Acic cream 5% 2 g SANDOZ

Acic cream 5%   2 g SANDOZ
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The product is used for the relief of pain and itching in the case of frequent herpes infections with the formation of bubbles in the mouth (Negres recurrent labialis). 

Acic cream 5% - 2 g SANDOZ

The product is used for the relief of pain and itching in the case of frequent herpes infections with the formation of bubbles in the mouth ( Negres recurrent labialis).
2 . BEFORE YOU USE acyclovir
Do not use acyclovir :
If you are hypersensitive to atsikpovir or any of the other active ingredients of the product , as well as valaciclovir .
Take special care with acyclovir
Acyclovir cream may be applied under certain conditions only under certain conditions, or special attention. Please consult your doctor if you have serious breach in the immune system.
Taking other medicines
There are interactions with cimetidine .
Pregnancy and lactation
No data available for use of the product during pregnancy and lactation .
Driving and using machines
No evidence of impaired driving or operating machines during treatment with acyclovir cream.
3 . HOW TO USE acyclovir
Unless otherwise prescription acyclovir cream from your doctor recommended after dosage. Please adhere to the instructions for use , as otherwise acyclovir cream will not work correctly.

The cream should be applied as a thin layer on the infected areas of skin 5 times daily every 4 hours.
Method of administration
Acyclovir cream for herpes of mouth is to be applied using a cotton swab , which was coated with an amount of the cream , which corresponds to the size of the infected area of the skin . Care must be taken that the cream may be applied not only to areas with visible herpes ( bubbles , swelling, redness ) , but also on the neighboring areas of the skin . If the cream is applied by hand , hands should be thoroughly washed before and after application to avoid further infektsiyana the affected area of skin (eg bacteria) or by shedding of the virus on uninfected mucosa and skin areas .
To achieve the best possible treatment outcome , the cream should be applied at the first symptoms of herpes infection ( burning, itching , feeling of tension and redness) .
The duration of treatment is determined by the attending physician . The duration of the treatment of infections with herpes simplex virus 5 days. In some cases, treatment takes place until the bubbles form a crust or disappear. However , the duration of treatment does not exceed 10 days.
If you use more than the dose acyclovir
Do not expect intoxication after an overdose of acyclovir cream.
If you forget to use acyclovir
Please continue treatment as prescribed ( please do not apply any more often or more cream) .
If you stop taking acyclovir
For successful treatment , it is important to Deal acyclovir cream for herpes of mouth for a sufficient period of time .
After administration of the acyclovir cream for cold sores can be a temporary sensation of burning or stinging of the treated skin areas .
Rarely been observed redness, dryness , itching and flaking of the skin treated with cream.
In rare cases have been reported allergic skin reactions ( contact dermatitis) after administration of acyclovir cream for cold sores . In carrying out the tests in allergic most cases it has been found that the cause of these reactions were the excipients in the composition of the cream base and the active ingredient is not acyclovir .
Contact dermatitis can be connected to a strengthening of the aforementioned side effects and spreading of the infection beyond the skin treated with the cream. Please consult your doctor in this case.
If you notice any side effects not listed in this leaflet, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.
Tell your doctor if such reactions occur , to allow it to assess the extent and severity and , if necessary, take appropriate measures.
5 . HOW TO STORE acyclovir
Do not use acyclovir after the expiry date stated on the pack . Keep out of reach of children.
What does acyclovir
The active substance is acyclovir . 1 g cream contains 50 mg acyclovir .
The other ingredients are makroglitserolovi stearates, dimethicone , cetyl alcohol , liquid paraffin , white petrolatum, propylene glycol, purified water.
Looks like acyclovir and contents of the pack
Original packages containing 2 g cream.
Manufacturer: Germany
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