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What is Miacalcic nasal spray and what is it used?
The name of your medicine is Miacalcic nasal spray. The solution of the nasal spray contains active substance synthetic salmon calcitonin is in the form of cans, provided with a volumetric pump, releasing at least 14 doses of 200 IU per actuation.
One International Unit (IU) corresponds to about 0.2 micrograms of the active substance synthetic salmon calcitonin
How does Miacalcic nasal spray
The active substance of Miacalcic belongs to a group of medicines known as calcitonins. Calcitonin is a hormone which is naturally produced by the body in humans and animals. Calcitonin regulates the level of calcium in the blood. Synthetic salmon calcitonin, active substance of Miacalcic is a form of the hormone, which is particularly powerful and has a long duration of action. Miacalcic nasal spray is used to treat osteoporosis (thin and weak bones) in women after menopause.
2. Before you use a nasal spray Miacalcic
Do not use a nasal spray Miacalcic
• if you are allergic / a (hypersensitive / lna) to salmon calcitonin or any of the excipients of Miacalcic nasal spray, described at the beginning of listovkata.Obarnete your doctor for advice if you think you may be allergic to Miacalcic nasal spray. May need to be made your skin test for allergies before you start treatment.
Use in elderly patients
Miacalcic nasal spray can be used by the elderly; no special requirements.
Use in children
Not recommended for use Miacalcic children under 18 years of age. BremennostBremennite women should not use Miacalci
Nursing mothers should not use Miacalci '
Driving and using machines c
Miacalci can cause fatigue, dizziness and vision changes that may impair your reactions. If this happens, do not drive or operate mashini.Priem other medicines
Tell your doctor or pharmacist about all other medicines you are taking or have taken recently, including those not prescribed by lekar.Vazhno to tell your doctor if you use medicines containing lithium, because it may require a change in its dosage.
3. How to properly use Miacalcic nasal spray?
When and how to use the nasal spray Miacalcic
This medicine is only for use in nostrils Every time you use a nasal spray Miacalcic need to change the nostril, where it sprays.
Your pharmacist stored Miacalcic nasal spray in a refrigerator. Before you start to use it, you should leave the vial to room temperature.
Instructions for use and storage of Miacalci nasal spray
Please read carefully the instructions to know how to use nasal sprey.Tazi instruction will clarify:
• The components of the nasal spray
• Preparing the nasal spray for use
• Use the nasal spray
If the injection mechanism is blocked firmly press the pump; do not attempt to unblock it using sharp objects, because it may cause povredi.Varnete nasal spray in the pharmacy if you do not work properly. Repair a nasal spray because it can lead to a change in dosage.
• Use nasal spray dose, which you it is prescribed by your doctor.
• Keep this leaflet, you can read it again.
Components of your nasal spray
1.Predpazna cap: Supports applicator clean and protects the hole injection jet. Always place it back after use.
2. Hole stream: a small opening through which the drug is pumped.
3. Applicator: the part you put into your nostril.
4. Pump the part that you press down to make an injection.
5. Counter: The window of the new nasal spray shows as the picture. Each time the pump figure in the window of the counter changes
6. Tube: placed inside. She sucked solution when you press the pump.
7. Vial: contains a solution of the drug sufficient for at least 14 single doses.
Preparing the nasal spray for use
Never shake the vial with the nasal spray because it can cause the appearance of bubbles, which could compromise the dosing
Window counter new nasal spray shows ®> as the picture.
First, remove the transparent fuse.
• Hold the nasal spray vertically with one or both hands and press down firmly on the bulb 3 times.
This will blow air from submerged tube. This procedure needs to be done once at the opening of each new flakon.Ne worry if spritz and a small amount of the drug. This is normal.
• While pressing the bulb, observed changes in the window of the counter.
• When the window turns green, your nasal spray is ready for use.
• Follow the instructions for "Using Miacalcic nasal spray."
