MARVELON. 21 tablets

MARVELON. 21 tablets
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Marvelon is a combined oral contraceptive ("combination tablet"). Each tablet contains a 'small amount of two different female hormones. This desogestrel (type progesterone) and ethinyl estradiol (a type of estrogen). Due to the low dose of hormones contained Marvelon is considered a low-dose oral contraceptive

MARVELON. 21 tablets


 Type of tablets
Marvelon is a combined oral contraceptive ("combination tablet"). Each tablet contains a 'small amount of two different female hormones. This desogestrel (type progesterone) and ethinyl estradiol (a type of estrogen). Due to the low dose of hormones contained Marvelon is considered a low-dose oral contraceptive. Since all tablets in packages containing the same hormones in the same doses, it is a monophasic combined oral contraceptive.
  What is used MARVELON?
Marvelon is used to prevent bremennost.Oralnite contraceptives are highly effective method of birth control. When taken correctly (without missing tablets), the probability of pregnancy is very low.
  Packaging and tablets
Marvelon is sold as 1, 3 or b blister of 21 tablets packed in a thick cardboard box. The tablets are round, biconvex, 6 mm in diameter. On one side are coded labeled TR top 5, but on the other side - Organon *.

 When you should not use MARVELON?

You should not use combination tablets in any one of the following conditions. If any of these apply to you, tell your doctor before you start taking Marvelon. Your doctor may advise you to use any type of pill or another method of contraception is not hormonal.
'If you have or have ever had problems with blood circulation in particular, all conditions associated with thrombosis (blood clots) in blood vessels of the legs (deep vein thrombosis), the lungs (pulmonary embolism), the heart (heart attack) or other organs of the body. (See also later given the "Pill and thrombosis)
'If you have or have had a stroke (caused by a blood clot or rupture of a blood vessel in the brain).
'If you have or had symptoms that could be indicative of an impending attack (such as angina pectoris or chest gospel) or stroke (such as transient cerebral ischemia or small-focal transient stroke).
  If you have migraines, combined eg. with symptoms of visual disturbances, impaired speech, weakness or numbness in any part of the body.
  If you have diabetes mellitus with blood vessel damage. ' If you have or have had pancreatitis (inflammation of the pancreas), with a high concentration of lipids in the blood.
  If you have jaundice (yellowing of the skin) or severe liver disease.
 If you have or had cancer, which can be further developed under the influence of sex hormones (eg, breast cancer or female genitals).
  If you have or have had a benign or malignant tumor of the liver.
  If you have unexplained vaginal bleeding.
  If you are pregnant or think you might "be pregnant.
 If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to ethinylestradiol or desogesrtel or any of the other ingredients of Marvelon.
If any of these conditions appear to you for the first time after you start taking birth control pills, stop taking them immediately and consult your doctor. Meanwhile, use of contraception other than hormonal. See also the "General Comments".

 What you should know before you start using MARVELON?

