Novphylline film tablets 100 mg. 20 tablets

Novphylline film tablets 100 mg. 20 tablets
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Novphylline relieve breathing difficulties. It is believed to stimulate breathing and relaxes (loosen) the bronchial muscles and relieves pulmonary blood roads.

Novphylline film tablets 100 mg. 20 tablets

Active ingredient : Aminophylline 100 mg Excipients: mannitol, colloidal silicon dioxide , copolyvidonum VA- 64 , talc, magnesium stearate , ethyl cellulose , hydroxypropyl cellulose , titanium dioxide , macrogol , polysorbate and coloring E 132 1 coated tablet .


Novphylline ® relieves breathing difficulties . It is believed to stimulate breathing and relaxes ( loosen ) the bronchial muscles and relieves pulmonary blood roads.


The preparation is applied only on prescription .

The preparation is shown in :

• as an additional treatment to the inhalation therapy with other drugs in the treatment of the symptoms of chronic asthma or bronchospasm associated with other chronic pulmonary diseases.


The doctor conducting the treatment must be familiar with all current and past conditions of the patient ! Before treatment Alert your doctor if you have had or suffer from : acute pulmonary edema, decompensated heart failure , liver failure , acute myocardial infarction, underactive thyroid gland , fever , sepsis, active gastritis or active stomach ulcers , convulsions, irregular and rapid heart beat (arrhythmia and tachycardia) .


Warn your doctor if you during treatment appear unrelated to the underlying pain complaints. Lighter side effects are - abdominal pain , restlessness , confusion or change in behavior , diarrhea, vomiting of blood, low blood pressure , tremor, prolonged vomiting . More severe side effects that are not always preceded by the above minor are: fast heartbeat , disruption of the heart rhythm or convulsions . For a longer intake are more common adverse reactions compared with their frequency in single high doses . More often side effects occur in adult patients. Adverse reactions that need medical attention are heartburn , vomiting and hypersensitivity with skin manifestations . Adverse reactions requiring intervention if symptoms last longer or worry you - headache , increased urination , insomnia , nausea, nervousness , rapid heartbeat , tremor . These phenomena are common in quickly reaching effective concentrations in children and adults.


Follow the dosage specified by the doctor ! Often there is an overdose when taking novphylline ®! Phenomena of overdose may begin with abdominal pain , restlessness, confusion, diarrhea, coughing up blood , low blood pressure , convulsions , rapid heart rate , resting tremor , vomiting . Overdose may immediately be manifested by severe phenomena - accelerating irregular heartbeat , seizures. Those patients experiencing seizures are at risk of a shortage of oxygen , the effect on muscle tone , renal failure . When taking a high dose and the occurrence of any of the above symptoms you should consult your doctor ! Treatment is carried out by a doctor - lavage ( if the patient does not vomit ) and activated charcoal to absorb the excess of preparation. Symptomatic treatment .


Novphylline  is a preparation in which a dose close to healing may develop side effects , so you need to carefully monitor any complaint unrelated to the underlying disease and to communicate to the doctor ! The most common are abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of orientation. Taking novphylline ® changes the results of some blood and urine tests . Therefore, research Inform your doctor that you are being treated with this drug !


Taking preparation novphylline  with other drugs should consult a doctor. Medications that decrease the emission of drug from the body and creating a risk of poisoning are: alcohol , cimetidine, contraceptives containing estrogen agents, certain antibiotics , certain cardiovascular agents.

Other drugs increase the secretion of the agent from the body and reducing its effects . These are a number of anticonvulsants , sedatives .

Novphylline  opposes cardiovascular effects of certain preparations turns calming effect on some vehicles in exciting. Importantly, novphylline  can inhibit the effects of drugs which are used in the same sufferings . Can reverse the effects of neuromuscular blockers. Active and passive smokers have an increased excretion of drug and hence reduce the effect of preparation !

Pregnancy and lactation

This drug is used during pregnancy and nursing only according to the benefit / risk doctor !
Novphylline  crosses the placenta and if you have taken must be followed exactly prescribed by the doctor doses because fetal seen rapid heartbeat , agitation, vomiting. Weakly inhibit uterine contractions . In breast milk at about 1% and causing unrest in the newborn .


No evidence of violation of reflexes .


The dosage is individual , must take account of the physician in conjunction with the therapeutic response. It starts with a low dose to achieve for several days to a maintenance dose .

The frequency of daily intake was also individual - can run from 6 to 12 hours. Six hours is the most suitable space for children and smokers: eight hours is suitable for adult smoking , in neonates and patients with hepatic impairment 12 hours is appropriate intervals. Adopted with water immediately before, during or after meals.

The starting dose is 5 mg / kg ( 3 tablets of 100 mg) and supporting a total daily dose of 9,6 mg / kg ( up to 6 tablets of 100 mg) divided in 8 hrs smoking adult patients . It is for smokers and patients with cardiac decompensation , cor pulmonale , liver disorders individualization of dose . In children, the starting dose is 5 mg / kg, a maintenance dose of 20 mg / kg per day divided in intervals of 6 to 12 hours.

Coated tablets of 100 mg, 20 pieces per pack . Coated tablets of 100 mg, 40 pieces in a package.


In a dry and dark place at a temperature below 25 ° C. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN ! Do not expose to direct sunlight ! Do not store in damp areas .


Three (3 ) years from date of manufacture. Do not use after this date !

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