ASKINA Heel 10 pieces

ASKINA Heel 10 pieces
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Ready-to-use concept, without the need for lock
Modern anatomical design, covering the ankle
Pressure relieving the foam helps prevent ulcers stage I
Good protection against friction and tension
Askina Heel is a double layer, non-stick foam dressing with anatomical form that includes a locking strap and two foam adhesive tape, allowing the dressing
It stays in place even when driving.
The tape can be opened and closed repeatedly to ensure that the dressing is properly in place.
The wound can be better verified without the patient experiencing discomfort.

Treatment of moderate to severe wounds eksudirashti? fifth:
Stage I-IV of decubitus ulcers, venous and arterial ulcers of the lower leg, diabetic foot ulcers,
first and second degree burns, traumatic wounds.
€ 209.00
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