AKINETON amp. 5 mg. 1 ml. 5amp

AKINETON amp. 5 mg. 1 ml. 5amp
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Parkinson sinrom especially riginost and muscle tremors, movement disorders caused by certain centrally acting drugs (neuroleptics), and other drugs with similar effects, such as language, swallowing and WATCH cramps, restlessness and parkinsonian symptoms;

AKINETON amp. 5 mg. 1 ml. 5amp
Active substance : Biperiden lactat Solution for injection
1 ml solution for injection contains : 5 mg biperien lactate.
Other ingredients : sodium lactate , water for injections.
Parkinson sinrom especially riginost and muscle tremors , movement disorders caused by certain centrally acting drugs (neuroleptics ), and other drugs with similar effects, such as language , swallowing and WATCH cramps, restlessness and parkinsonian symptoms , and other extrapyramidal movement disorders such as . affecting the whole body respectively . affecting parts of the body motor disorders , specific disorders of the musculoskeletal flow process in the head, cramps eyelid or elastic torticollis , or nicotine poisoning poisoning by organic phosphorus compounds .
Akineton  should not be used in patients who suffer from an untreated intraocular pressure, mechanical narrowing of the gastrointestinal tract or the expansion of the colon.
Akineton  should be used with caution in an increase of the prostate gland , as well as diseases that can lead to dangerous increases sarechnata frequency. No evidence of specific teratogenic risk in the unborn child when administering Akineton .
Recommended abstinence from its use during pregnancy , especially during the first three months due to lack of experience.
Anticholinergic agents may suppress the formation and otelyaneto of breast milk. In this regard Akineton  missing data. The active ingredient of Akineton ® passes into breast milk and therefore can be reached levels similar to those in maternal plasma. Therefore, as a rule, in these cases should be stopped breastfeeding.
Undesirable effects
Adverse reactions occur especially at the beginning of therapy and at too rapid increase in dosage. Except where tezhkostepenni complications should be avoided abrupt discontinuation of therapy due to the risk of prevalent opposite regulation.
Older patients , especially those with organic brain changes of vascular or senile type , can often exhibit increased sensitivity to the substance even at therapeutic doses. As the central nervous side effects occur tiredness, dizziness and lightheadedness , but mostly at higher doses , anxiety , confusion, impaired memory and sometimes ryako illusory perceptions. There was abuse and biperiden . This effect can sometimes be associated with an increase in the mood.
According to the results of experiments on animals , centrally acting anticholinergics Akineton  may result in increased seizure readiness . This must be taken into account in an appropriate disposition .
Peripheral side effects are dry mouth , visual disturbances, reduced sweat secretion and increase or decrease in frequency sarechnata .
In rare cases it can lead to disturbances in bladder emptying , especially in patients with an increase of the prostate, very rare to urinary retention
Observed are single skin allergic reactions and motor disorders caused by biperiden .
Effects on ability to drive and use machines
Tsentralnonervnite and peripheral side effects, especially in combination with other centrally-acting drugs or alcohol holinergika may reduce the ability to drive and use machines.
Interaction with other medicaments
Combination with other anticholinergic drugs such as psihofarmaka , anti-allergy medications , antiparkinsonian drugs and antispasmodic drugs, can lead to a strengthening of the central and peripheral side effects .
When concomitant administration of quinidine may lead to increased anticholinergic action.
Concomitant use of biperiden and levodopa may lead to increased motor disorders. Tardive dyskinesia induced by prolonged treatment with neuroleptics may be enhanced by biperiden . However , sometimes the parkinsonian symptoms of tardive dyskinesia is so cumbersome that the anticholinergic therapy remains neobhodima.Pri use of biperiden can increase the effect of alcohol .
The action of metoclopramide therapy attenuates with biperiden .
Dosage and method of administration
Akineton  therapy is initiated gradual dose is dependent on the desired effect and side reaktsii.Opitat with Akineton ® in children is limited and extends primarily on the application in medically induced movement disorders (eg neuroleptics or metoclopramide and similar compounds ) .
In elderly patients, particularly those with prior brain structure is neobhoimo careful dosing.
If not otherwise designated the following apply Approximate dosages :
Parkinsonian sinrom For initial treatment in severe cases may be injected 10-20 mg ( = 2-4 ml ) , divided into unit doses intramuscularly or intravenously slowly . For long term use with an advised Akineton ® 2 mg, tablets , respectively . Akineton ® 4 mg, controlled release tablets .
Drug addicts and other extrapyramidal symptoms: To achieve rapid therapeutic effect may be injected in adult 2.5-5 mg ( = 0.5-1 ml ) as a single dose intramuscular or slow intravenous injection . Where appropriate, the same dose may be administered once more after 30 minutes. The maximum daily dose is 10-20 mg ( = 2-4 ml.)
In children up to 1 year can be injected 1 mg ( = 0.2 ml ) , 2 to 6 mg = { 0.4 mL), and up to 10 years 3 mg ( = 0.6 ml). Where appropriate, the same dose may be administered once in 30 minutes.
Nikotinivo poisoning: Among other conventional measures 5-10 mg ( = 1-2 ml ) intramuscularly in cases threatening 5 mg ( = 1 ml ) intravenously.
Poisoning by organic phosphorus compounds : Akineton ® dosed indiviualno , the type of poisoning - 1 ampoule repeatedly until resolution of signs of poisoning.
Expiration date
Akineton  should not be used after the expiration date . Drugs to be kept out of reach of children.
Pack sizes
5 ampoules of 1 ml of solution for injection

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