SUZASTOR table. 20 mg

SUZASTOR table. 20 mg
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Suzastor belongs to a group of medicines called statins. This medicine is used to adjust the levels of fats in the blood called lipids. The most common lipid is cholesterol. Another group of lipids are triglycerides.

SUZASTOR table. 20 mg


Suzastor belongs to a group of medicines called statins. This medicine is used to adjust the levels of fats in the blood called lipids. The most common lipid is cholesterol. Another group of lipids are triglycerides.
There are different types of cholesterol - "bad" cholesterol and "good" cholesterol. Suzastor can reduce levels of "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides and increase levels of "good" cholesterol. It works in that it helps to block the formation of "bad" cholesterol in your body and improves your body's ability to dispose of this "bad" cholesterol from your blood.
Suzastor are prescribed because you have high cholesterol. This means that you are at risk of heart attack or stroke.
We recommend that you take a statin, because changing your diet and doing more exercise were not sufficient to adjust the levels of cholesterol in you.
We need to continue taking cholesterol Suzastor even you reached normal because this drug prevents the escalation of your cholesterol. However, you should stop taking it unless your doctor tells you, or if you become pregnant.
You should continue your diet and exercise to lower cholesterol while taking Suzastor.
For most people, high cholesterol does not affect the way they feel because they do not have any symptoms pridizvikva. However, if not treated cholesterol in the walls of your blood vessels may develop fatty deposits and they will narrow.


Do not take Suzastor:
 If you are allergic to rosuvastatin or any of the other ingredients of Suzastor
 If you have liver disease
 If you have severe kidney disease
 If you mnogokratki or unexplained muscle pain or painful sensations
 If you take a drug called cyclosporine
 If you are pregnant or breast-feeding
Take special care with Suzastor:
 If you have kidney problems
If you have liver problems
 If you have repeated or unexplained muscle pain or painful sensations, personal or family history of muscle problems while taking other medicines to lower cholesterol Ann.
If you regularly consume large amounts of alcohol
 If your thyroid gland is not functioning properly
 If you take drugs against HIV infection
 If you take other medicines called fibrin
 If you are of Asian descent
 If the patient is a child - Suzastor should not be given to children

Pregnancy and lactation

Suzastor Do not take if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you become pregnant while taking Suzastor should immediately stop taking the medicine and tell your doctor. Women should avoid becoming pregnant while taking Suzastor using appropriate means of contraception.


Always Suzastor exactly as your doctor tells you. If you're not sure, ask your doctor.
Initial dose:
 Your doctor will determine what initial dose of Suzastor is best for you:
The dose depends on:
 The level of your cholesterol
 The level of risk of heart attack or stroke
 Whether you are at a factor that makes you more sensitive to the potential side effects
Dose escalation and a stable dose
Your doctor may decide to increase your dose. Between each change in dose is made 4-week rest period.
MAXIMUM daily dose is 40 mg. It is only for patients with high cholesterol levels and increased risk of heart attack or stroke in which cholesterol can be lowered enough dose of 20 mg.
Taking Tablet
Take the tablet with a glass of water once a day. You can take it anytime of the day. Try to take the tablet at the same time each day.


Suzastor Stop taking and contact your doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:
Rash, severe itching of the skin, hives
 Swelling of the face, lips, tongue
Shortness of breath
 Severe blistering of the skin, mouth, eyes and genitals.
Other side effects:
Common - headache, dizziness, constipation, stomach pain, pain or weakness, weakness
Uncommon - itching, rash, increased protein in the urine
Rare - severe stomach pain, muscle disorders with symptoms such as muscle spasms, fever, allergic reaction seriazna, elevated liver enzymes in the blood
Very rare - jaundice, hepatitis, joint pain, memory loss


Active ingredient is rosuvastatin
Other ingredients - tablet contains anhydrous lactose, silica colloidal anhydrous, silitsirana microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch, talc, sodium stearyl
Tablet coating - hypromellose, mannitol E421, macrogol 6000, talc, titanium dioxide E171, yellow iron oxide E172, red iron oxide E172
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