Atenolol table. 25mg. 30 table

Atenolol table. 25mg. 30 table
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Atenolol belongs to the group of beta blockers (drugs for high blood pressure, angina, angina pectoris and heart-rhythm disorders). Atenolol protect the heart from excessive strain and lowers high blood pressure.

Atenolol table. 25mg. 30 table
What is atenolol 25 mg and what it is used?
Packaging and content
Atenolol 25 mg is supplied in cartons of three blister strips of 10 tablets each.
Pharmacotherapeutic group
Atenolol belongs to the group of beta blockers (drugs for high blood pressure , angina , angina pectoris and heart-rhythm disorders ) . Atenolol protect the heart from excessive strain and lowers high blood pressure.
Atenolol 25mg tablets used for the treatment of:
* High blood pressure (hypertension) ;
* Chronic stable angina pectoris ( chest pain as a result of oxygen deficiency in the cardiac muscle ) ;
* Certain disorders of the heart rhythm ( arrhythmia ), including those resulting from overactive thyroid gland ;
* Prevention of recurrent stroke after an acute heart attack .
2 . What you should know before you start taking atenolol 25 mg ?
Do not take atenolol if you have / have had:
* Hypersensitivity to the atenolol or any of the excipients of the tablets.
* Cardiogenic shock (shock caused by the malfunction of the heart).
* Drastically reduced heart rate (50 beats per minute or less)
* Low blood pressure.
* Second or third degree heart block and atrial chamber (impaired nerve conduction of the heart) .
* Sadrechna weakness that can not be adequately treated .
* Abnormal sinus rhythm (rapid heartbeat, with or without episodes of " gallop rhythm " ) .
* Untreated tumor of the adrenal medulla ( pheochromocytoma ) .
* Metabolic acidosis : an excessive amount of acid in the blood as a result of metabolic disorders .
* Severely impaired blood circulation in the extremities .
Special measures before taking atenolol tablets 25 mg are needed :
* If you have diabetes as atenolol can mask the symptoms of an extremely low content of sugar in the blood ( hypoglycemia) , these symptoms will not be noticed or appear slightly when it is too late to master.
* Suspected thyrotoxicosis ( an overactive thyroid gland , as atenolol 25mg may mask the symptoms of this disease.
* If you have chronic respiratory symptoms or varying angina . Your doctor will check you .
* If you have interference in the blood supply to the extremities ( Raynaud's disease or syndrome, intermittent claudication ) . During treatment with atenolol tablets 25 mg may deteriorate the symptoms.
* If you have untreated heart failure (cardiac decompensation ) . In this case can be given atenolol 25mg if cardiac decompensation is contained.
* If you have heart failure during treatment with atenolol 25 mg . In this case, treatment with atenolol should be suspended to address the complaints .
* If your heart rate drops below 50 to 55 beats per minute during use of atenolol 25 mg . In this case, the physician should reduce the dose .
* If you are elderly or have disturbances of the kidneys . Your doctor will reduce the dose .
* If you suffer from a skin disease called psoriasis. In this case, the use of atenolol 50 mg should be taken only after consulting a doctor .
* If you have a natural predisposition to hypersensitivity reactions. Atenolol can worsen allergic reactions caused by allergens in susceptible individuals . Atenolol 50 mg may also increase the severity of an anaphylactic shock ( shock caused by an allergic reaction to certain allergens ) . See also the section " Symptoms can expect when treatment '
Check with your doctor if any of the above case relates to you, or if you have had similar illnesses .
Use during pregnancy
Always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine. Tablets should not be used during pregnancy unless after consulting your doctor.
Use during lactation
Always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before taking any medicine. The tablets should not be used during lactation except after consultation with your doctor. If your doctor has determined that treatment with atenolol 25 mg is essential to you, then while taking these tablets , you are advised to wait 6 hours after taking the tablets before breast-feeding.
Effects on ability to drive and use machines
No studies on the effect of atenolol 25 mg on ability to drive and use machines. The patient is recommended to refrain from driving or operating machinery at the onset of dizziness and fatigue.
Drug interactions and other forms of interaction ( co-administration of atenolol 25 mg with other drugs )
Tell your doctor if you take other medicines or have recently taken any. This applies to drugs that you can get without a prescription.
* Atenolol 25mg tablets displayed the ability to interact with the so -called calcium channel blockers (a group of drugs that reduce the strength of nerve conduction of the heart) , should therefore be taken . This applies in particular to verapamil and to a lesser extent for diltiazem . Atenolol tablets 25 mg should not be taken together with verapamil or diltiazem from patients with cardiac decompensation.
* Co-administration of atenolol tablets 25 mg and digoxin ( medicaments for heart failure) may occur breach of cardiac conduction
