BUDIAIR JET inhaler 0.2mg. 200 doses

BUDIAIR JET inhaler 0.2mg. 200 doses
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Budiair solution is pressurized inhalation, which delivers the active substance directly into your lungs where it is needed. Each spray provides 200 micrograms of budesonide. Each inhaler is designed for 200 actuations.

BUDIAIR JET inhaler 0.2mg. 200 doses
What is in your medicine?
Budiair solution is pressurized inhalation , which delivers the active substance directly into your lungs where it is needed . Each spray provides 200 micrograms of budesonide. Each inhaler is designed for 200 actuations .
To protect the environment, including a new inhalerat WITHOUT HLOROFLUOROKARBONOV (CFC) propellant , HFA-134a, which completely replaces HLOROFLUOROKARBONOVITE propellant. The new propellant has fewer harmful effects on the ozone layer . It also contains ethanol and glycerol. The only difference with the former containing hlorfluorokarbon inhaler that you notice is the taste and feel of spray in your mouth.

What are you using your product ?
Budiair is used for the treatment of bronchial asthma ( respiratory disease episodes of shortness of breath ) . The active ingredient budesonide belongs to a group of medicines called steroids. Steroids having anti-inflammatory effect , reducing the swelling and irritation of the wall of the small airways in the lungs , alleviating problems with respiration.
Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant , or are breast-feeding .
if you are allergic to any component of this product to any of the excipients, or to other medicines used to treat asthma.
if you are taking or have ever been treated for tuberculosis (TB) or other respiratory irritation .
if you are taking other medicines, including those you have bought from a pharmacy without a prescription , or any other inhaler . Remember that you should take these medicines and inhaler with you if you need to go to hospital.
if you should avoid alcohol because you suffer from any of the following diseases or conditions : liver disease , alcoholism , epilepsy, brain injury or disease.
Each spray of your inhaler contains a small amount of alcohol (less than 10 mg). If you have just started to use instead Budiair steroid tablets or at the same time you should wear a warning card, which indicates that you may need a course of treatment with steroid tablets during periods of stress : for example, if your asthma is getting worse , if you have a lung infection or other diseases if you need surgery or if you have been injured and more.
Do not use this product to treat a sudden attack of breathlessness
- It will not help you . For this purpose , you should use fast-acting ' reliever ' inhaler.Kak produktDozata take medicine that your doctor prescribes will depend on how severe the degree of asthma. It can be higher than the doses specified below . Your doctor will prescribe the lowest dose of solution pressurized inhalation Budiair, which will control your symptoms . Adults and children over 12 godiniObichaynata starting dose is 200 micrograms ( one spray / 2-4 times a day. Maximum daily dose is 1,600 micrograms ( 8 puffs ) . Maintenance dose , usually 200 micrograms ( one spray ) dnevno.Detsa over 6 godiniNormalnata dose is 200 micrograms ( one spray ) daily. maximum daily dose is 400 micrograms ( 2 puffs ) . carefully follow the doctor's instructions on how to use the inhaler , inhalation how to do and how often to use pressurized inhalation solution Budiair. instructions on how to use your inhaler are given in this leaflet. Do not use more often than what you recommended. to act, drug , take several days. 's very important to use it regularly. did not stop the treatment even if you feel better, unless your doctor has told you to tova.Ako miss a dose, take the next dose at the right time . If you take too much of the medicine , tell as soon as possible your doctor.
After taking your product if your breathing or wheezing worsen immediately after using the inhaler , stop use immediately and contact your doctor immediately . You may need to use fast acting ' reliever ' inhaler to treat your simptomi.Ako your condition begins to deteriorate (ie you feel that you have wheezing or you need larger quantity of " reliever " inhaler ) or if no improvement after 10 days , visit your doctor. He may decide to increase the dose of your medicine . If you switch from steroid tablets to an inhaler , you may feel unwell , even if you have an improvement in symptoms . Discuss this with your doctor , but do not stop treatment until your kazhe.Ako long you have been treated with high doses of steroids for inhalation , you may need a course of steroids in the form of tablets or by injection during extreme stress or during hospitalization after a severe accident or injury , or before surgery. Your doctor will decide if you need further steroid therapy . Potential adverse reaktsiiPodobno all medicinal products , Budiair JET may cause side effects, such as irritation of the throat, hoarseness of voice, loss of voice , dry mouth and bitter taste gadene.Pri some patients using this product can be fungal infections occur in the mouth and throat. In some cases, can help careful rinsing the mouth with water ( do not swallow ) immediately after each priem.Prodalzhitelnoto high doses Budiair can affect the normal production of steroids in the body. Following prolonged treatment with high doses of inhaled corticosteroids may appear stunted growth in children and adolescents , decrease in bone mineral density , cataracts and increased intraocular pressure. Your doctor will help you prevent these events, prescribe the lowest possible dose steroid that has a therapeutic effect on astmata.Ponyakoga can 'feel bad when stopping oral steroid tablets , although the symptoms of asthma are less. You should continue to take Budiair and visit as soon as possible , your lekar.Ako 'feel unwell or notice anything unusual or anything you do not understand , tell , as soon as possible , your doctor. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you experience side effects that are not reported in this leaflet, or a severe adverse reaction .
Instructions for use :
 1. Jetty is closed 2. Remove the mouthpiece cover and catch the jet, as shown in the illustration (see leaflet patient information ) 3. Breathe evenly , then place the mouthpiece firmly between ustnite.4 . With the cursor , press canister down and take a deep breath , even if it is after a few seconds ( in the jet can do more than one inhalation ) 0.5 . After inhalation, hold the breath as long as possible and again close the jet by placing the cover back on mundshtuka.6 . Jet device should always be kept clean. To clean , remove the canister and rinse the device with cool water.

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