 General remarks
This leaflet describes the different situations in which you must stop using the contraceptive pill or in which reliability may be reduced. In these cases you should either abstain from sex or to take additional measures, using a method that is not hormonal, eg. condom or other barrier method. Do not use the rhythm method or the method of measuring the rectal temperature. These methods can be unreliable, because the hormone tablets affect normal changes in temperature and vaginal mucosa that occur during the normal menstrual cycle.
MARVELON, like other contraceptive pill does not protect against infection with HIV (AIDS) or other sexually transmitted diseases.
  Before you start taking Marvelon
If you use the combined contraceptive pill and you experience any of the following states, you must be under constant surveillance. So if any of these occur, you should tell your doctor before you start taking Marvelon.
  You smoke;
  You have diabetes;
  You are overweight;
  You have high blood pressure;
  You infringement valves function or rhythm disorder;
  You have an inflammation of your veins (superficial phlebitis);
 You have varicose veins;
 Someone in your immediate family has had thrombosis spent a heart attack or stroke;
  You suffer from migraine;
  You suffer from epilepsy;
"You or someone in your immediate family has or had high levels of cholesterol or triglycerides (fatty substances);
  Someone in your immediate family has had breast cancer;
  You have liver or gallbladder disease;
  You suffer from Crohn's disease or chronic ulcerative colitis (chronic inflammatory bowel disease) \
'You have systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE, disease affecting the skin all over the body);
  When you set out haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS, bleeding disorder causing disturbances in the function of the kidneys);
  You have sickle cell anemia;
  When you establish a condition that first appeared or worsened during pregnancy or previous use of sex hormones (eg hearing loss, a metabolic disease called porphyria, a skin disease called herpes gestationis, a neurological disease called chorea of Sydenham);
'You have or have had chloasma (yellowish-brown pigmentation patches on the skin, especially the face) in this case to avoid sun exposure or ultraviolet lachi.Ako any of the above conditions appear for the first time or recur worsen while taking the contraceptive pill, you should consult your doctor.
 Pill and thrombosis
Thrombosis is a blood clot which may block a blood sad.Ponyakoga thrombosis occurs in the deep veins of the legs (deep vein thrombosis). If the clot is separated from the vein, where it is formed, it may reach the arteries of the lungs, causing a so-called. "Pulmonary embolism". Deep venous thrombosis is rare. It can occur whether taking the contraceptive pill or not. The risk is higher in patients taking contraceptive pills, compared with women who did not take any. The risk of thrombosis is higher after immediate start taking the Pill, at the outset. Thrombosis can occur when zabremeneete.Riskat the occurrence of deep vein thrombosis in women taking contraceptive pills containing desogestrel is slightly higher than that of women who use contraceptive pills containing levonorgestrel. The absolute number remains very small. If 10,000 women using contraceptive pills containing levonorgestrel for one year, two of them could get thrombosis. If 20,000 women using contraceptive pills containing desogestrel, approximately 3-4 could get thrombosis. For comparison, if 10,000 women become pregnant, approximately 6 could get thrombosis. These conclusions are based on several clinical studies. In other studies, there was no increased risk of thrombosis in pills containing desogestrel.
Very rarely blood clots can form in the blood vessels of the heart (causing a heart attack) or the brain (leading to stroke). Even more rare are the cases of blood clots in the liver, intestine, kidney or ochite.Riskat of venous thromboembolism (VTE) compared with no use of COCs is highest during the first year of starting a COC. The risk of VTE in patients taking COCs lower the risk of VTE among pregnant women assessed as 60 cases per 100,000 pregnancies. In 1-2% of cases VTE is fatal. It is unknown whether Marvelon has different effects on the risk of VTE. compared to other COCs.
For all COCs containing 30 meg ethinylestradiol combined with desogestrel or destodene. The relative risk of VTE compared to COCs containing less than 50 meg ethinylestradiol and levonogestrel ranged from 1.5 to 2. The incidence of VTE in users of COCs <containing less than 50 mcg ethinylestradiol and levonogestrel is approximately 20 cases per 100,000 woman-years of use. For Marvelon incidence is approximately 30-40 cases per 100 000 woman-years of use, ie 20 additional cases per 100 000 woman-years of use. The influence of the relative risk on additional cases is highest among women in the first year of starting a COC when the risk of taking any COC is the visok.Mnogo are rare cases where thrombosis may lead to serious and irreversible disturbances and even smart.Riskat occurrence of heart attack or stroke increases with age. It increases further when smoking. When. taking birth control pills, you should stop smoking, especially if you are over 35 years.
If while taking birth control pills an elevated blood pressure, you may be advised to stop taking them.
The risk of deep vein thrombosis may be increased temporarily after surgery or immobilization (eg, when your leg or legs in plaster or splint after breaking). When women use the Pill this risk is even higher. So if you are in hospital admission or surgery, tell your doctor in advance that using the contraceptive pill. He / she may advise you to stop taking the Pill several weeks before surgery or during inactivity. Your doctor will also advise you on how long after you restore the mobility you can resume use of contraceptives tabletki.Ako notice symptoms that resemble the start of a thrombosis, stop taking the tablets and consult your doctor (see also section "When you should consult with your doctor ").
  Pill and cancer risk
Breast cancer has been diagnosed slightly more often in women taking the contraceptive pill, compared with women who do not use tablets in the same age group. This difference in the number of cases diagnosed with cancer disappear gradually over ten years after stopping taking the pill. It is not known whether this difference is due to the action of the tablets. Most likely, patients who use the Pill are more often subjected to screening, so they diagnosed cancer in rano.V rare cases of benign tumors of the liver in patients taking birth control pills and more less - for malignant liver tumors. They can lead to internal bleeding. If you experience severe abdominal pain, contact your doctor.
The most important risk factor for cancer of the cervix is a chronic infection caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Women who have long used combined oral contraceptives (COCs) can be observed slightly increased risk of cervical cancer. The reason for this may not be the actual intake of contraceptive tablets and may be related to a woman's sexual behavior or other factors.
 contraceptive pill and pregnancy
Marvelon should not be used by women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant. If you doubt that you are pregnant, drink once Marvelon, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.
 contraceptive pill and breastfeeding
Marvelon is not recommended during lactation. If you still want to take the Pill while breastfeeding, please consult your doctor.
 Pill and the ability to drive
There was no effect on driving ability.
  contraceptive pills and other drugs
Some medicines may interfere with the action of contraceptive tablets. These are drugs used to treat epilepsy (eg primidone, phenytoin, barbiturates, carbamazepine, okskarbazin, topiramate, felbamate), tuberculosis (eg rifampicin, rifabutin) and HIV infections (eg ritonavir), antibiotics given for other infections ( napr.penitsilini, tetretsiklini, griseofulvin) and Phytomedication St John's wort (primarily used to treat depressive moods). Pill can interact with other lekarstva.Saobshtete your doctor or pharmacist if you have recently taken any other medicines or Phytomedication, although you were not predpisani.Uvedomete any doctor or dentist that you can prescribe other medications ( or pharmacist that it relaxes you) are taking Marvelon. They will tell you whether you need to take extra precautions and how long to apply them.

