TROXEMED 300 mg. 50 capsules

TROXEMED 300 mg. 50 capsules
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1 capsule contains 0.300 g Troxerutin excipients: polyethylene glycol 6000, quinoline yellow E104, titanium dioxide E171, sunset yellow E110, gelatin

2. Pharmacological Action

Troxemed is preparation expressed antivarikozno action. Increases resistance and tone of the small blood vessels (capillaries) and normalize their permeability. There are also anti-inflammatory. Improves the function and nutrition of the blood vessels and tissues around them, resulting in a decrease or disappear swelling and pain associated with varicose veins.

3. Indications

Relieve swelling and associated chronic venous insufficiency symptoms (fatigue, heaviness, swelling and leg pain, cramps, paresthesias, "prejudgment feet").
4. Information necessary before the medicinal product

Hypersensitivity to any component of the product.
Special Precautions

To have an expected therapeutic benefit this medicinal product should be used exactly as prescribed by your doctor ie as defined by this dose and duration of treatment. If during treatment detected some of the information described in this events or those of another character, ask advice from your doctor.


Effects of certain drugs may be affected by co-administration with other ones. So consult your doctor if you are constantly taking other medicines have recently applied these or you want to take with Troxemed, although so far there are no known adverse interactions Troksemed with other medicinal products

Special considerations for specific groups of patients the drug can be administered during pregnancy and lactation, but this should be done only on prescription and control. The preparation is applied without the risk of adversely affecting motor activity and reflexes at drivers and handlers machines. Contains coloring E110.

Information on the correct use of the medicinal product
5. Dosage and administration pa

If your doctor recommends otherwise, the adults Troxemed taken 2 times a day 1 capsule in the acute stage of the disease. The capsules are taken unchewed, after or during meals with a little liquid.

Used to maintain the therapeutic effect, the preparation is considered a long time (20-30 days) in one capsule daily.

6. Overdose

Conditions of overdose have not been reported.
7. Adverse reactions

Adverse reactions are any adverse events that may occur during treatment with a drug.

Troxemed medicinal product has excellent tolerability. In extremely rare cases, it can be observed mild heartburn, nausea, pain, general gastrointestinal discomfort.

8. Storage

In the original packaging in a dry and protected from direct sunlight at a temperature below 25 C.

Be kept out of reach of children
€ 19.00
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