Megace. 160 mg. 30 tablets

Megace. 160 mg. 30 tablets
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It is used to treat certain types of cancer known as the "hormone-dependent" cancer, including cancer of the breast or uterus.

Megace. 160 mg. 30 tablets

Active ingredient : megestrol acetate 160
Excipients: colloidal silicon dioxide , lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate , microcrystalline cellulose , povidone , sodium starch glycolate.

Pharmacotherapeutic group :
Megace belonging to the group of medicines called " gestagens " and is associated with the naturally occurring hormone , progesterone, .

It is used to treat certain types of cancer known as the " hormone-dependent " cancer , including cancer of the breast or uterus.

Cases in which this drug should not be used:
- Allergic reaction to similar tablets or any of its ingredients
- Pregnancy and lactation
- thrombophlebitis
- Liver disease

Can be taken with other drugs ?
You can take other medicines during treatment with Megace, but you should inform your doctor about all medicines you are taking. It's as medicines bought from a pharmacy, and those bought without a prescription.

Can you consume alcohol?
No interaction between Megace and alcohol in moderation . However , ask your doctor whether you can drink alcohol .

Can you drive?
Megace does not affect your ability to drive .

Megace influence the blood sugar in the case of diabetes ?
Megace may increase blood sugar. If you notice that your blood sugar is higher than normal, consult your doctor.

Pregnancy and lactation :
Megace is not to be administered during pregnancy . If you take Megace in the first four months of pregnancy or if you become pregnant while taking this medicine , you should know that there is a risk of harm to the fetus. You should always consult a doctor in such cases. If you are of childbearing potential should avoid becoming pregnant while taking Megace during treatment with this medicine should not breastfeed .

Dosage and frequency of administration
For the treatment of breast cancer , the usual dose is 160 mg of megestrol acetate per day .
For the treatment of cancer of the endometrium , the dose usually ranges between 40 mg and 320 mg per day .
This medicine is not recommended for children.

Method and route of administration
The tablets should be swallowed with a glass of water , whether before or after meals.

Duration of treatment
Usually need treatment with Megace last two months to feel the effects of Megace. Keep taking the tablets unless your doctor advises you to stop the medicine . Some patients take Megace for many years.

All drugs have some side effects. The following side effects may be caused by blood clots . In some cases , blood clots can be fatal . They rarely occur , but if they happen , tell your doctor immediately :
- Loss of coordination / sudden /
- Slurred speech
- Pain in the arms , groin or leg
- shortness of breath
- Weakness , numbness or pain in the arm or leg
- headache
- fit

Adverse reactions :
increased appetite , weight gain , water retention , nausea, vomiting, changes in vaginal bleeding.
Less common side effects include: shortness of breath, hot flashes, mood swings, high blood pressure, high blood sugar , flushing of the face and neck , increased hair growth on the face and body , urticaria , hair loss , pain or numbness in the fingers .
There may be a temporary increase in signs and symptoms of your disease.
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