SALOFALK supp. 250 mg. 30 supp

SALOFALK supp. 250 mg. 30 supp
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For the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (such as ulcerative colitis), mostly in the rectum (rectum), both in the acute phase and relapse prevention.

SALOFALK supp. 250 mg. 30 supp


For the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (such as ulcerative colitis), mostly in the rectum (rectum), both in the acute phase and relapse prevention.


When should you not use Salofalk  suppositories 250
You should not use Salofalk  suppositories at 250
  Prior hypersensitivity to salicylic acid or any other acetysal ingredient
  Severe impairment of hepatic or renal function
  Active gastric or duodenal ulcer
  Morbid bleeding tendency (bleeding diathesis)
When you use Salofalk  suppositories 250 only after consultation with your doctor
These are cases where you can use Salofalk  250mg suppositories only in conditions of a special medical supervision are described below. Consult your doctor for additional razyasneniya.Tova also applies if you had such incidents in the past.
If you know that you svarhchuvstvitelni to preparations containing sulfasalazine (a substance akin smesalazina), then you can start treatment with Salofalk  250mg suppositories only under careful medical supervision (see adverse reactions).
What you should know about the use during pregnancy and lactation
In the first three months of pregnancy, Salofalk  250mg should not be used unless strictly indicated neobhodimost.Zhenite who wish to have children will have to wait to get pregnant at the stage when the disease requires treatment or when they receive the lowest possible dose . Akozabolyavaneto allows treatment could cut the last 2-4 weeks now bremennostta.Za experience using mesalazine during lactation is nedostatachen.Ako treatment during this period is necessary, the infant should be weaned more that experimental studies show that small amounts of mesalazine pass into breast milk. What you need to know about administering the product to infants and young children
Salofalk  suppositories 250 mg should not be used to treat infants and young detsaday experience in this age group is insufficient.


What precautions should be observed
Salofalk  suppositories 250 mg should be used under medical nablyudenie.Izsledvaneto blood and urine tests before and during treatment should be performed under medical indication pretsenka.Kato recommended a check 14 days after the start of treatment and then 2 more 3 times during the four-week results intervali.Ako normals and then sufficient 'one check per quarter, or immediately if additional medical simptomi.Za assessment of renal function is recommended study of urea and creatinine levels and sediment urinata.Vazmozhnostta in raising the level of methemoglobin (blood pigment) should not be forgotten. In case of poor lung function and asthma in particular neobhoimo treatment with Salofalk  250mg suppository to be administered under close medical supervision.
Interactions with other drugs
What other drugs can affect the action of Salofalk  suppositories 250 mg alone or be affected by it 
Note that this information also applies to drugs that have been taken recently!
 Sulfanilureini (medications that lower blood sugar) may enhance the effect described.
 Methotrexate (an agent that inhibits cell growth) may enhance the toxic effects.
 Probenecid/??????????????????????? That facilitate uric acid excretion by the kidney) may reduce the effect described.
 Spironolakton/furozemid (Drugs that have a diuretic effect) may reduce the diuretic effect.
Rifampicin (a medicine to treat tuberculosis) may reduce the effect tuburkulostatichniya
 Glucocorticoids (kortizonopodobni inflammatory agents) may enhance the adverse effects of stomach
Tell your doctor about medicines you take CURRENTLY
Instructions on dosage, method and duration of use
Attach the following instructions unless your doctor has given you another prescription for Salofalk  250mgcypozitopii.Cledvayte directions for use carefully, since otherwise Salofalk 250mg suppositories will not work correctly.
How often and how Salofalk  250mg suppositories should use
For treatment of symptoms of acute inflammation must be prescribed three times daily for 2 candles Salofalk  250mg (equivalent to mesalazine I500mg day).
In long-term treatment to prevent recurrence prescribed three times a day a candle Salofalk ® 250mg (equivalent to 750m mesalazine daily).
How and when to use Salofalk  250mg suppositories
Suppositories should be inserted into the rectum through the anus (rectum) 3 times in 1 suppository a day (morning, afternoon and evening).
It is important to use candles Salofalk  250mg regularly, both during acute inflammation and during continued supportive care, because only in this way can achieve successful recovery. How long should you use Salofalk  250mg suppositories duration of treatment depends on the nature, severity and course of the disease.
Your doctor will decide how long to continue treatment in your case.


