FEMINELLA HYALOSOFT 10 vaginal suppositories

FEMINELLA HYALOSOFT 10 vaginal suppositories
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Composition NA1 vaginal pessary (total weight: 1,7 g) contains:
sodium hyaluronate - 5 mg
synthetic vitamin E - 10 mg of
colloidal silicon dioxide - 20 mg
semisynthetic glycerides - 1483 mg
extracts of:
Asian Centella (Centella Asiatica) 60 mg of
Go 60 mg of
60 mg of Chamomile
Tea tree oil of 2 mg
Purpose / Scope:
Pessaries Feminella Hyalosoft moisturizing vaginal mucosa in vaginal dryness caused by hormonal changes during any periods in life, in particular in the menopause, after birth, during breast-feeding or as a consequence of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Thanks to its moisturizing properties vaginal pessaries feminela Hialosoft relieve symptoms of vaginal atrophy as itching, burning, tightness or discomfort during intercourse.
Use a vaginal pessary daily for 10 days or according to your doctor's instructions.
For treatment of vaginal dryness during menopause:
Initial therapy: 1 vaginal pessary daily for na10-20 days.
Maintenance therapy: 1 vaginal pessary twice a week.
Vaginal pessaries Feminela Hialosoft are for vaginal use.
Removing pecapa of blisters:
Tear off a pessary bar. Squeeze the container between your thumb and index finger with both hands and slowly pull away. Carefully remove the plastic from Pesaro. Carefully insert the pessary into the vagina. It is recommended to place Pesaro bedtime.
Known or suspected hypersensitivity to any component.
Do not store above 25 ° C, protected from moisture and light as a blister held in carton. Do not use concomitantly with other vaginal pessaries (napr.vaginalni contraceptives) and condoms. Do not use during menstrual periods or heavy vaginal discharge. During pregnancy, the product can be used only on prescription. Prolonged use of pessaries in rare cases can cause hypersensitivity reactions. In such cases, discontinue treatment and consult your doctor. IUD should not be used after the expiry date stated on the packaging. Wash your hands thoroughly before use. Place Pesaro immediately upon removal from the blister. Do not use in damaged blister. Keep out of reach of children.
€ 19.00
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