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Ultracortenol eye drops
The active substance of Ultracortenol eye drops prednisolone acetate (prednisolone acetate). Each milliliter Ultracortenol contains 5 mg prednisolone acetate. Excipients: benzalkonium chloride, boric acid, borax, disodium edetate, macrogol 400, alumina gel, water for injections.
Ultracortenol eye ointment
The active substance of Ultracortenol eye ointment is prednisolone pivalate (prednisolone acetate). Each gram contains: Prednisolone pivalate (prednisolone pivalate) 5 mg Excipients: cetostearyl alcohol, liquid paraffin, white paraffin, water for injections, lanolin.
1. What is Ultracortenol and what is it used?
Ultracortenol is used for short-term treatment of non-infectious inflammation of the eye, such as:
- Uveitis
- Allergic conjunctivitis
- Spring conjunctivitis
- Non-infectious and interstitial keratitis.
  - Corneal complications, with concomitant antibiotic.
The anti-inflammatory effect of prednisolone acetate or pivalate is about 4 to 5 times stronger than that of hydrocortisone. As with all anti-inflammatory glucocorticoids, these agents also cause a selective inhibition of phospholipase A2, which is the first phase of prostaglandin synthesis. Prednisolone also inhibits the chemotactic migration of neutrophils cells at the site of inflammation. Therefore, drops and ointment Ultracortenol have severe and prolonged anti-inflammatory and antiallergic action by sharply reducing inflammation and hipermiyata.
2. Before you start taking Ultracortenol
It is necessary to inform your doctor injuries and ulcerative processes of the cornea infected with viruses, bacteria and fungi, for example. Herpes simplex, reaction after vaccination nelenuvani purulent infections. (Corticosteroids may mask activate or cause deterioration of eye infection).
Hypersensitivity to ingredients in rare cases.
No studies on the use of Ultracortenol during pregnancy and lactation.
Patients should not wear contact lenses during treatment.
When corticosteroids are used, should be taken into account the interactions known for this class of substances. Therefore topical application, however, these interactions do not matter much.
3. How to take Ultracortenol?
Depends on the required effect on the strength of the disease and the patient's response.
Eye drops: 1-2 drops, 2-4 times daily in the lower conjunctival sac.
Eye ointment: 3 mm - 5 mm of ointment rubbed several times a day at the bottom
conjunctival sac.
Children (over 12 years:
Eye drops: 1 drop two or four times a day
Eye ointment: 3 mm of ointment.
It is recommended that drops be used during the day and ointment at night.
Ultracortenol should be used only if prescribed by a doctor. Should not apply
Unsupervised and for a long time.
4. Possible side effects
Slight burning sensation may be felt for a short time after application of drops. This does not affect the success of treatment.
Long-term use can lead to a reversible increase of intraocular pressure. Must make regular measurements of pressure.
Adverse systemic effects can also be observed in long-term topical corticosteroid use (especially in children).
Development of cataracts and corneal necrolysis have been reported after long-term treatment with steroids.
5. Storing Ultracortenol
Drops: Close bottle immediately after use. Do not use more than one month after first opening.
Ointment: It is advisable to destroy any remaining amount of the drug after treatment.
If the packaging has not been opened, Ultracortenol can be used before the expiry date stated on the package with "EXP". Keep out of reach of children! For use in the eye. Do not swallow!
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