Askina Calgitrol Ag 15 cm. 15 cm. 10 pieces

Askina Calgitrol Ag 15 cm. 15 cm. 10 pieces
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Silver is in the ionized state, ready for wound healing;
Sustainable antibacterial efficiency up to 7 days;
Excellent ability to cope with exudate;
Provides a moist wound environment, leading to natural healing;
Does not require the use of sterile distilled water for the oxidation of the metallic silver to the ionized state;
Easy insertion and removal without the need for secondary absorbent dressing;
Not stain;
Reduces the risk of maceration around the wound;
More extended periods of wear with less change of the dressing.
Askina Calgitrol Ag technologically new wound dressing that combines barrier effectiveness of ionized silver with the absorption capabilities of calcium alginate and polyurethane foam.
Askina Calgitrol Ag dressings are recommended for the treatment of infected or not infected wounds with partial or full thickness as stage I-IV decubitus ulcers, second degree burns or donor sites.
Askina Calgitrol THIN is a thin patch of silver alginate matrix. Soft and comfortable, suitable for deep and awkward handling wounds. It should be used in combination with a secondary absorbent dressing.
Askina Calgitrol THIN should be used in infected or critically colonized wounds with moderate to strong level of exudation. Second-degree burns, donor sites, traumatic wounds, wounds of vascular origin, type wounds "diabetic foot".
Place the dressing with silver matrix as dark gray side touching the wound.
Secure with suitable fixing bandage.
After removing the bandage, clean the wound thoroughly to remove particles from Askina Calgitrol Ag.
Highly effective product;
No need for activation;
Immediate action to 30 min .;
Active against MRSA;
Antimicrobial efficiency up to 7 days;
Manufacturer: B.Braun Medical AG, Switzerland.
€ 199.00
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