SIBELIUM 5 mg. 20 capsules

SIBELIUM 5 mg. 20 capsules
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Sibelium helps prevent the onset of migraine prisapi and influence of dizziness.
Do not use Sibelium if you have or have previously suffered from:
♦ depression
♦ Parkinson's disease
♦ hypersensitivity to the active substance and / or any of the excipients If you have known Caleb, consult your doctor before taking Sibelium.
If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, you should inform your doctor about it and assess whether it is appropriate use of Sibelium.
You should not breast-feed if you are taking Sibelium. In this case, consult your doctor.
Driving or operating machinery
Possible drowsiness, especially at the beginning of treatment. Therefore, caution should be exercised in shofiranie or operating machinery.
Other drugs and alcohol
If you accept Sibelium with alcohol, sleeping pills or tranquillizers may occur drowsiness. Therefore you should limit your intake of alcohol and sleeping pills or tranquilizers unless you have consulted a doctor accepts them.
There may be a sense of fatigue during treatment with Sibelium, which requires consultation with a physician. This is necessary in case of use of the preparation for several months.
  Your doctor will determine how long you should take Sibelium. Take the capsules with a little water. Never take more capsules than specified. Initial treatment with Sibelium:
♦ If you are under 65, take 2 capsules daily before bedtime.
♦ If you are 65 years and older, take 1 capsule daily before bedtime.
You probably will feel the effect of treatment in the first month of its launch, but it is possible to do so and in the second month, when it is expected onset of full effect.
Maintenance treatment with Sibelium:
After two months, your doctor will decide whether to continue treatment with Sibelium. The dose should be:
Take the same number of capsules as before (one or two a day before lyagyane) for 5 days and then two days do not take the drug. Repeat this scheme (5 days taking the drug, 2 rest) and upon discontinuation of therapy.
Treatment should not be used longer than six months. If after stopping attacks recur, launching terapiyatya should be done only after consulting a doctor.
♦ In some cases, you may experience drowsiness or fatigue, but these symptoms resolve spontaneously. If they continue for a long time and you create problems, please consult your doctor.
♦ It is possible weight gain. In this case, try not to take more food than usual.
♦ With longer treatment may occur depression, and mainly in susceptible female patients. In adults is more common signs of slow movement and stiffness. May and emergence of anxiety, tremors and involuntary movements of the face, arms and legs. In these cases also needed medical attention.
Tell your doctor about all the appearance of side effects.
Tell your doctor in case of acceptance of a greater amount of preparation. Then it is possible drowsiness and fatigue, and where a very large amount - nervousness and rapid heartbeat. In these cases it can be Example charcoal, at the beginning of overdosing absorb more drug in the stomach.
Inform your doctor in case of overdose.
♦ There is no specific antidote.
♦ the first hour after dosing may be administered gastric lavage.
♦ If necessary, it can be assumed charcoal.
Keep Sibelium room or below (below 25 ° C degrees).
The drug should only be stored for a certain period of time. Do not use after the expiry date (month, year) is stated after "EXP", even with proper storage.
We advise you to return to your pharmacist medicine after its expiry date.
Keep out of reach and out of sight of children.

Shelf life: 3 years
Aktivnita ingredient Sibelium is flunarizine.
Sibelium is produced as a red-gray capsules. Each capsule contains 5 mg flunarizine. The other ingredients of the capsule are lactose, maize starch, talc, magnesium stearate, colloidal anhydrous silica gel. The capsule itself is made of sodium erythrosine, yellow ferric oxide, titanium dioxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide, gelatin.

What you need to know about drugs ...
Always tell your doctor or pharmacist if you take other medicines because some medicines should not be taken together.
Before they reach the patient's medicines are examined very carefully. Therefore, there is little chance of problems, if they are applied correctly and take into account the following:
♦ be used only for cases for which they are intended;
♦ be used only in recommended amounts;
♦ be used only for the recommended period of time; Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.
Never let anyone else use medicine prescribed for you or yourself taking those destined for another.
Keep all medicines in their original containers and dry
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