Ritalin 10mg. 30 tablets

Ritalin 10mg. 30 tablets
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The medicine is prescribed to children with hyperactivity. It affects the central nervous system and is actively used in the treatment of attention deficit and narcolepsy disorders. Ritalin has been banned in several countries because researchers have shown they have a pronounced psycho-stimulating effect. The drug is called "baby cocaine". The drug effects, side effects and other features of the tablets should be discussed in more detail.
The psychostimulant belongs to the group of non-amphetamine drugs, central nervous system stimulants. It affects the chemicals in the nerves and the cerebral cortex, increases the level of impulse control and dopamine. Ritalin has previously been used in asthenic conditions, nervous system suppression, increased fatigue, bipolar psychosis, irritability. The main component of Ritalin is methylphenidate.
Ritalin acts as an inhibitor of norepinephrine and dopamine reuptake. The product is benzylpiperidine and phenylethylamine derivatives. Its structure is similar to that of catecholamines. Ritalin is actively involved in the modulation of dopamine levels, blocking and binding carriers of norepinephrine and dopamine. Like amphetamine, the drug belongs to the number of dopaminergic substances but has a completely different effect. Ritalin increases the pulse rate, amphetamine changes the direction of the monoamine transporters.
Because Ritalin is addictive and addictive but has an amphetamine-like effect in some countries, such as Oman, Thailand, Yemen, Togo, Nigeria, it has been completely eliminated from circulation and included in the Prohibited List. Ritalin in Russia is also not used. It is not prescribed to patients, and sales are not even made on prescription. The ban on the drug was introduced as soon as Russian scientists proved its harmful effect on the functioning of the central nervous system.

In countries where a psychostimulant is authorized (Canada, Germany, Japan, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Turkey), it is prescribed for the treatment of pathologies such as:

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD);
highly chilled forms of autism;
orthostatic tachycardia;
the effects of obesity and stroke;
methamphetamine addiction;
mental disorder.
Ritalin is also used for other purposes. It reduces the level of aggression and fear, relieves fatigue, increases mood, does not cause drowsiness. After taking Ritalina, the patient feels cheerful, filled with strength and energy. It is intended for nervous teens, children, the elderly who have a tendency to commit criminal behavior, stroke survivors, drug addicts for treatment and rehabilitation.
A single dose of Ritalin ranges from 5 to 30 mg. The drug is taken twice a day. The maximum dose that can be taken daily is 60 mg. It is forbidden to increase or decrease on its own without first consulting a doctor. The medicine is prescribed by a competent specialist after a preliminary examination of the patient.
It is recommended that medicines be used with caution in patients with such diagnoses as:

Dome syndrome;
nervous tears;
severe stress, increased anxiety and agitation;
uncontrolled epilepsy (medication reduces seizure readiness);
ADHD in childhood.
If the patient has used an MAO inhibitor for therapeutic purposes within the last 14 days, the tablets cannot be taken because dangerous drug interactions can occur which will result in a fatal outcome. MAO inhibitors include selehechlin, linsolide, methylene blue injection, rasagiline, phenelzine, tranylcypromine.
The active ingredient methylphenidate causes the metabolism of anticonvulsants, coumarin anticoagulants, tricyclic antidepressants, phenylbutazone, warfarin, opioid drugs to be delayed, so the dose of these drugs, if given together with methylphenidate, is recommended to be minimized.

Other drugs that can interact:

used to treat mental disorders or depression;
normalization of blood pressure;
antiviral, bacterial, containing components for decongestant.
The stimulant is contraindicated in mental stress, increased excitability. It is not prescribed to patients with pathologies such as:
vascular diseases;
heart disease;
During pregnancy, the substance is used when absolutely necessary. This is why many adolescents treated for hyperreactivity or other pathologies using the drug become drug addicted. Methylphenidate causes euphoria, when removed from the body, a person quickly changes mood and begins so-called. "Broken".
It shall be kept out of reach of children, protected from direct sunlight in a place with normal humidity at a temperature not exceeding 20 degrees. Once the expiry date of the medicine cannot be accepted.
€ 89.00
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