KALINOR 15 tablets

KALINOR 15 tablets
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1 effervescent tablet contains: -aktivni ingredient 2.17 g of potassium citrate monohirat, 2.00 and potassium hydrogen carbonate, 2,057 g of citric acid.

- Other ingredients

Makroaol 6000, saccharin, sucrose, glucose syrup, flavoring.

Ready for drinking solution contains: 40.0 mmol potassium ions (resp. 1.56 g potassium) and at - least 13.3 mmol citrate ions.

Type of packaging and content:

Original package with 15 effervescent tablets.

Minerals potassium: For normalization of potassium balance and prevention of kidney stone disease

Fields of application:

For kalievozamestitelna therapy in the event of:

- Expressed hypokalemia (<3.2 mmol / l), particularly in the presence of concomitant metabolic acidosis

- Induced hypokalaemia neuromuscular disorders and cardiac arrhythmias

- In the course of hypokalaemia digitalis therapy for prevention of hypokalemia in

- Ketoacidosis, e. in diabetes mellitus.

For metaprofilaktika of renal stone disease:

- Potassium stones (eg. In the absence of renal tubules to allocate sufficient amounts of hydrogen ions.

- At reduced citrate excretion (hypocitraturia <320 mg / day of different origins)

- Urate stones.


When you should not take Kalinor * effervescent tablets? Kalinor effervescent tablets should not be taken in cases which are often accompanied by hyperkalemia:

- dehydration

- Limiting the excretory renal function

- Addison's disease

- Adynamia episodica hereditaria (GAMSTORP syndrome, a rare inherited disease with relapsing paralysis resulting in increased potassium level in the blood)

- Hypersensitivity.

When you can take Kalinor effervescent tablets?

The following describes when you can take Kalinor effervescent tablets only under certain conditions and with particular attention?

- In sickle cell anemia

- Drugs with a similar action of atropine (anticholinergics)

- Potassium-sparing diuretics

- Suppressing the action of adrenal hormones substances (aldosterone antagonists)

- Certain medicines to lower blood pressure (ACE inhibitors)

- Possibly drugs, damaging the kidney as certain painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Undesirable effects

What side effects may occur when using Kalinor "'efervesientni tablets?

Adoption of Kalinor * effervescent tablets can cause in predisposed patients nausea and vomiting. Also described are belching, heartburn, flatulence, abdominal pain and diarrhea. In isolated cases in persons with a known hypersensitivity (eg. Hay fever, allergy to dust mites) were observed allergic reactions with cutaneous pruritus respectively. swelling face. If you observe in themselves undesirable effects not mentioned in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

What measures should be taken if side effects?

Nausea and others mentioned above - gastrointestinal complaints as they are actually associated with the use of Kalinor effervescent tablets, not be subject to treatment. To prevent them should always be careful Kalinor effervescent tablets dissolve in a sufficient quantity of liquid and not to drink the solution very quickly and on an empty stomach. Please follow these in "way to use" guidelines.

In an allergic reaction (hypersensitivity reaction) should tell your doctor and stop using Kalinor effervescent tablets. It is advisable for your doctor to clarify any of the ingredients of Kalinor effervescent tablets cause allergic reactions to avoid this substance with other drugs, food and more. and in the future.

Interactions with other drugs

What other drugs affect the performance of Kalinor effervescent tablets respectively. how does Kalinor effervescent tablets of other drugs? Increasing the potassium concentration 8 blood reduces the effect of cardiac glycosides, while its reduction increases the arrhythmogenic effect. Aldosterone antagonists, potassium-sparing diuretics, ACE inhibitors, NSAIDs and peripheral analgesics reduce excretion of potassium in the kidneys.

Please note that these data are valid and soon discontinued medication.

Which foods and drinks you should avoid?

That interactions between Kalinor effervescent tablets and food and drink.

Precautions for use

What has to be observed during pregnancy and laktaiiya? No evidence of adverse effects during pregnancy and lactation.

What precautions must be observed before use?

Before use should be deter- mined elektrolitniya- and acid-base status, heart rate and particularly in elderly patients, renal function. These parameters should be monitored during therapy initially shorter and then at longer intervals.

What must follow while driving and using machines?

