Atrauman Ag. 5 cm./5 cm. 3 pieces

Atrauman Ag. 5 cm./5 cm. 3 pieces
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The dressing is made of water repellent polyamide textile material. The carrier material is coated with a chemically bonded metallic silver, which is firmly attached thereto, and impregnated with a hydrophilic ointment containing predominantly triglycerides. The dressing has high permeability to exudate, air and water vapor. Wound secretions with bacteria and endotoxins are absorbed and absorbed by secondary dressing.

Seal ointment with silver;
Provides faster and better wound healing;
Controlled release of silver ions (in an amount that does not damage healthy cells);
Can be cut and molded.
Suitable for all types of wounds;
In the presence of infection or prophylaxis against infection.

Suitable for critically contaminated wounds, infected wounds and for the prevention of infection. Atrauman protects the edges of the wound from maceration and colonizes it with bacteria from the skin and clothing. The effect of Atrauman is selective: thanks to the balanced concentration of silver ions, the dressing destroys only bacteria. An optimal ratio between sufficient bactericidal effect and low cytotoxicity is achieved.


It can remain on the wound for up to 3 days.

Packing: 3 pieces
€ 17.00
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