What should you do if you use more than the prescribed suppositories Sofalk250mg
So far, no known cases of poisoning. Due to the specific properties of mesalazine in 250 mg Salofalk  suppositories are not aware of any signs of poisoning even after high dozi.Tay according to current knowledge reaching excessive level of drug in the blood is probably not impose any case kontramerki.V doubt tell your doctor to decide what further action to take.
If you used more Salofalk  suppositories 250 mg, next time use the prescribed dose without reducing them.
What should you do if you used less Salofalk  250mg suppositories or if you miss a dose
Do not try to correct his mistake by putting more candles next time and just go with the usual treatment doza.Ako soon find that you miss a dose you can get it immediately.
If you find that a short time before placing the next candle not only put her to duplicate the dose.
What should you do if you discontinue or want to finish before it completed
You should always consult your doctor before you stop treatment because of side effects of Salofalk  suppositories 250 mg or to finish prematurely.


What side effects may occur during treatment sasas Salofalk ® suppositories 250 mg and what measures are recommended to deal with them
Side effects affecting the gastrointestinal tract
Rarely reported abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, more gas, nausea and vomiting.
Side effects affecting the central nervous system
Votdelni cases during treatment with mesalazine were seen headache and dizziness.
Side effects affecting the kidneys
During treatment with mesalazine-containing drugs frequently observed renal dysfunction to acute or chronic inflammation of the connective tissue of the kidneys (nephritis) and renal failure.
Side effects of the transactions sensitivity
In rare cases possible hypersensitivity reactions, which are dose related and are common to salicylic acid and its derivatives (atsegizal), such as allergic skin rash (exanthema), drug fever, spasm of the airways (bronchospasm), inflammation of the spanning heart, skin and heart muscle (myocarditis and pericarditis), acute inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), and inflammation of the kidneys with impaired function (interstitial nephritis).
Isolated cases of allergic inflammation of air sakcheta lung (allergic alveolitis) are nablyudavani.V some cases the entire colon was sore (pankolit). Upon preparations of mesalazine with similar chemical structure is similar to the one observed lupus butterfly rash syndrome with face.

Other side effects:

Muscle and joint pains (myalgias and arthralgias) are rare. Changes in the ratio of blood pigment (elevated methemoglobin) can not be excluded because of the chemical structure of the active ingredient of the product, mesalazine.
In some cases, after the use of mesalazine-containing drugs, changes in blood picture characterized by a decrease in the number of red and white blood cells and platelets (aplastic or thrombocytopenia). Reports of allergic inflammation of the liver (hepatitis) and changes in liver function (elevated transaminases).
In isolated cases, a partial or complete loss of hair.


Patients with proven sensitivity to overstretch preparations containing sulfasalazine should begin treatment with Salofalk  250mg suppositories only under close medical nablyudenie.Pri acute intolerance symptoms such as cramping, acute abdominal pain, fever, severe headache, skin rash, treatment should be be stopped immediately! (see contraindications). Tell your doctor if you have side effects, especially if they are not listed in this leaflet!


The expiry date of PHARMACEUTICAL printed on the blister and carton.
Do not use after this date!


Store in a place protected from light at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C
Always allow storage of Salofalk 250mg candles out of the reach of children!

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR SICK Salofalk  250mg suppositories

Your doctor has prescribed Salofalk  250mg suppositories as suffering from chronic inflammation of the colon (ulcerative colitis). SaIofaIk  250mg suppositories have a direct effect on the inflammatory changes in the connective tissue and the lining of the colon caused by medication is zabolyavaneto.Tova extraordinary items has proved effective and well ponosimo.Tselta of treatment is to stop the current simptomi.Vie you can do that if you take supoozitoriite Salofalk ® 250 mg neatly and regularly as you stated in your lekar.S to prevent the recurrence of symptoms of acute inflammation after the same is removed important treatment Salofalk ® 250mg suppositories to continue during the silent period after acute faza.Vasheto active assistance in this asymptomatic period is essential for the success of lechenieto.Sledvayte advice of your doctor and follow up meetings. This way you will have substantial involvement in the removal of your symptoms and prevent relapse.
One suppository contains: therapeutic active ingredient: 250 mg mesalazine (5-aminosalicylic acid)

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