NEVOLEN tab. 5 mg 30 tablets

NEVOLEN tab. 5 mg 30 tablets
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The active substance is nebivolol unintentional - cardiovascular medicine that lowers high blood pressure and improves heart function.

 NEVOLEN tab. 5 mg 30 tablets


The active substance is nebivolol unintentional - cardiovascular medicine that lowers high blood pressure and improves heart function.
Inadvertent use:
To treat high blood pressure;
 For the treatment of stable mild and moderate chronic heart failure in patients aged 70 years and more, in addition to standard therapy


Do not take nevolen:
 If you are allergic to nebivolol or any of the other ingredients of involuntary;
 If you have a liver disorder or functionally impaired liver function;
 If you are pregnant or breast-feeding;
 If you have severe heart failure, cardiogenic shock, or periods of worsening heart failure requiring intravenous inotropic therapy;
 If you suffer from syndrome sick sinus / certain type of irregular heart rhythm, including sino-atrial block / interfere with heart block in conducting impulses from the sinus node to the atrium /;
If you have a cardiac conduction disorder
 If you have a history of bronchospasm
 If you have untreated pheochromocytoma - a tumor located above the kidneys
If you have blood hiperkiselinnost
 If you have a slow heartbeat - a condition in which the heart rate is below 60 bpm in the supine
 If you have serious problems with blood flow to the extremities.
Pregnancy and lactation:
Do not take nevolen  if you are pregnant or breast-feeding

Driving and using machines:

No studies on the effects of involuntary on ability to drive and use machines. When driving or operating machinery, please note that this drug may cause dizziness and fatigue.
Important information about some of the ingredients of accidental:
Involuntary contains lactose monohydrate. If your doctor has told you that you have an intolerance to some sugars, contact your doctor before taking this product.

HOW TO TAKE nevolen:

Treatment of high blood pressure:
The dose is one tablet once a day involuntarily. Therapeutic effect on blood pressure was observed after 1-2 weeks of treatment. In some cases, the optimal effect is achieved after 4 weeks.
Combination with other antihypertensive medications:
Beta-blockers can be used alone or in combination with other drugs that lower blood pressure.
Currently, additional reduction in blood pressure occurs only when combined with involuntary 12.5 to 25 mg of active substance hydrochlorothiazide.
Patients with renal insufficiency:
The recommended starting dose for patients with renal insufficiency is half a tablet a day involuntarily. If necessary, the daily dose may be increased to one tablet unintentionally.
Patients with hepatic impairment:
There is no experience on the use of involuntary patients with impaired liver function or liver disease. Therefore, INCIDENTAL should not be taken by these patients.
The recommended starting dose for patients over 65 years is half a tablet a day involuntarily. If necessary, the daily dose may be increased to one tablet unintentionally.
Treatment of chronic heart failure:
In the treatment of stable chronic heart failure, the starting dose should be gradually increased, until the optimal individual maintenance dose. Patients who are treated with diuretics, digoxin, ACE inhibitors or angiotensin II antagonists, dosing of these drugs should be stabilized before they start taking involuntarily.
The usual recommended starting dose is 1/4 tablet unintentionally. Your doctor may gradually increase the dose after 1-2 weeks to reach optimal individual dose. The maximum recommended dose is two tablets a day involuntarily.
Patients with renal insufficiency:
In mild to moderate renal impairment is not necessary to adjust the dose escalation as the maximum dose for the patient has been achieved individually. Not recommended the use of nebivolol in patients with severe renal insufficiency.
Patients with hepatic impairment:
There are insufficient data for use in patients with hepatic insufficiency. Therefore, INCIDENTAL should not be taken by these patients.
No adjustment of dosage as increase up to the maximum dose for the patient is done individually.
Children and adolescents:
Unintentionally not recommended for use in children and adolescents below 18 years due to insufficient data on safety and effectiveness.
Method of application:
Involuntary tablets can be taken with meals. It is advisable to take your prescribed dose at the same time each day.
The tablet should be swallowed whole with some liquid.
Duration of treatment:
The duration of treatment depends on the disease unwittingly you. It will be determined by the physician and, if necessary, can last for years. Sometimes, treatment of high blood pressure or heart failure can last a lifetime. Lowering of blood pressure is achieved with continued use.


Psychiatric disorders:
Uncommon - nightmares, depression
Very rare - hallucinations, abnormal thinking, confusion
Nervous system disorders:
Common - headache, dizziness, numbness, tingling of hands and feet
Very rare - Syncope
Eye disorders:
Uncommon - visually impaired
Very rare - dry eyes and the formation of new connective tissue in the eye
Cardiac disorders:
Very common - an unusually low heart rate
Common - worsening heart failure
Uncommon - abnormally low heart rate, heart failure, cardiac dysfunction
Vascular disorders:
Common - low blood pressure when standing
Uncommon - very low blood pressure, a temporary exacerbation of claudication
Very rare - poor blood supply to the fingers and toes, with the result that they become stiff and pale
Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders:
Common - difficulty breathing
Uncommon - difficulty breathing or wheezing
Common - constipation, nausea, diarrhea
Uncommon - indigestion, flatulence, vomiting
Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders:
Common - swelling and fluid retention
Uncommon - itching, redness, rashes
Very rare - angioneurotic edema, worsening of psoriasis
Reproductive system and breast disorders:
Uncommon - Impotence
General disorders and administration site conditions:
Very common - Vertigo
Common - fatigue, bloating and fluid retention
Very rare - cooled / bruised limbs


What nevolen?
One tablet contains:
Active ingredient: 5 mg nebivolol equivalent to 5.45 nebivololov hydrochloride
Other ingredients: lactose monohydrate, corn starch, croscarmellose sodium, hypromellose,
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