DUROGESIC transdermal patch 50 mcg. 5 JANSSEN CILAG

DUROGESIC transdermal patch 50 mcg.  5 JANSSEN   CILAG
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DUROGESIC is a powerful painkiller drug. It is used to relieve severe pain lasting, and which require the application of potent pain medication.

DUROGESIC transdermal patch 50 mcg. / 5 JANSSEN - CILAG


DUROGESIC  is a powerful painkiller drug. It is used to relieve severe pain lasting , and which require the application of potent pain medication .


Do not use DUROGESIC  :
- If you are allergic (hypersensitive ) to fentanyl or any of the other ingredients of DUROGESIC  .
- Do not use the medication unless your doctor has prescribed to relieve your pain.

Take special care with DUROGESIC 
DUROGESIC  is not suitable for the relief of pain following surgery. Store unused and used patches out of the reach of children.
Lung disease , heart disease , brain damage , impaired hepatic or renal function.
If you suffer from any of these conditions , contact your doctor. You may have carefully observed while takingDUROGESIC  .

DUROGESIC  is not intended for use in children unless your doctor has decided otherwise. [ DYUROGEZIK may only be used in children aged 2 to 16 years who are already taking other narcotic pain medications ( and have developed opioid tolerance )] .
Fever / exposure to heat
At high temperatures it is possible that greater quantities than usual  DUROGESIC be broadcast in your body . If you have a fever, always consult your doctor who may, if necessary to adjust the dose. Increased release of DUROGESIC  can occur in direct exposure to heat. You should avoid using heating pads , electric blankets , hot tubs , heating lamps and tanning , intense sun exposure , dishes with hot water , long hot baths, saunas and bathing in hot pools.

After some time of use DUROGESIC  could lead to development of tolerance thereto. Therefore, after some time your doctor may prescribe higher doses to achieve the same effect.

Damaged or leaking patch
Never divide or cut the patch . Do not use a patch that is split , cut or damaged in any way.
Do not use the patch if it looks damaged. Sticking plaster to another person
The patch should be applied only to the skin of the patient for whom it is prescribed by the physician. Few cases of accidental application of the patch to the skin of another member of the family sleeping in a bed with the patient. If the patch falls on the skin of another person, peel off immediately and call your doctor.

Taking other medicines
Always tell your doctor or pharmacist if you take other drugs or drink alcohol . He / she will tell you what medications should not be taken or what other measures need to be taken ( eg change in dosage ) .
DUROGESIC  should not be used with drugs that are able to interact with the released drug substance fentanyl. The prescriber should be aware of the use of these drugs. Coadministration with DUROGESIC  require additional monitoring and / or require a change in dose. Examples of such drugs are the following :
• some medicines for the treatment of AIDS , such as protease inhibitors (such as ritonavir and nelfinavir) ;
• some antibiotics used to treat infections ( such as clarithromycin , and troleandomycin )
• some medicines used to treat fungal infections ( such as ketoconazole and itraconazole )
• certain drugs that act on the heart and blood vessels ( some calcium channel blockers , such as verapamil and diltiazem )
• some drugs used for the treatment of arrhythmias ( such as amiodarone )
• some medicines used to treat depression (such as nefazodone )
DUROGESIC  should not be used with certain drugs for treatment of depression , termed MAO inhibitors.
If you are taking medicines to reduce your reactions ( tranquilizers, sleeping pills , etc. . ) , Tell your doctor. You should take them only as directed, since their combined effect may cause drowsiness.
Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently received other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription.

Use of DUROGESIC  with food and drink
Avoid alcohol while taking DUROGESIC  as their combined effect can also cause drowsiness.

Pregnancy and lactation
If you are pregnant or want to become pregnant , you should tell your doctor who will decide if you can take DYUROGEZIK .
If you are breastfeeding , you should not use DYUROGEZIK as it can pass into your breast milk . Talk to your doctor.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist before taking any medicine.
Driving and using machines
DYUROGEZIK may affect your alertness and your ability to drive . For this reason, you should not operate machinery or drive until your doctor says you can .

Important information about some of the ingredients of DUROGESIC 
Not applicable .


