Essentiale forte N 100 capsules big deal

Essentiale forte N 100 capsules big deal
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Each capsule contains 300 mg phospholipids from soya beans (soy bean phospholipids).

Essentiale forte N - 100 capsules

Packing: 100- capsules

Appearance: blister of 100 capsules

Manufacturer: GmbH,Germany

When is prima essential forte N capsules?
Acute and chronic liver diseases: fatty dystrophy of different origin (diabetes, chronic infections intoksikatsiy, intoxication), chronic hepatitis, liver damage in pregnancy (gestozi), preventing the formation of gallstones.
When you must not be taken Essential forte
If any intolerance to the active substance or to any of the excipients
How to take essential forte capsules have your treatment outcome?
If your doctor has not prescribed anything it essential forte N capsules are taken at the beginning 3 times daily 2 capsules / 600 mg essential "phospholipids / day to 6 capsules / 1800 mg" essential "phospholipids /. Dose may be reduced after a time, 3 times daily 1 capsule / 300mg maintenance dose /. capsules are taken unchewed with a little water before meals. capsules can be taken continuously., please follow your doctor's prescription!
What to do if you miss taking a capsule?
If this is the intraday double the next dose. If all day you are taking the capsules, they then continue the next day with regular doses.
What to do if you accidentally take a larger dose of the drug?
Essential forte N is not completely safe-known states of intoxication in overdose. All medicines have and can manifest in some cases side effects. For more sensitive patients can get gastro - intestinal irritation and / or pain in the stomach in the adoption of essential forte N capsules. If you get a reaction, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.
What to do with the essential package?
Check the expiration date indicated on the box. After expiration date capsules should not be used. Keep container below 25 C. The container should be kept out of reach of children!
€ 37.00
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