Kalinor effervescent tablets no harmful effect on the ability to drive and use machines.

Dosage, method and duration of administration:

How many tablets and how often you should take Kalinor effervescent tablets? Unless otherwise prescription adopt 1-3 tablets daily.

a) with a potassium-dependent disorders nervnata- and muscle activity or cardiac arrhythmia and for the prevention and treatment of low potassium concentration in the blood: The dosage is determined by the deficit, requiring replacement therapy, which is sufficient from 50 to 100 mmol of potassium per day . Should not be applied more than 100 to 150 mmol of potassium daily. Enokratnata dose should not exceed 40 mmol potassium corresponding to one effervescent tablet Kalinor

b) to prevent the recurrence of kidney stones: dosage must be selected by the attending physician so as to release The citrate is greater than 320 mg per day and the pH of the urine to reach 6.2 to 6.8. These values are achieved with 1-2 tablets a day. The single dose should not exceed 1 effervescent tablet Kalinor®, corresponding to 40 mmol potassium.

How and when to consume Kalinor efervesientni tablets?

Dissolve 1 effervescent tablet Kalinor ® in a glass of water (100 to 200 ml). Drink the solution, to taste, mix with sugar or fruit juice sips for 10 to 15 minutes. Tolerance develops as is taken with food.

The daily dose of 2 or more effervescent tablets should be distributed to the day (eg. In the morning, afternoon, evening).

Recommendation to diabetics: 1 effervescent tablet contains 1.42 g sucrose resp. 0.12 bread units.

How long to take Kalinor effervescent tablets?

Recommended duration of the substitution therapy be continued until there is a potassium deficiency, and prevent the formation of kidney stones is recommended continued use of Kalinor effervescent tablets. In other cases, often days or weeks are sufficient to compensate for potassium deficiency.

Overdose and other errors in use

What to do if Kalinor effervescent tablets are taken in larger doses (either intentionally or negligently overdose)?

In normal renal function excess potassium is rapidly excreted. Dangerous exceeded Saliev concentration in the blood can be expected only in significant overdose. As strongly increased, potassium concentration in the blood interfere with the normal cardiac function should in significant increases to seek immediate medical attention. By laboratory doctor can determine blood potassium concentration 6 and / or E KG - heartbeat. If necessary, with the relevant events physician can normalize the heart function and potassium levels in the blood. At a slightly elevated potassium concentration in the blood can without further interference occur normalization through normal potassium excretion by the kidneys.

What you need to follow if you take very little Kalinor effervescent tablets?

If you have missed taking Kalinor18 effervescent tablets you can catch up and later, but you should not take more than one tablet Kalinor effervescent tablets once.

What you need to follow if you want to interrupt or stop taking earlier?

If you need to take Kalinor effervescent tablets to make up for potassium deficiency, intake of potassium to maintain the potassium balance by Kalinor effervescent tablets is necessary. Without this additional potassium intake of potassium for your needs can not be covered with food.

If you wish to interrupt or stop taking Kalinor effervescent tablets may develop potassium deficiency with adverse effects on the heart and the activity of nerves and muscles. It is therefore necessary to follow the doctor's recommendations on dose and duration of use.

If you need to take Kalinor effervescent tablets to prevent recurrence of kidney stone disease, then taking potassium citrate by Kalinor effervescent tablets is necessary to influence the composition of the urine Without supplementation of potassium citrate effervescent tablets of Kalinor your composition urine contributes to the formation of kidney stones acid composition of urine is very high and the proportion between the ingredients that stimulate the formation of kidney stones and those who suppress unfavorable. If you interrupt or stop taking Kalinor effervescent tablets earlier, can be formed in you re kidney stones.

Notes on stability

How to store Kalinor effervescent tablets? Although it is dissolved in water, the effervescent tablets are moisture sensitive (even at humidity) during storage. In a well-closed container, located 6 absorbent cap protects Kalinor effervescent tablets from moisture. Therefore, close the container after each removed tablet to protect Kalinor effervescent tablets from damage caused by moisture in the air.

Expiration date

The expiry date of this pack is printed on the container and the label. Please do not use the drug after this date.

Drugs to be kept out of reach of children!
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