BIOBRAN 250 mg. 50 tablets

BIOBRAN 250 mg. 50 tablets
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BioBran MGN-3 is the most efficient available dietary supplement that helps the body to maintain a healthy and strong immune system. Reduced tumor formation and metastasis confined.
BIOBRAN MGN-3 is a non-toxic dietary supplement hemicellulose (or functional food) with unique enzymes mushroom Shitake. Clinically it is proven to strongly promote reduced function of the immune system. This unique product e so successful that it has received recognition from all world-renowned scientists in the field.
There are other supplements on the market that claim to be effective but BIOBRAN MGN-3 has many years of clinical research behind them, including official certificates and references proving its effectiveness. It therefore continues to be a leading immunomodulator and recommended by doctors around the world.
BioBran MGN-3 does not contain genetically modified ingredients. Clinically it has been proven that it is completely non-toxic even at very high doses. Immunomodulator is a long-term effect, while retaining its effectiveness in the body even after the period of use. There was no usual sharp reduction effect after the hold, which is customary for many other dietary supplements.
Produced, the exacting standards of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan and both the stringent Japanese standards of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as European and American food standards. "BioBran" is manufactured in Japan by using a patented process for processing (pre-grinding) of the rice bran through the use of enzymes from the fungus "Shitake" (Shiitake). The resulting texture comprises a unique mixture of glikonyutrishani as arabinoxylan and other ingredients with short polysaccharide chains and hemicellulose components. This unique molecular structure makes it significantly more effective than other supplements for the immune system, which can be found on the market today, giving your body the best opportunity to optimize their own healing mechanisms.
Recommended for:
CANCER, people tend to frequent diseases (flu, colds, etc.) before, during and after antibiotic, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, as well as all other imunnootslabvashti therapies elderly, preventive prophylaxis during the autumn-spring flu season, people often pronounced fatigue and migraines, chronic fatigue, hepatitis, leukemia, AIDS, HIV, various infections and diseases all influencing immunity, and overall body strengthening. Also has anti-inflammatory effect, improving glucose tolerance, the functions of the pancreas and the liver.
Cancer - Biobran can also increase the decreased activity of T and B cells, respectively, by 250% and 200%, and other factors of the immune system, such as TNF. This can be done without any toxicity or other adverse side effects (unlike synthetic cytokines currently used by oncologists as interleukin-2, which may be highly toxic). BioBran MGN-3 has glikonutreidna support of our white blood cells to achieve their vital role vigorously and effectively, helping to optimize immune function. The study also showed that can significantly stimulate the production of natural antibodies, as well as other components of the immune system. This is particularly important, since the immune system is naturally decreases with advancing age. The strongest impact occurred in blood cancers such as leukemia and multiple myeloma, as good results are also observed in other cancers such as lymphoma, ovarian, prostate and breast. Proper treatment can dramatically reduce the number of cancer cells in the body (a process called unloading / debulking), while Biobran MGN-3 can help the immune system to deal with the rest.
Viral infections such as HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis B & C - Biobran has the ability to improve the immunological indices in the patients with these diseases, such as interferon-gamma production, GOT, GPT and Gamma GPT. In vitro study showed that Biobran can suppress the replication of HIV virus without additional toxicity. Once again, Biobran is not medicine but is a useful addition in the treatment of qualified doctors.
Bacterial infections such as colds, flu and food poisoning - Biobran can help speed recovery alongside conventional treatments by strengthening the immune system.
Diabetes - Biobran has the ability to improve glucose tolerance - although not a substitute for insulin.
Inflammation - Biobran reduces inflammatory response in the body, helping to relieve the symptoms of various inflammations, including arthritis. This is done by suppressing the infiltration of leukocytes, especially neutrophiles into the inflamed tissue. Recent studies show that there is a strong link between the strong inflammatory reaction in the body, and the growth of abnormal cells.
Allergies - Like described above, in reducing the inflammatory response are ameliorated symptoms of allergies. This is done by suppressing degranulation of mast cells, which contain histamine, which cause the symptoms of allergy.
