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- Chronic constipation

- Disorders in which desirable weaker movements of the colon and softer stool example. anal fissures (tearing of the mucous membrane of the rectum), hemorrhoids, post surgery in the rectum

- Maintenance treatment of diarrhea of ​​different origins - syndrome "irritable bowel"


When you should not take Mucofalk Orange? Mucofalk Orange should not be taken in the event of:

- A known allergy to Isphagula (plantago, psyllium (various plantain), or hypersensitivity to any component of the product

- Increased hardness of stool (sheep barabonki, compacted faeces)

- Abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting while the causes of these symptoms have been specified by a physician

- A change in the "habits" colon lasting more than two weeks

- After administration of a laxative if not observed defecation

- Undiagnosed rectal bleeding

- Difficulty in swallowing or nausea

- Abnormal narrowing of the esophagus or cardia gastrointestinal tract

- Threatening or existing intestinal obstruction (ileus) or megacolon syndrome

- Disorders of fluid and electrolyte balance

- Diseases that require limited fluid intake

- Difficult controlled diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

Special warnings and precautions for use

What precautions must be observed?

In cases of prolonged constipation or irregular colonic motility lasting more than one week and / or diarrhea lasting more than 2 days or accompanied by blood in the stool, fever, a consultation with a doctor.

When retention of stools with vague abdominal symptoms, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, a consultation with a doctor because these symptoms could be an expression of threatening or existing intestinal obstruction (ileus) and in this case you should not take Mucofalk Orange.

Mucofalk Orange should be taken with a sufficient quantity of liquid eg. 200 ml water / glass of water / one sachet / one scoop (equivalent to 5 g granules), otherwise, if the yield can be difficult and cause suffocation. Never accept dry! Insufficient fluid intake may cause constipation.

Mucofalk Orange should not apply to existing difficulty in swallowing or throat problems, lying down or just before bedtime. If you experience chest pain or vomiting, difficulty in swallowing or breathing, seek immediate medical attention. Mucofalk® Orange contains sucrose.

Ingestion of sucrose should be avoided by patients with hereditary fructose intolerance syndrome glucose-galactose malabsorption or sucrose-isomaltase hereditary deficiency.
Note for diabetics: Mucofalk Orange 5 g granules containing 0,5 g of sucrose (sugar) and 3,07 kcal (12,86 kJ) equivalent to 0.064 bread units.

Mucofalk Orange 5 g of granules containing 3, 9 mmol (90 mg) of sodium. This should be taken into account in patients who comply with a diet low in sodium / salt.

If you are taking thyroid hormones, Mucofalk Orange should be used only after consulting a doctor, and if necessary dose Tyrode hormones should be adjusted.
Diseases, diarrheal very important aspect of treatment is to restore fluid and electrolyte balance.

Frail and elderly patients should be under medical supervision during treatment.

What you should consider if you are pregnant or breast-feeding?

Mucofalk Orange can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

What you should consider when using Mucofalk® Orange children?

Mucofalk Orange should not be used in children below 12 years due to insufficient experience in this age group.

Drug interactions:

How Mucofalk Orange affect the effect of other medicines?

Please note that this information applies to medicinal products that have been used recently.

Intestinal absorption of other medicinal products eg. minerals (calcium, iron, lithium, zinc), vitamins (vitamin B12), cardiac glycosides and coumarins can be delayed. It must therefore be respected interval of half to one hour between taking Mucofalk Orange and other medicinal products. Swelling substances and drugs that suppress the natural motility of the colon (eg. Laudanum, loperamide hydrochloride) should not be given concurrently with Mucofalk Orange, due to the risk of colonic obstruction.

Due to the sustained absorption of carbohydrate, the active substance contained in Mucofalk Orange can reduce blood sugar levels in the blood. In insulin-dependent diabetes may need to reduce your insulin dosage. It is not excluded weakening the effect of thyroid hormones, even if they are not given concurrently with Mucofalk® Orange.

Dosage, route and duration of administration:

Please follow the instructions for use, otherwise Mucofalk Orange will not work properly.

How often and in what dosage should be taken Mucofalk Orange?

Adults and adolescents (over 12 years) take one sachet / a scoop Mucofalk Orange mixed with sufficient amounts of liquid (not less than 150 ml) 2 to 3 times daily.
If Mucofalk Orange applies for maintenance treatment in patients with diarrhea syndrome "irritable bowel" adults and children over 12 years received one sachet / a scoop with sufficient liquid (not less than 150 ml) two to six times daily.

How should accept Mucofalk Orange?

1. Never take Mucofalk Orange dry as can occur swallowing difficulties.

2. Pour the contents of one sachet into a glass.

3. Slowly fill the glass with cold water / at least 150 ml /.

4. Mix with a spoon and then making sure that no undissolved particles, drink immediately! Do not take Mucofalk Orange lying down or just before bedtime!

5. Then drink another glass of liquid.

Note: Mucofalk Orange should be taken with sufficient liquid. Its use without adequate fluid may cause choking. Mucofalk Orange should not be taken immediately before bedtime. Please note these warnings.

How long should I take Mucofalk Orange?

See warnings and precautions for use.

Errors in use and overdose.

What measures should be taken in the great quantity of Mucofalk Orange / intentional or accidental overdose /?

Even the contents of several sachets to be adopted will be signs of overdose.

If taken too much Mucofalk Orange, symptoms observed adverse events eg. abdominal pain, flatulence and a feeling of fullness, can be strengthened.

First, drink adequate fluids and contact your doctor for advice.

What should you do if you take too little Mucofalk Orange or you forget to take the powder?

If you forget to take the powder, continue treatment as recommended in the instructions for dosage, but do not increase the dosage on their own initiative. In case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice.

What should you do if you want to stop or prematurely terminate therapy?

If you stop, the desired effect can not be achieved.

Adverse reactions

What side effects may occur while taking Mucofalk Orange and what measures to take, if any are needed?

All available symptoms such as flatulence, feeling of fullness, can be strengthened in the first few days of treatment, these complaints resolved without discontinuation of therapy. Very rare (1 in 10,000 patients treated) can be observed signs of hypersensitivity reactions sometimes involving anafilaktopodobni. A single case of bronchospasm.

In these cases should be discontinued Mucofalk® Orange and consult a doctor.
If you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

Expiry date

3 years

The expiry date of Mucofalk Orange is printed on the sachet and on the carton.

Do not use the medicinal product after this date.


No special storage conditions.

Keep out of reach of children.
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