Handling of the patch :
DUROGESIC  should be placed on non-irritated and non-irradiated skin on a flat surface of the torso or upper arm. In small children, the upper back is the preferred location , as chance of removing the patch is minimized . Hair at the application site (preferably hairy surface ) should be clipped ( not shaved ) prior to bonding . If placement DYUROGEZIK requires cleaning before applying the patch , it should be done with clean water. You should not use soaps , oils, lotions, or other agents that might irritate the skin or alter its characteristics. The skin must be completely dry before applying the patch.
DYUROGEZIK should be applied immediately upon removal from the sealed package . To remove the patch from the sachet , which is kept open area of detachment ( indicated by arrows on the label of the patch ) along the edge of adhesion . Fold the patch in place on the indication , and then carefully tear the packaging material . Then mix the two container like an open book . Protective film of the matrix patch is cut . Bend the patch in the middle and remove each half of the protective film separately. Avoid touching the adhesive to the surface of the patch. Apply the patch to the skin as well with a hand press on the application site for about 30 seconds , making sure that the edges of the patch are stuck tight. Then wash your hands with clean water.
DUROGESIC  can be worn for 72 hours. A new patch is to be placed on another region of the skin after removal of the preceding patch. It may take a few days before being put to a new patch on the same place.
Used patches should be folded such that the adhesive surfaces adhere to one another and thus can be safely disposed of in accordance with local environmental legislation . Unused patches should be returned to ( hospital ) pharmacy
After removal of the adhesive patch or hands were washed with water only.
DUROGESIC  provided in the form of a patch for adhesion to the skin . The active ingredient , fentanyl is released from the patch and gradually passes through the skin into the bloodstream.
Always use DUROGESIC  exactly as your doctor tells you . If you are not sure, ask your doctor or pharmacist.
DUROGESIC  is available in various sizes and concentrations of the drug patches.
You can easily recognize concentration after DUROGESIC  designated by a number and color of the packaging.
DUROGESIC  25 micrograms / hour , pink DUROGESIC  50 microgram / hour, green; DUROGESIC  75 micrograms / hour , blue ; DUROGESIC  100 micrograms / hour , gray ;
Numbers indicated after the word DYUROGEZIK refer to the amount of fentanyl in micrograms ( one thousandth of a milligram ) released from the patch during each hour . Thus DYUROGEZIK 100 releases the greatest amount of active ingredient and 25 DUROGESIC  - the least amount .
The type of patch that your doctor prescribes depends on the strength of your pain on your general condition and what medications to relieve pain , already taken . Based on these data , your doctor will decide which type of patch or combination of patches will be best for your condition.

Initiation of treatment with DYUROGEZIK
1. preparation:

Adults - put the patch on the chest , back or upper arm in place without hairs. Young children - put the patch on the upper back , where the child is unlikely to go away and put in your mouth. Apply the patch immediately after removing it from the packaging. Trim with scissors all the hairs as possible closer to the skin without shaving ( shaving irritates the skin). Clean the skin with clean water. Immediately dry the skin perfectly .
Do not apply other skin before applying the patch ( soap , lotions, oils , alcohol , etc. . ) Patch Check for damage. Do not use a patch that is split , cut or damaged in any way.

2 . Posting :

Peel the backing from the patch and throw it away . Touch the sticky side as little as possible .

3 . Downforce :

Press the patch onto the skin with the palm of your hand and hold for at least 30 seconds. Make sure you are glued well, especially the edges .
Leave the patch for 3 days ( 72 hours) . You can take a bath , shower or
swim .
Always save the packaging date of patch . The box has enough space . This will help you use DYUROGEZIK properly and remember when they passed three days.
Patch change DYUROGEZIK
After three days peel off the patch.
Immediately fold the used patch with adhesive surfaces inwards and destroy it safely in accordance with local regulations for environmental protection .
Apply a new patch immediately, but not at the same place where the former was placed . Select new section intact skin .
Follow the instructions to put in " Initiation of treatment with DYUROGEZIK ."
It is not possible to assert the existence of substitutability of different commercial drug products containing fentanyl in individual patients. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the patients titrated again to determine the effective dose should not be switched to treatment with DYUROGEZIK transdermal patch to other products containing fentanyl or other strong narcotic transdermal patches without re-titration and clinical evaluation .

