VENORUTON 300 mg. 50 capsules

VENORUTON 300 mg. 50 capsules
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What is Venoruton 300?
Venoruton belongs to a group of medicines that protect blood vessels (called systemic vazoprotektori).
Venoruton 300 strengthens the vessel wall, resulting in a decrease of vascular permeability and ultimately to reduce swelling.
Each capsule contains as .aktivna ingredient 300 mg 0- (p-hydroxiethyl) -rutosides.
Auxiliary ingredients: macrogol.
Capsule yellow iron oxide (E172), titanium dioxide (E171), gelatin.
2. How does Venoruton 300?
Venoruton 300 affects the smallest blood vessels (capillaries), reducing the passage of water and other substances through their walls. Patients with varicose veins and other disorders of the veins of the legs that allow increased vascular leakage, which can cause swelling of the ankles. Venoruton 300 reduces swelling and relieves associated symptoms such as itching, fatigue, heaviness, cramps. Typically, such patients should wear elastic support (socks). In these cases Venoruton 300 is shown with an additional positive impact.
3. What is Venoruton 300?
Relieve swelling and associated with chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) symptoms (fatigue, heaviness, swelling and pain in the legs, cramps, paresthesias, "prejudgment feet"). If the patient uses an elastic bandage, the adoption of Venoruton 300 provides additional efficiency.
4. Before using Venoruton 300
• Do not use Venoruton 300 if you are allergic to any ingredients .From.
• Patients having swelling of lower limbs due to heart, kidney or liver disease should not use Venoruton 300 because the product is not effective in these indications.
If you are pregnant or breast-feeding
In accordance with general clinical practice is not recommended the use of Venoruton in the first three months of pregnancy.
5. How should you use Venoruton 300?
Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and its complications
Initial dosage: 1 capsule 300 mg 2-3 times a day.
This should be maintained in the complete disappearance of the symptoms and swelling. Typically relieve symptoms felt within 2 weeks. It can be continued as a maintenance therapy - the same dose or a minimum maintenance dose of 500-600 mg Venoruton day ie 1 capsule twice Venoruton 300-.dnevno.
Once complete relief of symptoms and swelling treatment can be stopped, while re-symptoms may be renewed with the same dose or with minimum maintenance dose of 500-600 mg daily Venoruton.
If 2 months experience improvement in symptoms or your condition deteriorates, you must stop treatment and consult a doctor.
What to do if a dose is missed?
Do not take a double dose to make up.
What to do if ingested too much Venoruton?
If you accidentally take too much Venoruton unlikely to occur any adverse symptoms. However, immediately contact your doctor or pharmacist.
6. What side effects may have Venoruton 300?
Like all medicines Venoruton can cause side effects. In isolated cases Venoruton can cause gastrointestinal disturbances (flatulence, diarrhea, stomach pain, stomach irritation), headache, dizziness, fatigue, skin rash, redness, itching. These reactions are usually mild and disappear rapidly with discontinuation of treatment. If occur in more severe or last longer than a few days, stop treatment and consult with spetsialist.Informirayte your doctor or pharmacist if you notice any other effects that you think that may be due to the use of Venoruton.
7. Effects on ability to drive and use machines
- None.
8. Additional information
Expiration date
Do not use Venoruton 300 after the expiry date stated on the packaging.
Storage conditions
Protect from moisture. Do not store above 30 ° C!
Store in the original package
Keep out of reach of children!
€ 25.00
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