Askina DresSil Border 10 pieces

Askina DresSil Border 10 pieces
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Askina DresSil Border is a self-adhesive foam dressing with a soft silicone layer and waterproof and breathable bakterio- film.
The dressing combines carrying capacity of foam dressings with soft silicone adhesive contact layer.
Soft patch and secure;
Atraumatic when changing;
High absorption capacity;
Easy to use;
Good adhesion on uneven areas of the skin and its contours;
With the ability to cut to the desired shape and size;
Improves patient comfort;
Askina DresSil Border has the same structure as Askina® DresSil additional 1.5 cm length of adhesive edges for more security. Specially adapted for difficult handling or moving areas such as knees, elbows, skin folds.
Askina DresSil can be used under compression bandages Askina® DresSil could serve as prevention against skin injury.
Askina DresSil Border allows the patient to bathe with the dressing.

Diabetic wounds;
Venous and arterial wounds;
Traumatic wounds;
Surgical wounds;
Burns first and second degree;
Donor sites;
Skin lacerations.
1. Wound phase of epithelialization; purpose: protection of newly formed tissue and atraumatic change of dressing.
2. Control of the optimal level of exudation.
3. Within two days, the wound is fully healed.
Manufacturer: B.Braun Medical AG, Switzerland.
€ 179.00
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