Fungolon 100 mg. 16 capsules

Fungolon 100 mg. 16 capsules
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Fungolon is an oral broad-spectrum synthetic antifungal agent which inhibits the conversion of lanosterol to fungal cell membrane lipid ergosterol century. As a result, increases the permeability of the cell membrane and inhibit the growth

Fungolon caps. 100 mg. 16 caps


Fungolon is an oral broad-spectrum synthetic antifungal agent which inhibits the conversion of lanosterol to fungal cell membrane lipid ergosterol century. As a result, increases the permeability of the cell membrane and inhibit the growth and ??????????????.????????????? Fungolon to be very rare.
 cryptococcal disease, including cryptococcal meningitis infections of different localization (lung, skin) in patients with normal immune systems, as well as infected with AIDS, organ transplants and other causes of immune suppression. It is used as maintenance therapy to prevent relapse of disease cryptococcosis in patients with AIDS.
Systemic candidiasis including. candidemia, disseminated candidiasis and other forms of invasive Candida infection - Candida peritonitis, endocarditis, eye infections, lung and urinary tract infections, in patients with malignancies receiving cytotoxic and immunosuppressive therapy in patients in whom there are other predisposing factors for Candida infections .
  Mucosal Candidiasis - oropharyngeal, esophageal candidiasis, invasive bronchopulmonary candidiasis, candiduria, and chronic atrophic kozhnoligavichna (for patients with dental prostheses), in patients with normal defenses and immunocompromised patients, to prevent recurrence of oropharyngeal candidiasis in patients with AIDS.
  Genital thrush - acute and recurrent vaginal candidiasis and for prophylaxis of recurrences (three or more episodes per year), candidal balanitis.
  Prevention of fungal infections in cancer patients may be predisposed to such infections as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
  Tinea including tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea versicolor, tinea unguium (onychomycosis), cutaneous candidiasis.
  Deep endemic mycoses - in imunokimprometirani patients koktsidoidomikoza, parakokdidoidomikoza, sporotrichosis and histoplasmosis.


Fungolon is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to fluconazole or other azoles other, to some shi excipients included in the formulation.


Patients receiving rashes during treatment Fungolon should be observed carefully and progression of skin changes, treatment with the product should be discontinued.


Co-administration of Fungolon and oral sulfonylureas to monitor the concentration of glucose in the blood and if necessary to adjust the dose of antidiabetic sredstva.Pri concomitant Fungolon with coumarin-type anticoagulants should be carefully monitored because of the risk prothrombin time extension of mu.Pri concomitant cyclosporine and Fungolon may increase serum tsiklosporin.Ne allow combining the product with cisapride because of the high risk of serious cardiac ritam.Da mind that metabolism is increased in Fungolon simultaneous adoption srifampitsin that an increase in it. When co-administered with cimetidine serum Fungolon decreases and hydrochlorothiazide is povishava.Ednovremennoto applying Fungolon with warfarin resulting in a prolongation of prothrombin time. Fungolon increases the half-life of theophylline, tolbutamin, zidovudine and phenytoin, which requires monitoring during co-administration.

WARNINGS in special patient groups

Although Fungolon rarely associated with hepatotoxicity, patients who showed abnormal liver function tests during treatment Fungolon should be tested for serious liver damage. Treatment should be discontinued if symptoms of liver disease that may be associated with it.

Use in pregnant and breast-feeding

Use during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended unless specifically prescribed by a treating lekar.Fungolon is excreted in breast milk in concentrations similar to plasma and therefore in urgent to use nursing mother should be temporarily stopped.


Fungolon not affect your ability to drive or operate machinery.


