URZOFALK caps. 250 mg. 100 caps

URZOFALK caps. 250 mg. 100 caps
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For dissolution of cholesterol gallstones. Gallstones should not be larger than 15 mm, should not miss X-rays (do not give a shadow of X-ray) and gallbladder function must be preserved even gallstones. For the treatment of biliary reflux gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining, which sedalzhi penetration of bile acids in the stomach).

URZOFALK caps. 250 mg. 100 caps


Active ingredient: urzodezoksiholeva acid
One capsule contains: therapeutically active ingredient: 250 mg urzodezoksiholeva acid
Other ingredients: corn starch, colloidal silicon anhydrite, magnesium stearate, gelatin, water, titanium dioxide, sodium dodecyl sulfate. Dozirovychna form and content: Packs of 50 (N2), 100 (N3) capsules.
Pharmacotherapeutic group
It is used in diseases of the liver and gallbladder, bile acid.


For dissolution of cholesterol gallstones. Gallstones should not be larger than 15 mm, should not miss X-rays (do not give a shadow of X-ray) and gallbladder function must be preserved even gallstones.
  For the treatment of bile reflux gastritis (inflammation of the stomach lining, which sedalzhi penetration of bile acids in the stomach).
 Symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis provided that no decompensation of liver function due to cirrhosis.
Mode of administration: By prescription.


When you must not take Ursofalk
Ursofalk  should not be taken in:
 Acute inflammation of the gall bladder and bile ducts
 Obstruction of the biliary tract (common bile Strait and that gallbladder)
When you take Ursofalk  only after consultation with your doctor
 When the gallbladder is not displayed in the X-ray-when gallstones are calcified, when the gallbladder does not reduce effective
In-common bile Crisis
This also applies if these conditions are found in the past.
What you need to know to use during pregnancy and lactation
Animal studies have shown that urzodezoksiholevata acid has toxic effects on the fetus in the early stages of pregnancy. There is no experience with the use of the drug during the first trimester of pregnancy. Women who may become pregnant could be treated with acid urzodezoksiholeva only if they use the same time secure contraception. Before initiation of therapy should be excluded existing pregnancy. In the interest of safety, Ursofalk  should not be given during the first trimester of pregnancy. There is insufficient data on the emission of urzodezoksiholevata acid in milk. This Ursofalk  should not be used by women who are nursing children


What precautions should be made
Ursofelk  capsules should only be used under medical supervision. Liver function tests such as AST (SGOT), ALT (SGPT) and GT should be monitored by your doctor every 4 weeks during the first 3 months of treatment and then once trimesechieto.S in order to assess the effect of treatment and to detect at an early stage any calcified stones are advised to perform an x-ray of the gallbladder (cholecystographic) depending on the size of the stones 6 to 10 months of treatment. Carry out targeted overview and radiographs in the upright and supine position. It is also used with success tracking ultrasound (ultrasound monitoring)
Interactions with other drugs.
What drugs affect the action of Ursofalk  or be influenced by negoMolya note that this information also applies to drugs that have been used naposledak.Ursofalk  should not be used concomitantly with ion exchange resins such as cholestyramine and dr.ili angaatsidi, aluminum hydroxide or magnesium trisilicate (drugs that bind stomach acid) because these drugs have been associated with urzodezoksiholevata acid in the gut and reduce its absorption (absorption) and efficiency. If treatment with preparations containing such substances, then Ursofalk  should be taken two hours before or after other lekarstvo.Ursofalk  can increase absorption of cyclosporine (a drug that inhibits the activity of the immune system). Therefore, in patients who are receiving cyclosporine have to control its level in the blood and need to be adjusted occasionally dozata.V Ursofalk ® may reduce the absorption of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin.


Apply shstruktsii next, unless your doctor has given you a different prescription. Follow the directions for use carefully, since otherwise Ursofalk ® can act as tryabva.Za dissolution of cholesterol stones
Omg approximately 1 kg of body weight is equivalent to
  Ursofalk  capsules in patients weighing up to 60kg
  Ursofalk  capsules in patients weighing up to 80kg
  Ursofalk  capsules in patients weighing up to 100kg
  Ursofalk  capsules in patients weighing more than 100kg 
The capsules should be swallowed whole with liquid before bedtime.
For the treatment of biliary bile gastritis 
One capsule daily Ursofalk  
Symptomatic treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis
The daily dose depends on body weight and ranged from 2 to 6 capsules (about 10-15 mg urzodezoksiholeva acid per kg body weight).
How long should you take Ursofalk
Gallstones usually dissolve in 6 to 24 months. If the size of gall stones (stones) are reduced after 12 months, treatment should not be continued. The results of treatment should be monitored (tracked) in six months using ultrasound (echocardiography) or rentgenovoizsledvane. Control studies also aim to establish that the stones are calcified. In this case, treatment should be prekrati.Za treatment of biliary reflux gastritis, Ursofalk ® usually takes 10-14 days. As a rule, the duration of treatment depends on the disease course. Also determined by your doctor that you lekuva.V rare early treatment of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis, symptoms may worsen (napr.sarbezhat may increase). In these cases, treatment should be continued with Ursofalk ® 1 capsule daily, the dose was titrated with 1 capsule per week until it reaches the intended total dose.


What should I do if taken more generally Ursofalk ® urzodezoksiholevata acid overdose is unlikely, since at higher doses its absorption in the gut is deteriorating and it is excreted in the feces. Due to the specific properties of urzodezoksiholevata acid Ursofalk ® in cases of overdose can occur diarrhea. In these cases, the dose should be reduced. If diarrhea continues to inform the doctor. No need for special measures. Diarrhea should be treated symptomatically with replacing lost fluid and electrolytes.
What should you do if you have a single more or less Ursofalk
Do not attempt to correct his mistake by taking fewer or more capsules next time and just go with the usual treatment dose. What to do if you discontinue or wish to complete predvaritelnoVinagi should consult with your doctor when you discontinue Ursofalk ® due to adverse events or discontinuation before completion of treatment.


What side effects have been reported during treatment with Ursofalk  and what measures are recommended to deal with them
Inform your doctor if you experience side effects, especially if they are not listed in this leaflet! Gallstones can be calcified during treatment with this drug. In some cases it may appear urticaria (hives). In rare cases, the stool can become mushy. During the treatment of patients with advanced primary liver cirrhosis observed instances of dekoompensatsiya of cirrhosis who have recovered after discontinuation of therapy. In isolated cases of severe abdominal pain in the right half during treatment with Ursofalk  in patients with primary biliary cirrhosis.


The expiry date is printed HaUrsofalk ® blister and the carton. Do not use after this date
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