ASKINA TRANSORBENT sacrum 18 cm. / 20 cm. 10 pieces

ASKINA TRANSORBENT sacrum 18 cm. / 20 cm. 10 pieces
€ 155.00
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The technology represents Transorbent patented design that provides a unique absorption process.
The triangular shape is suitable for low back
Superficial wounds
Traumatic wounds
Surgical wounds
First and second degree burns
Prevention of damage to the skin
Impermeable to liquids and bacteria but permeable to vapors.
Porous foam LAYER
It provides permeability for vapor and gives the dressing its convenient
smoothness and flexibility.
DRY hydrogel layer
Absorb exudate from the wound and maintains a moist healing environment. Excess exudate to evaporate through the foam and upper layers.
Adhesive layer
Adheres to a healthy environment and dry skin, but not to the wound surface.
Suitable for children and adults (men and women)
Manufacturer: B.Braun Medical AG, Switzerland.
€ 155.00
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