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Izototropin is the most advanced anti-aging formula suitable for men and women.

Food supplement : 60 effervescent sachets taste of tangerine
Dose dosage: 3 sachets
Doses in 1 package : 20
Composition of one sachet :
Composition dose % of daily needs :
Vitamin A ( as beta carotene ) - 2700IU 54%
Sodium ( sodium bicarbonate ) - 255 mg 11%
Potassium ( as potassium bicarbonate ) - 330 mg 9%
Proprietary blend ISOTROPIN - 5400 mg **
L- Arginine
L- pyroglutamate
L- Lysine hydrochloride
Peptides from the anterior pituitary (pork )
Leaf extract by Steve
Gamma aminobutyric acid
L- Tyrosine
Hypothalamic peptides ( pig )
inositol eksanikotinat
Other ingredients:
fructose, citric acid, Steve aroma of mandarin
Izototropin is the most advanced anti-aging formula suitable for men and women.
Many symptoms of aging negatively affect our quality of zhivot.Povishenite body fat , loss of muscle mass poniizheni energy levels , decreased sexual function, weakened immunna system and reduction of skin thickness , are only some of these symptoms.
ISOTROPIN created to facilitate the elimination of these symptoms by affecting the changes that occur during physiological aging.
ISOTROPIN nourishes the body and helps to :
• Improving health and vitality
• Provides more energy
• Supports the endocrine function
• Optimizes the relationship between body fat and muscle mass
• Improves immunnite functions
• And much more benefits for the body ...
The unique shape of an effervescent delivery of active ingredients ensure rapid absorption of the most potent anti-aging ingredients . Effervescent powder helps to buffer stomach acids and increases the absorption .
Instructions for use :
Dissolve ISOTROPIN three packets in 250 ml of water and wait until complete dissolution of effervescent powder. Stir and drink the liquid immediately. It is recommended ISOTROPIN be taken at night before bed , two or three hours after the last meal . Adopted for five nights and then rests for two days. The cycle repeats. We recommend taking ISOTROPIN for three months before the ancestors results.Then first three months of intake , skip a month and then you can repeat the cycle.
Alternative route of administration :
Take a powder ISOTROPIN morning 30 minutes before breakfast and two powders bedtime two to three hours after the last meal .
Do not exceed recommended daily intake .
Should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet .
A cool , dry place.

€ 139.00
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