 When should you consult your doctor?

Periodic reviews
When you are taking the Pill, your doctor will advise you periodically undergo screening.
Immediately contact your doctor if:
'You notice changes in your health if you include some of the states in this leaflet (see also "When you must not use Marvelon" and "What you should know before you start using Marvelon"; remember and states occurring with your relatives;
  Groping a lump in your breast;
Intend to use other drugs (see also the "contraceptive pills and other medicines");
  You are about to be immobilized or surgery (consult your doctor at least four weeks in advance);
  Begin strong and heavy vaginal bleeding:
  Skip the tablets in the first week and you had intercourse in the period seven days before;
  You have severe diarrhea;
  In two consecutive months you miss your period comes or suspect that you are pregnant (do not start the next pack before you get your doctor's consent).
Immediately stop using the tablets and consult your doctor if you notice signs of thrombosis, myocardial infarction or stroke:
'Unusual cough;
  Acute chest pain that may spread to the left arm;
"Shortness of breath;
  All cases of unusual or prolonged headache or migraine;
  Partial or complete loss of vision or double vision;
  Slurring of speech or complete loss of speech;
  Sudden changes in your hearing, smell and taste; '
"Dizziness or fainting;
  Weakness or numbness in any part of the body;
  Acute abdominal pain;
 Acute pain or swelling in the legs.
The above symptoms and conditions are described and explained in more detail in Section 3 of this leaflet.


  When and how to take the tablets?
In a Marvelon pack contains 21 tablets. On it each tablet is marked with one of the days of the week in which it should take. Take your tablet at about the same time each day, with a little liquid if necessary. After the first tablet follow the direction of the arrows until all 21 tablets accept. Over the next seven days will not take tablets. During this period you start menses (menstrual like withdrawal bleeding). It usually occurs 2-3 days after the last tablet Marvelon. Start taking the next pack of pills on the eighth day, even menstrual bleeding continues. This means that you will always start new pack at the same time a week and you will have bleeding almost at the same time each month.
 Start of the first use of Marvelon pack
'When the previous month is not using hormonal contraceptives. Start taking Marvelon on the first day of menstrual bleeding. Take a tablet marked with that day of the week. For example, if your period started on Friday, take the tablet marked with Friday (Friday). Then follow posledovatelnastta of days. Marvelon will be effective immediately and does not need to use an additional contraceptive method.
You can start taking the pill and 2-5 days of the onset of menses, but in this case in the first seven days you must use an additional contraceptive method (a barrier method).
 If previously taken a combined hormonal contraceptive (combined oral contraceptive (COC), vaginal ring or transdermal patch).
You can start taking Marvelon the next day after taking the last tablet of the contraceptive received so far (this means that there will be seven days).
Full members:
 Medicinal substances are:
Ethinylestradiol (0.030 mg) and desogesrtel (0.150 mg)
colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose: kartobeno starch, povidone, stearic acid and tocopherol
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