NORDIPIN . 10 mg. 30 tablets

NORDIPIN . 10 mg. 30 tablets
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Nordipin used to treat high blood pressure / hypertension /. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. Nordipin be used for the treatment of chronic stable and vasospastic angina.

NORDIPIN . 10 mg. 30 tablets


Nordipin tablets contain as active drug, respectively 5mg or 10mg amlodipine in 3 blisters of 10 tablets.
Other inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, calcium hydrogen phosphate anhydrous, sodium starch glycolate, magnesium stearate.


Nordipin used to treat high blood pressure / hypertension /. It can be used alone or in combination with other drugs. Nordipin be used for the treatment of chronic stable and vasospastic angina.

Dosage and administration:

The dose and duration of treatment prescribed by the doctor. The initial dose at which treatment is started 5mg tablet once daily. The dose may be increased to one 10mg tablet once a day.


Nordipin should not be taken if you are allergic to amlodipine or similar drugs (dihydropyridines, eg. Nifedipine). Nordipin also contraindicated in patients with severe hypotension, shock, and cardiac failure after myocardial infarction (within 28 days). This medication should not be used if you have unstable angina or outflow tract of the left ventricle.

Special precautions:

Nordipin should be prescribed with caution in patients with reduced cardiac kapatsitet.Prilozhenie in patients with heart failure: Patients with heart failure should be treated with caution because of the risk of pulmonary edema.

Use in the elderly (over 65 years):

In elderly patients an increase in dose should be done with caution.
Use in patients with impaired hepatic function:
In such patients Nordipin be used with caution.
Use concomitantly with other drugs:
Drug can be used concomitantly with other drugs safely, but if you are taking or need to take other drugs molyainformirayte your doctor. Not recommended for use in children Nordipin.
Use during pregnancy and lactation:
Using Nordipin pregnant and nursing mothers should ogranichi.Molya, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or want to become pregnant.

Effects on ability to drive and use machines:

In patients suffering from dizziness, headache, fatigue or nausea is possible to impair the ability to drive and use machines.

Adverse reactions:

Nordipin tolerated. The most commonly reported side effects were headache, edema, fatigue, drowsiness, nausea, abdominal pain, flushing, palpitations and dizziness. Less frequently reported side effects were described after entering the drug widely in practice include altered bowel transit, joint pain, swelling and tenderness of the breasts in men, impotence, frequent urination, mood changes, muscle pain, visual disturbances , pruritus, rash, thickening of the gums and the rare side effects include erythema multiforme.


Nordipin is calcium kanali.Mehanizmat of antihypertensive action is directly based on the granting of vascular smooth muskulatura.Pri patients with hypertension, once daily, Nordipin provides clinically significant reductions in blood pressure in both the supine and standing position entire 24-hour interval. Due to the gradual onset of effect of the medicinal product, do not get attacks of acute hypotension. In patients with myocardial ischemia / angina / once daily, Nordipin increases during exercise and onset of symptoms of ischemia, while reducing the incidence of heart attacks and the need for nitroglycerin tableti.Absorbtsiyata of Nordipin not affected by food intake. Swallow the tablets with a non-irritating gastric fluid.
Special precautions for storage
Do not store above 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children! Nordipin used only on prescription!

Expiration date

The expiry date is stated on the packaging. Do not use after this date.
Packaging Data
30 tablets in cartons containing 3 blisters of 10 talets
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