluor 1 mg, must be immediately taken to hospital. Symptoms of overdose include increased salivation, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea.
5. What side effects may cause Zymafluor?
At recommended doses of fluoride does not cause significant side effects. Rare cases of mild skin redness. They quickly disappear when you stop terapiyata.Informirayte your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any other effects not described above and that you think may be related to the use of Zymafluor.
6. Further information
Expiration date
Zymafluor 1/4 mg tablets - 4 years. Zymafluor 1 mg tablets - 5 years.
Zymafluor not use after the expiry date stated on the packaging.
Storage Conditions
Protect from moisture. Be stored below 30 ° C. Keep out of reach of children!
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