LUCETAM 800 mg. 30 tablets

LUCETAM 800 mg. 30 tablets
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Drug substance: 800 mg in each tablet filmed respectively. Excipients: magnesium stearate, MACROGOL, dibutil polividon, sebakat, titanium dioxide (E171), ethylcellulose, hypromellose, talc.
White or whitish, oval, convex tablets marked with a 241 (400 mg), 242 (800 mg) and 243 (1200 mg) on one side.

Bottle of dark glass with plastic cap provided against developing, with antivibracionen material. The bottle is placed in a cardboard box along with a leaflet for the patient.

1. What is LUCETAM and what to use?
The drug Piracetam, Lucetam is a nootropno, (increasing cognitive and memory functions of the brain). It increases the metabolism of the nerve cells, restores the structure and improves the function of cell membranes, which enhances the exchange of information between these cells. Piracetam has beneficial effects on brain blood circulation and metabolism.
Piracetam decreased agglutination of platelets and also the attachment of the red blood cells to the vascular wall, which is the first stage in the formation of thrombi with subsequent clogging of blood vessels.

• Treatment of manifestations in psycho-organic syndrome, such as: memory disorders, the inability to concentration, lack of motivation;
• Treatment of effects of ischemic (impaired blood supply due to brain), cerebrovascular accidents, in particular-aphasia (loss of speech);
• Treatment of cortical myoclonus (sudden involuntary muscle contractions), as samostâtelno treatment or in combination;
-Treatment of Vertigo (dizziness) and related disorders of balance, with the exception of lightheadedness from vascular or psychic origin.
• Treatment of dizleksiâ (disturbances in the ability to read) in combination with other appropriate therapeutic approaches, such as speech therapy.

Before you start taking Lucetam, please inform your doctor. You should not take this medicine if:
-you are allergic to the drug or the excipients;
-you suffer from severe kidney failure;
-you had a hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding in the brain, stroke);
-you are pregnant.
Can I adopt Lucetam tablets if you have other illnesses?
Some diseases may affect the possibility of applying this medication, so tell your doctor if:
-You suffer from kidney damage, since the release of drug from the body and therefore can decrease its effect to increase. In the elderly doctor will examine kidney function before starting treatment;
-You suffer from epilepsy or have a penchant for muscle spasms, because the drug can provoke seizures;
-You are suffering from a bleeding disorder or severe bleeding, or have surgery, because the drug can deepen coagulation disorders; its use in such cases requires special attention;
-You suffer from cortical myoclonus, because sudden cessation of treatment may lead to sudden deterioration or another attack;
-You suffer from thyrotoxicosis (elevated thyroid hormone), because the drug can aggravate the shaking, anxiety, sleep disorders and derangements.

Although studies have not shown that the drug is harmful for the fetus as it passes through the placenta, usually this drug is contraindicated during pregnancy. Your doctor may prescribe it if you are pregnant only if the benefits exceed the risks involved.
The drug is broadcast with stern, so adoption of Lucetam is not recommended during lactation. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding seek your doctor's advice for any medication that you are beginning to agree.

Driving and operating machinery
There is no clinical observations that piracetam responds these activities, but given the possible adverse reactions, this possibility cannot be excluded. Therefore, the extent of any ban/restriction will be determined individually by your doctor.

Acceptance of other drugs during treatment with Lucetam
Medicinal interactions may refer to the medications you are taking at the moment, you have taken some time ago or will take in the future. It is therefore extremely important to inform your doctor if you are taking or if you have recently taken other medications, even over-the-counter ones. Be sure to tell the doctor if you are taking the CNS stimulants, antipsychotics (medicine for mental illness), thyroid medications containing hormones or anticoagulants (anticoagulant). Their simultaneous use with Lucetam requires careful monitoring by a doctor and, in some cases, a review of the dose.

Use the product only as prescribed, recommended
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