TRENTAL 400 mg. 20 tablets

TRENTAL 400 mg. 20 tablets
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Therapeutic indications: (What is Trental)
Peripheral arterial and arteriovenous disorders of atherosclerotic blood supply, diabetes, inflammation or functional origin; intermittent claudication or rest pain, diabetic angiopathy, obliterative 'endangiit; trophic disorders (post-thrombotic syndrome, leg ulcers, gangrene); angionevropatii.
Ocular disorders of blood flow (acute or chronic disorder of blood flow in the retina and choroid).
Functional disorders of the inner ear, hearing impaired, sudden hearing loss, etc., Due to violations of the blood supply.
Conditions of reduced blood supply to the brain (ischemic conditions, impaired brain function of vascular origin with symptoms such as lack of co + MERGERS, dizziness, forgetfulness).
2. Before you take Trental.
Do not take Trental 400
• Recent myocardial infarction;
• Massive bleeding;
• Extensive retinal bleeding;
• Hypersensitivity to any excipients, pentoxifylline or other methylxanthines;
Special warnings and precautions:
Severe cardiac and cerebrovascular sclerosis with high blood pressure are considered relative contraindications to parenteral therapy. Patients with severe heart rhythm disorders or myocardial infarction should be monitored very carefully.
Release of pentoxifylline from the body may be delayed in patients with impaired renal function (creatinine clearance below 30 ml / min.) Or severe hepatic dysfunction. In these cases it is necessary to decrease the dose and subsequently follow.
Interactions with other drugs and other forms of interaction:
During the use of Trental 400 operation of these drugs may be enhanced in some patients:
• Drugs that lower blood pressure (antihypertensives): blood pressure may be further reduced.
• anticoagulants: patients with a tendency to excessive bleeding during concomitant use of anticoagulants with pentoxifylline should be monitored very carefully because bleeding may increase.
• Antidiabetic drugs for oral administration, insulin, may experience more pronounced decrease in blood sugar, which can lead to hypoglycemic
• Theophylline: possible increased blood levels of theophylline, which can lead to increased adverse effects.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Trental 400 should not be used during pregnancy because there is insufficient experience with its use in pregnant women.
During lactation pentoksifilinat passes into breast milk, but babies receive only a very small amount of the substance. However, the use of Trental 400 during lactation should be restricted and only be used in duly justified cases.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines:
Are not known.
Z.Kak taking Trental.
Dosage and method of administration:
Depending on severity of the disease can be carried out only treatment tablets in the mouth (oral), combination therapy orally and infusion into a vein (oral and parenteral) or only an infusion into a vein (parenteral). In patients with low or variable blood pressure may be material needs special dosage instructions.
In patients with impaired renal function (creatinine clearance below 30 ml / min), the dose should be reduced to 50-70% of the standard dose depending on individual tolerance, for example. adoption of 2 instead of 3 delayed release tablets Trental 400 daily.
In severe hepatic impairment need individual dose reduction at the discretion of the physician, the severity of the disease and tolerability of the drug.
Oral treatment (oral administration):
Trental 400 film-coated tablets with prolonged release
It is one tablet 400 Trental two to three times daily. The tablets should be swallowed whole after meals with plenty of liquid.
In cases of serious violations of blood supply combined with parenteral administration (infusion into a vein) of Trental can accelerate the onset of action.
Subsequent treatment:
Once you have improved treatment can be continued with tablets.
The duration of treatment should be tailored to the individual and the severity of the disease is determined by the doctor.
4. Possible side effects.
Gastrointestinal / Liver / biliary tract
Sometimes may occur gastrointestinal complaints such as nausea, vomiting, feeling of fullness, heaviness in the stomach and diarrhea. Very rarely can occur cholestasis (intrahepatic cholestasis) and elevation of liver enzymes (transaminases, alkaline phosphatase).
Can sometimes redness of the face with a warm feeling, rarely observed abnormal heart rhythm arrhythmia (eg. Palpitations, very rare-reduction in blood pressure and angina). These symptoms have occurred mainly after administration of high doses.
Hypersensitivity reactions:
Hypersensitivity reactions such as itching, erythema, urticaria are rare.
There are isolated reports of severe reactions svrahchuvstviteelnost that develop for a few minutes after administration (angioneurotic edema, spasm of the bronchial musculature, anaphylactic shock). Administration of the drug should be discontinued at the first sign of hypersensitivity.
Blood and blood cells:
There are very rare reports of bleeding episodes (eg. In the skin, mucous membranes, stomach and intestines) during treatment with Trental. In some cases a decrease of platelets (thrombocytopenia).
Dizziness and headaches are common side effects. Very rarely, anxiety and insomnia.
Overdose (If you take more Trental 400):
a) Symptoms of overdose / poisoning
Dizziness, nausea, decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, flushing, loss of consciousness, fever, agitation, areflexia, tonic-clonic seizures, vomiting fabrics type of ground coffee and arrhythmias.
b) Therapeutic measures in case of intoxication
If it is not too much time elapsed from overdose may perform gastric lavage or further absorption of the active substance may be delayed by giving activated charcoal.
Treatment should be symptomatic, as no specific antidote is known. It may be necessary to monitor the conditions of intensive care, in order to avoid complications.
Immediate treatment:
- Adrenaline (epinephrine) intravenously immediately. After dilution of 1 mg of the commercial solution of epinephrine 1: 1000 to 10 ml or use dilution 1:10 000, first slowly inject 1 ml (= 0.1 mg epinephrine), the monitor pulse and blood pressure (caution arrhythmias) . The dose of adrenaline may not be repeated.
- Then intravenous volume expansion, eg. volume expanders (colloids), Ringer's lactate.
- Additional intravenous glucocorticoid, e. 250-1000 mg methylprednisolone. The dose of the glucocorticoid may be repeated.
Dosing instructions apply to normal-weight adult. In children, the dose should be adjusted depending on the weight. Depending on the clinical symptoms should consider further clinical measures of treatment: eg. artificial respiration, antagonists of histamine. In case of circulatory arrest -reanimatsiya according to the usual recommendations.
5. How to store Trental.
Do not use after the expiry date.
Store at temperatures up to 25 ° C in the original packaging.
Keep out of reach of children.
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