Kaletra. 180 capsules

Kaletra. 180 capsules
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The active substance is lopinavir, ritonavir capsules also contain, acting so as to increase the blood levels of lopinavir by inhibiting enzymes that metabolize them. Each capsule contains 133.3 mg Kaletra lopinavir and 33.3 mg ritonavir
Other ingredients are: oleic acid, propylene glycol, polyoxyl 35 castor oil, purified water.

Kaletra. 180 capsules

Kaletra soft capsules
The active substance is lopinavir, ritonavir capsules also contain , acting so as to increase the blood levels of lopinavir by inhibiting enzymes that metabolize them . Each capsule contains 133.3 mg Kaletra lopinavir and 33.3 mg ritonavir
Other ingredients are: oleic acid , propylene glycol, polyoxyl 35 castor oil , purified water .
The components of the capsule shell are: gelatin , liquid anhydrous sorbitol , glycerol, titanium dioxide, red orange , medium chain triglycerides , lecithin and a black ink , comprising: propylene glycol , black iron oxide , polyvinyl acetate phthalate , polyethylene glycol 400 and ammonium hydroxide.

How supplied : plastic bottles containing 180 Kaletra soft capsules . Kaletra is also supplied as an oral solution .

WHAT Kaletra ?
Kaletra is an inhibitor of the protease enzyme of human immunodeficiency virus / HIV /. Kaletra helps to control HIV infection by inhibiting or interfering protease enzyme required for HIV, in order to be propagated .

When using Kaletra ?
Kaletra is recommended in adults and children of 2 or more than 2 years of age are infected with the HIV virus which causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome disease / AIDS / . Your doctor has prescribed Kaletra to help control your HIV infection. Kaletra does this by slowing down the spread of the infection in your body.

Kaletra is prescribed in combination with other antiviral medicines.
Your doctor will determine which product is best suited for you.

BEFORE you begin taking Kaletra
Do not take Kaletra :
- If you are allergic to lopinavir, ritonavir or any of the other ingredients
- If you have severe liver problems
- If you are currently taking any of the following medicines :
= Astemizole or terfenadine
= Midazolam , triazolam
= pimozide
= cisapride
= rifampicin
= Ergotamine, dihydroergotamine, ergonovine , methylergonovine
= rifampicin
= amiodarone

Patients who are being treated with Kaletra should not take products containing St. John's wort , as this may lead to loss of therapeutic effect of Kaletra .

ACCEPTANCE OF Kaletra with food and drink :
It is important that Kaletra be taken with food.

Pregnancy and lactation :
Pregnant or nursing women should not take Kaletra unless specifically directed by their doctor. If you are pregnant or have doubts about this, or breast-feeding immediately tell your doctor. It is recommended that HIV-infected women should not breast-feed because of the risk of infecting the baby with HIV, through breast milk.

Not been studied possible effects of Kaletra on the ability to drive a car or operate machinery.

Important information about some of the ingredients of Kaletra
Orange red component of Kaletra soft capsules and may cause allergic-type reactions including asthma. Allergy is more common in those people who are allergic to aspirin.

It is important to take Kaletra every day exactly as your doctor prescribes. Even if you feel better , do not stop Kaletra without talking to your doctor. The use of Kaletra as recommended will give you the best chance to delay the development of resistance to the drug.

Always take Kaletra exactly as your doctor has told . The usual adult dose is 3 capsules twice a day , i.e., every 12 hours in combination with other anti-HIV drugs. For children , your doctor will determine the appropriate dose according to the height and weight of the child. It is important that all vehicles Kaletra be taken with food.

The most common side effects are: abdominal pain, abnormal stools and diarrhea, feeling weak and tired , headache, nausea and vomiting.

In some individuals antiretroviral therapy may cause changes in body shape due to changes in the distribution of body fat . This may include reduction of subcutaneous fat from legs, arms and face, increased fat in the abdomen and other internal organs, breast enlargement and fatty lumps on the back of the neck. And cause long-term health effects of these conditions are not known.

Combination antiretroviral therapy may also cause raised lactic acid and sugar in the blood , hyperlipidemia and insulin resistance.
In patients with hemophilia A or B have been reports of increased bleeding while on such treatment or treatment with other protease inhibitor. If this happens, immediately seek the advice of your doctor. Some cases of diabetes or high blood sugar in patients receiving Kaletra .
There are reports of abnormal liver function tests , hepatitis , and rarely jaundice in patients receiving Kaletra .
There are reports of muscle pain , tenderness or weakness, particularly in combination with antiretroviral therapy including protease inhibitors and nucleoside analogues.
€ 649.00
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