On prescription! Adults
  cryptococcal disease, including cryptococcal meningitis - 400 mg the first day and then 200-400 mg daily; usual duration of treatment is 6-8 weeks with meningitis, prevention of recurrence in patients with AIDS -200 mg daily. '
  Systemic Candidiasis - 400 mg the first day followed by 200 mg once daily. Treatment lasts at least 4 weeks and at least two weeks after the symptoms disappear.
  Mucosal Candidiasis - usual dose of 50-100 mg daily for 7-14 days for oral candidiasis with ulcers is 50 mg administered for 14 days in oropharyngeal and esophageal candidiasis, the recommended dose is 200 mg Fungolon day single and 100 mg per day in the coming days. Clinical recovery usually occurs within a few days, but treatment should be continued for at least 2 weeks to prevent relapse. Can be applied up to 400 mg at the discretion of the physician. Treatment of oesophageal candidiasis should continue at least three weeks and for at least 2 weeks after the disappearance of symptoms, prevention of recurrence in patients with AIDS - 150 mg per week;
  Genital candidiasis ~ single 150 mg; to avoid relapse-150 mg once a month, usually for 4-12 months with candida balanitis - a single 150 mg; o Prevention of fungal infections in certain patient groups - 50-400 mg daily , treatment should start several days before the anticipated neutropenia and continue for 7 days after the neutrophil count reaches 1000 cells mm3 or more;
  Tinea (Tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea cruris) and skin infections caused by C. albicans apply 150 mg once weekly or 50 mg once daily. In Tinea versicolor recommended dose is 50 mg once daily or 300 mg once a week. The duration of treatment is 2-4 weeks. In onychomycosis of the hands and feet - 150 mg once a week for 6-12 months. • Endemic deep mycoses - 200-400 mg daily for 2 years, 11-24 months in koktsidoidomikoza, 2-17 months in parakoktsidoidomikoza, 1 -16 months for sporotkrihoza and 3-17 months for histoplasmosis.


Your doctor determines whether the formulation is suitable for children and can be applied under these dozi.Fungolon be administered once daily. The recommended dose for candida infection ligavigshtte is 3 mg / kg / day. Dose of 6 mg / kg was administered the first day. For the treatment of systemic kandizozi and infections caused by kriptokokus - 6-12 mg / kg / day. To prevent fungal infections in patients with impaired immune response - 3-12 mg / kg / day, depending on the degree of neutropenia.
Children under 4 years
Excretion 'Product infants is slow. For the first two weeks after birth dose as it is in older children, but the 72 hour interval. In the third and fourth week after birth dose is given at 48 chasa.Pri children with chronic renal insufficiency, the dose should be adjusted according to creatinine klirans.Patsienti Elderly:
If no breaches in creatinine clearance should be used in usual doses described for vazrastni.Dozirane in patients with impaired renal funktsiyaPri patients with impaired renal function, an initial dose of 50 mg to 400 mg Fungolon. After this loading dose, the daily dose is determined by the doctor depending on the parameters of renal function.


In case of overdose, symptomatic treatment applied and gastric lavage. Fungolon is mainly excreted in the urine, increased diuretic increases the rate of elimination. Three-hour dialysis reduces the plasma levels of approximately 50%.


Administered at a dose of 150 mg, Fungolon is usually well tolerated.
Can be observed adverse events of the digestive tract - abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. During treatment Fungolon may appear mild and prehodnipokachvaniya of liver enzymes. Very rarely reported and severe abnormalities of liver function tests, particularly in patients with impaired hepatic function requiring nablyudenie.Povisheni serum transaminases occur most often with concomitant hepatotoxic Fungolon with products such as rifampicin, phenytoin, isoniazid, valproic acid, or oral sulfonylurea antidiabetic.
  Central nervous system - can rarely be observed headaches and seizures.
  haematopoietic system - leukopenia, thrombocytopenia. 


Do not store above 25 ° C. Keep out of reach of children.


3 (three) years DO not use after the expiry date stated on the package!


For Fungolon capsules 100 mg
4 capsules in blister PVC / aluminum foil blister, 1 per pack 8 capsules in blister PVC / aluminum foil blister, 1 per pack For Fungolon mg8 capsules 100 capsules in blister PVC / aluminum foil blister in two pack
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