P DROSTANOLON 100mgml (10ml)

P DROSTANOLON 100mgml (10ml)
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P-DROSTANOLON 100mg/ml (10ml)

P-DROSTANOLON 100mg/ml (10ml)
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P-Drostanolon is supplied in 10 ml vials several guide. Each ml of the product contains 100 mg Drostanolone propionate

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Each ml contains: Drostanolone propionate 100 mg / ml

Pharmacological action - P-Drostanolon for sale

P-Drostanolon a product injection of steroids, a potent anabolic steroid. Buy P-Drostanolon of an anabolic steroid, which particularly binds to specific receptors in muscle and reproductive tissue. Excretion of nitrogen from tissue breakdown is reduced by P-Drostanolon and it increases the synthesis of maximum.

Buy P-Drostanolon - is what P-Drostanolon, down?

P-Drostanolon is shown as an anabolic steroid for builders.

Contra-indications - shop for P-Drostanolon

P-Drostanolon is not intended for use in children. Anabolic steroid drostanolone is counter indicated in builders male breast cancer or with a known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate and female builders that are or may be pregnant. P-Drostanolon is also contraindicated in bodybulders with a history of hypersensitivity to something in it of the composition.

Caution - buy P-Drostanolon our shop steroids

Middle-aged adult male bodybuilders with angina pectoris or other north circulatory disease should receive anabolic steroid P-Drostanolon under careful surveillance specialist.

Dosage - buy P-Drostanolon and get anabolic steroids online

Dose of P-Drostanolon should be adjusted depending on the response of every bodybuilder. P-Drostanolon sales for major muscle gain! Adult builders must dose: 50 mg to 100 mg per day.

Side effects of P-Drostanolon - is P-Drostanolon online

Anabolic steroid P-Drostanolon may be less toxic after a certain time of intake. P-Drostanolon anabolic steroid in our shop steroids can cause pain in the kidneys, which are not often the case and is not really worth talking about. Signs of possible renal impairment showed a very dark colored urine. P-Drostanolon has essentially no androgenic properties, which can cause effects in male builders.

Introduction of P-Drostanolon

P-Drostanolon is 100 mg / ml and is available in a 10 ml multi-use vials.

Manufacturer of P-Drostanolon

GE-TM laboratories

Storage - buy P-Drostanolon our shop steroids

Store in a dry cool place. Protect from light and moisture. Keep away from children
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