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What is Procto Glyvenol?
Each suppository Procto Glyvenol contains as active ingredient 400 mg tribenoside and 40 mg Hdocaine base.
Excipients: witepsol E85 witepsol W 35.
2. How does Procto Glyvenol?
Procto Glyvenol used to treat itching, stinging, swelling and lady-internal and external hemorrhoids. Assists healing. Tribenoside acts locally in the small blood vessels and causes of vazpalenieto.Lidocaine quickly relieves pain.
3. Before using Procto Glyvenol?
Can any patient to use Procto Glyvenol?
You should not use Procto-Glyvenol if you are allergic to tribenoside, lidocaine or any of the ingredients of produkta.Ako suffer from a severe liver disorder, consult your doctor • or pharmacist before using Procto Glyvenol.
4. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding
You should not use Procto-Glyvenol the first three months of bremennostta.Mozhete not use Procto-Glyvenol of the fourth month of pregnancy and while breastfeeding, but should not exceed the recommended dose.
5. What side effects can cause Procto Glyvenol?
Procto - Glyvenol generally well tolerated. However you may feel ~ burning or local flushing. Not be given to children without medical advice!
6. How to use Procto Glyvenol?
When symptoms are severe:
Apply 1 suppository twice daily (morning and evening).
When symptoms decrease
Use one suppository once a day.
Duration of treatment
Use Procto Glyvenol to complete disappearance of symptoms If symptoms persist more than a week, consult your doctor.
Do not exceed the recommended dose.
7. Effects on ability to drive and use machines
- No.
8. Additional information
Expiration date
5 years from date of manufacture
Do not use Procto-Glyvenol after the expiry date stated on the packaging.
Storage conditions
Keep away from heat (store below 30 ° C). Keep out of reach of children!
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