Hepatic impairment - increased NK cell activity has the ability to prevent the process of hepatic impairment because it inhibits viral growth by destroying infected cells. There is also a very good preventive effect.

Optimum efficiency of the immune system: Biobran MGN-3 is able to increase NK cell activity by about 300% in a few weeks, while the T and B cell activity is increased by 200% and 150% respectively. Studies have shown that also can significantly stimulate the production of natural antibodies, as well as other parameters of the immune system. This is especially important because the immune system naturally declines with age.
Beneficial effects on other body functions: Studies reveal that Biobran MGN-3 also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, as well as opportunities to improve glucose tolerance, improving the functions of the pancreas and liver, reducing the harmful effects of chemotherapy, and improve overall quality of life.
Non-toxic: Clinically proven that Biobran MGN-3 is completely non-toxic even at extremely high doses. It is also safe for children and infants (intake should be based on weight). Supported by scientific and clinical research: Biobran MGN-3 is still at the center of clinical and scientific research in the US, Japan and Europe. Most of them have been published in peer-reviewed journals. All they confirm its effectiveness and relevance.
Quick action: The effect of increasing levels of immune began only a few days and only takes a few weeks to reach 90% of its maximum.
All-natural and without genetically modified ingredients: Biobran is a natural dietary supplement made from rice bran and enzymes mushrooms "shitake". This is not a drug, a synthetic chemical or genetically modified product.
Easily digestible: Biobran MGN-3 taken orally is rapidly absorbed in the body through processes of absorption in the intestine. Biobran MGN-3 are particularly soluble fiber, which have a powerful effect imunnomodulatoren. Only partial digestion in the stomach contributes a large part of the active substance to be absorbed through the small intestine, due to the miniature their molecular structure and to enter directly into the blood to stimulate NK cells and macrophages.
Suitable for continuous use:
Since the body does not build resistance or overreaction to Biobran over time, this nutritional supplement may safely and effectively be administered for a prolonged period of time without the need for slowly increasing the dose, as with most other similar products .
Long-term effects of action:
BioBran MGN-3 retains its effectiveness in the body even after the period of use, there was no customary sharply reduce the effects after intake, which is customary for many other dietary supplements.
Without contraindications:
Biobran no contraindications, except only when taken in parallel with immunosuppressive drugs.
High quality:
BioBran MGN-3 is manufactured to the exacting standards of Daiwa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., Japan and both the stringent Japanese standards of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, as well as European and American food standards.
For optimum effect in cancer patients is recommended products to be accepted in parallel with CANELIM (PING XIAO)
For more information and studies:
Box of tablets: 2 blisters of 25 tablets each at 250mg MGN-3 Arabinoxylan.
Box of sachets 30 sachets each 1000 mg MGN-3 Arabinoxylan.
Sachets are powders and are suitable to dissolve in fluids. One sachet replaced taking 4 tablets.
Contents per tablet:
MGN-3 Arabinoxylan / IIMG-3 arabinoxylan - 250 mg, Microcrystalline Cellulose - 81 mg, corn starch - 42.5 mg, Cocoa powder - 22.5 mg, Glycerol esters of fatty acids - 22.5 mg, Dextrins - 13.5 mg, Tricalcium Phosphate - 9 mg, Silica - 9 mg (total weight: 450 mg).
Content of sachet:
MGN-3 is Arabinoxylan / IIMG-3 arabinoxylan - 1000 mg, microcrystalline cellulose - 500 mg, corn starch - 260 mg, Dextrins - 200 mg, tricalcium phosphate - 40 mg (Total weight: 2000 mg).
When prophylactic use is recommended intake of 4 tablets per day after meals. In more serious immune deficiency and faster recovery recommended minimum of 6 tablets per day. Those in need of an optimal support of the immune system in cancer radiation and chemotherapy to take 8 to 12 tablets per day for 12 weeks and then 1000 mg per day during the rest.
€ 84.00
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