Chlophazolin table. 0.15 mg. 50 tablets

Chlophazolin table. 0.15 mg. 50 tablets
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Chlophazolin  belongs to a group of antihypertensive (blood pressure lowering) medication. It lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate and removes the resistance in peripheral blood vessels.

Chlophazolin table. 0.15 mg. 50 tablets
WHAT chlophazolin?
Each tablet contains drug clonidine hydrochloride 0,15 mg.
Excipients: lactose , microcrystalline cellulose , calcium hydrogen phosphate , colloidal silica , corn starch , talc , magnesium stearate.
50 tablets in blister transparent PVC and aluminum foil , 1 blister in a cardboard box with a leaflet with instructions for use.

WHAT chlophazolin ?
Chlophazolin  belongs to a group of antihypertensive ( blood pressure lowering ) medication. It lowers blood pressure , slows heart rate and removes the resistance in peripheral blood vessels .
WHAT IT IS USED chlophazolin ?
Chlophazolin ® tablets were used in the treatment of hypertension alone or in combination with other agents .
WHEN NOT TO USE chlophazolin ?
You should not use chlophazolin  tablets in the following cases:
• If you are allergic to the drug or any of the excipients ;
• If you have heart disease , which is associated with an abnormal heart rhythm and conduction ( atrioventricular block II-III degree syndrome sick sinus ) .
- Acute myocardial infarction
- Depression .

Before starting treatment with chlophazolin
Tell your doctor if you have a chronic illness , if you are hypersensitive to other drugs or food , or if you take other medicines.
Tell your doctor if you have other heart disease such as coronary heart disease , disorders of cerebral circulation , kidney disease.
Pregnancy and lactation
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Before taking any medicine during pregnancy , be sure to consult your doctor.
If you are pregnant chlophazolin  treatment is performed only under medical supervision .
Tell the doctor if you are breastfeeding as clonidine ( active substance of chlophazolin ®) passes into breast milk .
Effects on ability to drive and use machines
In use of chlophazolin ® possible drowsiness , slow reactions . If necessary, treatment of chlophazolin ® drivers
tools and machine operators are advised to avoid activities requiring increased attention and speed of reaction .
Information about excipients
Due to the presence of wheat starch in the composition of the tablet , the product is not suitable for people with gluten intolerance ( celiac disease ) .
What medications can interact with chlophazolin ?
Please inform your doctor about ALL drugs you are taking or have recently taken , whether prescribed by a doctor or bought them without a prescription.
This is important because chlophazolin ® may alter the activity of certain drugs or reverse some drugs to change its effects.
Tell your doctor if you take:
• other medicines to lower blood pressure as diuretics , calcium channel blockers (eg, verapamil) , ACE inhibitors (captopril ), beta-blockers ( propranolol ) or cardiac glycosides ( digoxin ) ;
• drugs for the treatment of depression or psychosis ;
• antirheumatic anti-inflammatory drugs .
• hypnotics, tranquilizers ;
• medicines used to treat allergies.
Do not use alcohol or medicines that contain alcohol during treatment with chlophazolin ®.
Dose and duration of treatment is determined by your doctor . It is important to take your medicine as your doctor prescribes. You should not change the dose or discontinue treatment without first consulting your doctor even if you feel well . Try to take the medicine at the same time each day. Method of administration : the tablets are taken orally with water.
Adults: The treatment begins with a half tablet (0,075 mg) 2-3 daily. The dose may be increased gradually ( over 2-3 days) to 1 - 2 tablets (0,15 - 0,30 mg) 2-3 - times daily.
Do not take more than 12 tablets a day !
Children: It has not proved the effectiveness and safety of the product and is therefore not recommended for use in children .
If you feel that the effect of the drug is too strong or too weak, please consult your doctor . Do not interrupt treatment suddenly chlophazolin !
Discontinuation of treatment occurs gradually over several days , in consultation with your doctor .
If you take more than you need chlophazolin
If you take the dose more than prescribed , you may experience dizziness , drowsiness , dizziness, slow heart rhythm. Consult immediately with your doctor or seek the assistance of the nearest health facility . If you forget to take chlophazolin ®
If you forget to take a dose , take it as soon as possible .
If it is almost time accommodate for your next dose , take it as usual , and skip the dose you forgot . Do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten . Continue to take the medication as prescribed by your doctor .
Like all medicines, chlophazolin can have side effects. They did not necessarily occur in all patients , so you may not receive any response.
When treated with chlophazolin  are possible following side effects: dry mouth, nausea , vomiting, headache, dizziness, slow heart rate, tremors of the limbs , drowsiness , itching, rash, redness of the skin. If you get side effects, including those not mentioned in this leaflet , tell your doctor.
Dry and protected from light , at temperatures below 25 ° C. Keep your tablets in the original container .
Keep your tablets in a safe place where children can not see them and reach .
It should not be used after the expiry date stated on the packaging.
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