CORMAGNESIN 200 mg. / 10 ml. 10 ampoules

CORMAGNESIN 200 mg. / 10 ml. 10 ampoules
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Fields of application:
In conditions of severe magnesium deficiency, which can cause disturbances in muscle and cardiac calf cramps. Also in magnesium deficiency, which can occur when poor diet, while taking certain medications (contraceptives, diuretics and laxatives), alcoholism, or under-compensation of increased demand: during pregnancy (increased tendency to threatened abortion, risk of eclampsia), lactation and stress.
When not to apply Cormagnesin 200?
The preparation should not be administered to muscle weakness (myasthenia gravis), slow heart rate (bradycardia expressed), the formation of kidney stones (magnesium ammonium phosphate calcium lithiasis), abnormal impulse conduction in the heart (AV-block) and severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance below 20 ml / min).
What has to be observed during pregnancy and lactation?
There is no doubt / contraindications on the application of the preparation during pregnancy and lactation.
What must be observed in children and adults?
Not recommend any special warning ukazaniya.Predpazni precautions for use and special warnings
What precautions must be observed? Cormagnesin "200 should not be administered concomitantly with barbiturates, narcotic or hypnotic drugs due to the risk of suppression dishaneto.Prichinyavanite of magnesium deficiency diseases may have other reasons for their occurrence. If the treatment performed shows no effect when serious complaints , you should ask your doctor.
What has to be observed when driving, operating machinery and working without secure support?
Not necessary precautions.
VzaimodeystviyaKoi other drugs may affect the action of Cormagnesin "200?
In both intravenous calcium salts reduces the action of magnesium. Muscle relaxants such as curare potentiate the effect of magnesium on motor plochki.Koi other medicinal products affected by its action Cormagnesin 200? Cormagnesin'8 200 should not be mixed with injectable solutions containing calcium and phosphate, as may be formed sludge and interactions occur.
Please note that these data apply to medicinal products whose reception has ended recently.
Which foods and drinks you should avoid?
Not recommended special warnings.
Dosage, method and duration of administration
The following instructions apply only if your doctor has prescribed Cormagnesin "200 otherwise. Please adhere to the instructions for use, otherwise Cormagnesin 200 can not exert its therapeutic effect!
How much and how often you should apply Cormagnesin 200?
The dosage is determined by the degree of magnesium deficiency, respectively. the needs of the ampoule organizma.1 Cormagnesin "200 is slowly injected intravenously. The injection of one ampoule is repeated after an interval of 1 to 2 days.
Cormagnesin 200 is applicable without limitation as a combined injection (in a syringe) and Aspisol '"(DL-lysinmono [acetylsalicylate]), it must be injected at least for 30 minutes. It can be expected that the onset of action of both drugs mixed and duration of action are not affected.
Cormagnesin 200 is applicable without limitation as a combined infusion (one infuzio Nen-solution) with Aspisol * (DL-lysinmono [acetylsalicylate]), as the infusion must take place at least for 2 hours. It can be expected that the onset of action of the two drugs in the mixture and the duration of action are not affected.
How and when to apply Cormagnesin 200?
Cormagnesin "200 is injected very slowly intravenously (first 3 ml for 3 minutes) in a supine position of the patient.
How long can apply Cormagnesin 200?
The duration of treatment is determined by the improvement in your OPAC and is appointed by your doctor.
Administration errors and overdose
What should I do if Cormagnesin 200 is applied in very large doses (accidental or intentional overdose)?
As an antidote for symptoms of overdose (lowering of blood pressure, respiratory depression) is recommended immediate intravenous injection of calcium.
Undesirable effects
At high doses can occur in heart rate (bradycardia), decreased blood pressure, conduction disorders and extensions of peripheral blood vessels. A very fast injection can cause transient vomiting, nausea, headache, flushing, dizziness and states of anxiety.
If you watch yourself on side effects not listed in this leaflet, please report them to your doctor or pharmacist.
What measures should be taken in the event of adverse reactions to drugs?
The occurrence of side effects, contact your doctor. Instructions and guidelines for the shelf life of lekarstvotoDatata the expiry printed on both the packaging and on the ampoule label. Do not use the medicine after this date!
How should I store Cormagnesin 200?
Keep medicine out of the reach of children!
Current information: 09/2006 For information on our patsientiVashiyat doctor prescribed Cormagnesin'® 200 to implement quickly and in sufficient quantities of magnesium in your body. Thus the doctor achieved quickly relieve your oplakvaniya.Za to prevent a sharp fall in the magnesium level between injections is recommended regular use of magnesium in the form of tablets magnerot®. Magnesium plays a central role in the body.
It is indispensable for the conduct of vital processes, such as the exchange of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and nucleic acids, as well as all energy processes.
How can lead to magnesium deficiency?
Magnesium deficiency may occur due to a lack of intake, poor diet (too much fat and protein foods low in magnesium) and unbalanced diets for weight loss.
Often the cause of magnesium deficiency is due to an increased release of the body, eg. in alcoholism, use of laxatives, intestinal diseases and intake of certain medicines.
The need for magnesium increases during pregnancy and lactation.
How do you find the presence of magnesium deficiency?
Magnesium deficiency may occur, for example with the occurrence of muscle cramps (especially nocturnal calf cramps), but also with karampi the muscles of the neck, shoulders and back. Magnesium deficiency can cause throbbing of the heart (heart rhythm disorders), increase in heart rate and chest pain.
Headache, migraine and functional stomach and intestinal cramps may result from magnesium deficiency.
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