Use of Miacalcic nasal spray
• After removing the cover, tilt your head slightly forward and insert the end of the applicator into one of your nostrils. Try to hold vial vertically, as shown in the picture.
• Push the bulb once.
• Remove the applicator from the nose and inhale deeply and try to keep the solution in your nose.
• If your doctor has told you to take two puffs at a time, repeat the same procedure in the other nostril.
• After use, clean the applicator with a dry cloth and reinsert the fuse.
Check the counter:
After each application number in the window of the counter changes. The serial number indicates how many puffs you have received. The nasal spray guarantees intake of 14 individual doses. It is possible to apply and 2 additional doses.
When the counter window shows a figure already spent 16 doses of the drug and the vial is depleted You may notice that a small amount of liquid is left in the vial, but this is normalno.Ako not sure how to use spray cans, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
How much to take
Take your medicine exactly as directed by your doctor and pharmacist. Do not change your dose or stop treatment without first talking to your doctor lekar.Vashiyat will tell you exactly how many Miacalcic nasal spray should priemate.Dozata depends on your condition and how your body responds to treatment. Can give the following recommendations.
Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis: 200 ill once daily.
Bone pain: 200-400 IU daily. Quantities of up to 200 IU can be administered as a single dose; higher doses must be divided into several doses.
Paget's disease: 200 IU once daily as a single dose or divided into several doses. At the start of the treatment your doctor will decide if you need more - much.
Nevrodistrofichni disorders: 200 IU daily as a single dose for 2 to 4 sedmitsi.Lekaryat will decide whether to continue your treatment. Depending on how you respond to the treatment your doctor may suggest a higher or dose reduction.
How long can be used Miacalcic nasal spray
You should not use the spray if the vial is opened 4 weeks or more
If you forget to use a nasal spray Miacalcic
Take the dose as soon as you remember, unless it is less than 4 hours time for your next dose. In this case, skip the missed dose and take the next at the usual time.
If you take more than the required amount
Tell your doctor immediately if you accidentally take more than the required amount Miacalcic nasal spray. You may need medical attention.
4. Possible side effects
Miacalcic nasal spray can cause some side effects in some people.
If you experience any of these serious side effects:
• severe allergic reactions manifesting as rash, rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, swollen throat or tightness in the chest.
• sudden life-threatening allergic reactions leading to a drop in blood pressure or shock.
• Swelling of the face, limbs or whole body. Immediately consult a doctor.
Other side effects: Very common side effects:
Likely to affect more than 10 in every 100 patients
Pain in the nose, runny or stuffy nose (rhinitis), flushing and nasal epithelium injury, sneezing, nasal dryness, nasal allergies, nasal inflammation, feeling smell of mold.
Common side effects:
Likely to affect 1 to 10 in every 100 patients
Dizziness, headache, taste changes, sudden reddening of the face and / or neck, nose bleeds, inflammation of the sinuses (a feeling of pressure or pain in the nose, cheeks and behind the eyes), inflammation of the nose, sore throat and discomfort swallowing (pharyngitis), nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, pain in bones and joints, fatigue.
Uncommon side effects;
Likely to affect 1 to 10 in every 1000 patsientaNarusheno vision, increased blood pressure (hypertension), cough, vomiting, muscle pain in the bones or joints, flu-like symptoms (eg. Fatigue, fever, sore throat, malaise, redness).
Rare side effects;
Likely to affect 1 to 10 in every 10,000 patients Allergic reactions including redness and itching. If you experience any of these side effects, tell your doctor: If you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet tell your doctor or pharmacist.
5. Storing Miacalcic nasal spray
Hold the can upright at all times to reduce the risk of penetration of air bubbles in the pump.
Store in a refrigerator (2-8 ° C). Do not freeze.
Once it has been opened, the vial should be stored at room temperature (below 25 ° C) and used for no more than 4 weeks.
Store in the original package. Keep out of reach of children.
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