* You are not recommended to take the tablets atenolol 25 mg together with so-called MAO inhibitors (a group of drugs that reduce the effect of mono amine oxidase enzyme , which has an antidepressant effect). The tablets should not be administered simultaneously in December and MAO-B inhibitors (drugs that reduce the effect only of type B enzyme mono amine oxidase ) .
* In patients who concomitantly with either atenolol tablets 25mg used and clonidine (a drug for high blood pressure), administration of clonidine is to be discontinued after only a few days after discontinuation of atenolol 25 mg .
* Caution should be taken together atenolol tablets 25 mg with class I drugs for heart rhythm disturbances such as disopyramide and quinidine .
* Atenolol25 mg enhances the effect of insulin and other medicines antihiperglikenichni lowering blood sugar levels .
* Edovremennata guide atenolol tablets 25 mg and anesthetics ( medicines used for anesthesia ) produces an effect of inhibiting heart rate and increases the risk of a fall in blood pressure. Before surgery your doctor that you are taking atenolol. Not recommended for use atenolol 25 mg and anesthetics, influencing the heart muscle such as cyclopropane and trichlorethylene .
* Nifedipine ( antihypertensive medicinal product , ie lower blood pressure) may increase the antihypertensive effects of atenolol 25 mg . In patients with disorders of the nervous conduction of the heart or cardiac decompensation , physicians should carefully monitor the concomitant use of atenolol 25 mg and nifedipine .
* The antihypertensive effect of atenolol 25 mg may be enhanced by the following classes of drugs : certain antidepressants (tricyclics ) , certain antipsychotics ( phenothiazines ) , some sedatives ( barbiturates ) and other antihypertensive agents.
3 . How to take atenolol 50 mg ?
Follow the dosage given below , unless your doctor has advised otherwise.
Usually, your doctor will check you regularly.
In high blood pressure (hypertension ):
Starting dose of 25 - 50mg . once daily. The maximum effect is usually achieved after 1-2 weeks of treatment. If necessary and further reduction in blood pressure , then 50 mg atenolol can be combined with another antihypertensive drug ( e.g. diuretic) .
In elderly patients with renal impairment is usually one tablet atenolol from 25 to 50 mg per day is sufficient.
When a certain type of angina :
2 tablets atenolol 50 mg daily. Increasing the dose does not always increase the effect.
Under certain heart rhythm disturbances :
Once you have mastered the rhythm disturbance , is given 1 tablet atenolol 50 mg daily.
To prevent further heart attack after an acute heart attack :
After administration of atenolol as an injection (to control acute heart attack ) 10 minutes later to give 1 tablet atenolol 50 mg . Twelve hours later, be administered another tablet of 50 mg . Then two tablets of 50 mg atenolol are appointed for 6 days or until discharge from the hospital.
The use of atenolol 25 mg is not recommended for children as there is no attempt to apply in this age group.
If you notice that atenolol 25 mg affects you too much or not enough , seek the advice of your doctor.
Take the tablets with half a glass of water.
What should you do in case of overdose ?
If there are several necessary atenolol tablets ( be especially careful with children !) , Contact your doctor immediately . Save the packaging , so the doctor knows what is medicine.
Overdose occur with very slow heartbeat , very low blood pressure , asthma attack and weakness of the heart (meaning the symptoms of incredible fatigue and chest tightness ) .
What should you do in case you miss a dose ?
If you miss a dose, take one as soon as possible , unless it is time for the next intake. In that case, skip the missed dose and go back to your prescribed regimen . Do not double doses. If in doubt , consult your doctor or pharmacist.
Symptoms can expect when treatment
Symptoms when discontinuing treatment with atenolol 25 mg
Abrupt cessation of use of atenolol tablets 25 mg should be avoided because there is a risk of an increase in blood pressure and heart rhythm disturbances . Never decide to stop taking these tablets alone , always first consult your doctor. Usually your doctor will first gradually reduce the dose of atenolol or replace it with another drug .
4 . Possible side effects .
As each drug and 25 mg atenolol can cause adverse reactions. These can occur in various organs .
The following side effects can be observed :
* Breathlessness in patients with asthma problems (CARA patients) ;
* Moodiness ;
* Impotence ;
* Tiredness ;
* Sleep disturbances ;
* Nightmares ;
* Cold fingers of the limbs ;
* Gastrointestinal complaints ( nausea, vomiting and mild diarrhea ) ;
* Headache ;
* Low blood pressure;
* Confusion ;
* Hallucinations (seeing things that really are not there ) ;
* Psychosis (severe disturbance of mental function);
* Paresthesias ( interference sense ) .
If during treatment you get a tightness in the chest, swelling of the feet and / or legs, eye problems , dizziness or skin problems, then you should consult your doctor.
You should tell your doctor or pharmacist if you get a side effect that is not listed in this leaflet or you are a serious force .
5 . How to store atenolol ?
Keep your tablets at or below 25 ? With a dry place in their original packaging .

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