If you use more than the amount DYUROGEZIK
The most important sign of overdose is respiratory depression . If breathing is irregular , slow or weak , remove the patch and call your doctor immediately . Meanwhile, keep the patient awake so that he / she is constantly talking and shaking her / him from time to time.
If you forget to use DYUROGEZIK
Do not take a double dose to make up for a missed dose DYUROGEZIK . If you stop using DYUROGEZIK
Only your doctor can decide if you can stop using DYUROGEZIK . Never cessation treatment without your doctor's advice .
If you have any further questions on the use of this product, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Useful Information
At the start of treatment with DYUROGEZIK can take some time before experiencing analgesia . This is because the drug slowly passes through the skin in your blood stream . Can pass one day (24 hours) before DYUROGEZIK have full effect. For this reason, the first day of treatment, you may need additional pain medication .
In the event that your pain reappears , visit your doctor, who may prescribe additional pain medication and specify the concentration and dose of DYUROGEZIK . Your doctor might also allow you to use multiple patches DYUROGEZIK
simultaneously .
Your doctor may prescribe additional pain medication to relieve extreme bouts of pain.
Tell your doctor if you (or someone in your family) ever abused or been dependent on alcohol , prescription medicines or unauthorized drugs.
Always carefully follow your doctor's instructions and seek advice before changing or discontinuing treatment !

Like all medicines, DUROGESIC  can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them .
As similar to DYUROGEZIK painkillers DUROGESIC  sometimes can slow breathing. If the patient uses DYUROGEZIK start breathing too slowly or poorly , call a physician immediately . Meanwhile, keep the patient awake so that he / she speak or shaking her / him from time to time.
The most commonly reported adverse drug reactions of DYUROGEZIK are: nausea , vomiting , constipation, drowsiness , headache, dizziness , itching , sweating, and confusion. Other side effects may include decreased heartbeat , hallucinations, inappropriate behavior ( euphoria ) , difficulty urinating , and redness at the injection site . In establishing any of these side effects see your doctor who will assess their weight and will tell you what to do.
Medications like DYUROGEZIK can lead to addiction. It is unlikely that in the proper use of medication.
If after long-term use of DYUROGEZIK treatment is discontinued abruptly , you may experience symptoms of withdrawal such as nausea , vomiting , diarrhea, anxiety and shivering . So never stop your treatment with DYUROGEZIK without talking to your doctor. If your doctor determines that it is necessary to discontinue treatment , always carefully follow his / her instructions. Such side effects can occur when switching from another opioid painkiller to DYUROGEZIK . In case you are worried about any of the above side effects , contact your doctor.
If any of the side effects gets serious , or you notice other effects not listed in this leaflet , please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

DYUROGEZIK Store in the original package and make sure that the packages are well sealed and not damaged.
The drug can be stored for a limited period of time. DUROGESIC  not use after the expiry date ( month and year) printed after " Exp . " Even if the preparation has been properly stored .
Return unused adhesive patches DYUROGEZIK your pharmacist as you should do with all the other older drugs.
DYUROGEZIK not use after the expiry date stated on the pack . The expiry date refers to the last day of that month.
Do not use DYUROGEZIK if you notice visible signs of deterioration of the product.
Medicines should not be disposed of via wastewater or household waste. Ask your pharmacist how to dispose of medicines no longer required . These measures will help to protect the environment.

What does DUROGESIC  ?
The active substance is fentanyl . The other ingredients are: polyester / ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer , polyacrylate adhesive siliconized polyester red / green / blue / gray dye.

DUROGESIC  looks like and contents of the pack ?
DUROGESIC  medicament is for pain relief. It belongs to a group of powerful painkillers , which are also called narcotics.
There are four different packaging , as there are four different concentrations DUROGESIC  .
DUROGESIC  25 microgram / hour, Pink
DUROGESIC  50 microgram / hour, green;
DUROGESIC  75 micrograms / hour , blue ;
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